Have time to sit.

I dont know what to say. Carole I love you, I have felt pain before but never like this. Its only been 4 days, Im at a loss for words. Carole and I do want to thank everyone for the support. The kids and I went to Dakota game last night, He struck out the first at bat. He looked over where mommy sat someone told me. I almost lost it and cryed so many times. So many people came up to me and said how sorry they were. Carole is loved so much. Some say time will help with some of the pain, I thank they are wrong. Carole Estelle Mott I love you now and forever. I picture you beautiful eyes looking at me, and you saying I love you Jimmie. It puts a smile on my face and sweet feeling in my heart. I miss you

Hardest post I have ever written ..

We lost Carole, Our beautiful daughter, wife, mother, momma Carole to so many kids in California, Nevada, Georgia, and Texas, sister, and sister in law, aunt, cousin, niece and last but not least, grandmother .. oh yes she was a grandmother and got to hold and play with the kids a few months ago when Ashley came out to her, on May the 17th 2011.

Carole lived her life with Jimmie and her kids around her .. she also lived the last few days the same.  She was home with them surrounding her every day .. and Jimmie was with her holding her hand and we all know how important that is and was.

Today is Dakota’s Birthday .. her ‘little man’ is 6 years old and we are having cake and will have fun, and probably too many presents .. but you know what, that is what Carole does, everything for the birthday person .. so Carole, as Miss Chloe would say .. we got this, or rather Jimmie does, from the cake, to the gifts all wrapped up by Chelsea .. candles will be lit, the song will be sung and signed and YES he will have a birthday face.

poop .. I knew I couldn’t get through this without the tears ..

ok .. details .. because I have to get them on here Carole is at ..

Neal Funeral Home

205 South Mason Avenue
Cleveland, TX 77327
(281) 592-2341

Viewing for Carole is Sunday the 22nd of May from 2 to 6 pm.  The funeral is 10 am Monday morning.

I am going to put Jimmie’s address here too

Jimmie Mott,  6950 FM 2666 road, Shepherd, Texas 77371

LIVE, LOVE and play, and smile and be nice, and have fun .. and wear something with splashes of color Sunday and Monday for Carole, celebrate  her life, and her love

Jimmie may come in later and post too ..



Phone calls have been made ..

I needed to call family before this post could be written .. I feel I need to post because one of these days someone is going to run into this page .. they will be scared either for themselves or for someone they love, they will type Metastasized Melanoma into a search because they heard a doctor say it. You will be the mom (me), the husband (Jimmie) .. You will be crying as search everything for anything .. you be reading and reading ..

This site at times had happy smiling faces, photo’s of kids, photo’s of Jimmie and Carole, it had smiles and laughter .. but really what it is is a cry, a pleading for a cure.  This page is made of real everyday people, of a family that fought a battle that others before had fought .. and for a while .. for a brief few weeks we actually thought that Carole would win .. she would be the 2% that make it 5 years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastasized Melanoma.

SO many things lead Carole, Jimmie and the kids back to Texas .. just an hour away from MD Anderson .. every little thing fell into place so she could be there .. we all thought, we all prayed, since it all came together that she would make it.  She fought, she did everything the doctors said, the surgeries, the chemo’s, the testings, the trials .. the pain, we all knew how bad it could be but we all Know what a fighter Carole is .. when it comes to the kids, to Jimmie .. ya best not get in the way of that momma.  But Cancer doesn’t care, that little tiny spot on her head doesn’t care that she was fighting for her kids, for her family ..

Thousands of people, of friends, of family around the world lit candles, said prayers lifted up Carole’s name this past year .. and we do thank you for that .. those prayers I believe are what kept her family strong, kept Carole fighting.  SO many lose the battle of Metastasized Melanoma within months of finding out .. Carole was given a year .. too short.

I talked to Carole the day before Mothers day .. not for very long really, less than 2 minutes but she was happy, she was giving her niece hugs as she headed off to the prom and greeting Jon and Mealinda as they came in .. she was busy living life and smiling.  I haven’t heard her voice since.

Mother’s day Chloe called me and said momma was really sick and ask her to call … the tears roll down my face .. a couple of days later Jimmie told me that Carole was in bed and hadn’t been up except to be sick for a few days, a couple of days later she didn’t make it to Dakota’s t-ball game and we all know how much she loved those ..

On Saturday Carole had 2 seizures, she was and is at home surrounded by her kids and Jimmie .. 37 years old .. 37 years old and had to make decisions about where she wanted to be when she could no longer fight, 37 years old and in so much pain .. 37 years old doing things that no one that young should have to do.

CANCERS SUCKS!  some day down the road someone will run into this post because they are searching, searchng for that miracle that someone they love needs .. I know, I did, I ran into so many pages that just stopped, no postings after a few months.  You will be reading and reading and reading everything .. a year ago I wrote this and I am going to say it again .. reading is not good, reading about Stage 4 Metasasized Melanoma is scary, and it IS!!   so  I am talking to you right now, that person and this is what I have to say .. LIVE LIFE, LOVE those around you, DO things that make you smile, that make you laugh, FIGHT the fight and get every day out of your life that you can .. tell everyone that you love “I love you” and show it, live it ..and pray .. pray that one day this horrible thing will no longer be around!

I wear a black band that Carole gave me .. it says .. SAY it, FIGHT it, CURE it   .. yes Cancer Sucks!

Remember .. the world around you can change in a heartbeat .. ours did .. on April the 12th 2010, the world changed.

This is what Jimmie posted on facebook Yesterday ..

Carole is going fast. Please pray for the kids and her. All who are friends and family please know Carole is in no pain right now. The nurse is doing a great job keeping her pain free. The kids try and talk to Carole and I know Carole tries to respond.

Carole is still fighting ..

I love you Carole, I will see you Tuesday, Mom

Joshua, Dakota, Tiffani, Chloe

“We love you Mom and Dad”  April 9th, 2011


2 more days and Carole and I have been married for 15 years

What can I say. It has had its up and downs. We have had our good days and bad ones too. We have cried happy tears and sad tears and just because ones too. Most people know how we got together but for the ones who dont know I will sum it up. The very first time I seen Carole she was working for her grandmother and mother at a security co. I had worked for them for a while. I was with Lisa my x, I had quit my job so Lisa and I could move to Texas. I stoped by the office to pick up my last check and that is when I seen her for the first time, I had my daughter in my arms, I seen Caroles eyes they had a sparkle in them. I knew at that moment there was something their but not like that.  A few months past and some how Carole and I were together. She Had Joshua he was 8 months old. We got married in Reno Nv on May 12 1996 mothers day. On that day I seen the same eyes with a sparkle. I knew at that moment there was something their but not like that. All 14 .5 years past I seen that sparkle in her eyes and right now as she is fighting for her life I see her in so much pain she looks up at me and cries  it hurts so bad my head hurts, I tell her I cant give her no more medicine  I hold her hand and pray to god to please take her pain away and look in her eyes and see that sparkle and I know at that moment its like that. I cant take the pain away from her. I can just sit and cry. Tell her its going to be ok. Every day it gets harder ,This sucks bad. I hate this so much.


Just thinking ..

I am home again in Georgia.  I had told the kids (Carole and Jimmie) that I could stay longer if they need me to but they both felt that they really needed to have time to really talk to the kids … the worst news ever came right after I got there and they really were not able to really talk to the kids.

So I came home … well either that or they were tired of me! just kidding:)

All the way home and then even the last few days here I just keep thinking how strong Carole is .. the pain that she is in from her arm and she just keeps going!  The pain her heart feels for Jimmie and the kids .. and she just keeps going, not sure I could, really not.   I saw her cry from pain, from physical pain, from emotional pain .. but not one time did I see her cry in front of the kids .. I can’t say that though .. good lord a kid would look at me and I would break down .. but we had our laughs too.

Carole enjoys going to Dakota’s t-ball games, hasn’t missed one yet .. no matter what she is dressed with makeup and hair for each one of them .. that hour a couple of times a week .. nothing but laughter and shouting .. was good to see that.

You guys I know we don’t post much right now, there really isn’t anything to say unless you want to hear the cursing, the tears from the feelings of Melanoma .. but that doesn’t help anyone does it  .. you already know that the doctors will do nothing else for Carole .. oh she wanted to!  but they said no, so a nurse comes out a couple of times a week to see her .. her name is Lacey, pretty nice gal .. and she has no problem in kicking off her shoes when she comes over, it’s a no shoes house you know .. heck with kids running in and out all the time it has to be, other wise you would just have to stand around with a broom and vacuum … and there are better things in life .. so kick off those shoes and sit a while, and tell stories, and remember the good times .. and tell people you love them, and show it too.

Remember that May is national Melanoma awareness month .. there are many MANY free skin check all over the USA so please call your local hospital and see if they can direct you to one .. or a local dermatologist .. find one .. do it

I love you Carole, I love you Jimmie, I love you Joshua, I love you Chloe, I love you Tiffani Jo, I love you Dakota (WHAT I didn’t hear you?  .. sorry little joke between Dakota and I ) .. and you .. each and everyone of you, thank you for caring, thank you for sharing your prayers, thank you so very very much.

Love, hugs, and tears

Sherrie Jo

This is from the web at families.com.

It is the blackest day of your life. The doctor has told the two of you, sitting together in the office holding hands that your spouse is going to die. There are treatments available to ease the pain and suffering, maybe even lengthen their lifespan, but ultimately you need to set your affairs in order and begin to make plans for the final arrangements. It is the hardest thing you may ever have to do.

At first you will both be in denial. You will accuse your doctor of making a mistake, or seek another opinion; you simply refuse to believe it at first. You may try everything from experimental surgeries to holistic and alternative healing methods. You will curse and blame God. You can’t even begin to envision this person no longer a part of your life, but you find yourself thinking about it during work, during church, during family time. You will cry when you least expect to.

To say that these are normal responses seems trite, but it’s important to know that they are.

After the initial shock and denial, you will probably begin to bargain with God and be angry. You will feel guilty and ashamed by this, and that is normal as well. Now more than ever is the time for both of you to stay close to your faith. You may have friends and family who will tell you that it will be okay. I’m here to tell you the truth. It will not be okay, but you will get through it. There is a difference.

Spend as much time together and with family as possible. Here some family members may pull away, as hard as it is, let them go. People deserve to grieve anyway that they can, and sometimes the only way for that to happen is for family members and friends to distance themselves for awhile. Usually this is because they don’t know what to say, and know that anything they say will not really be comforting. Keep the lines of communication open, and keep everyone updated as to the progression of the illness.

When it is appropriate, meet with your clergyman to make arraignments. Do this while your spouse is still lucid, and let them make as many of the decisions as they feel they can take. Take care of all the arraignments, and then try to have as much fun together as you can, spend the remaining time you have together celebrating life, not planning for death. Go on a planned trip, if you can. Go see the ocean or the mountains together one last time, and make the most of the time you have left.

The hardest thing to do is to stay focused, everyone will have an opinion as to how the two of you should face the inevitable, but remember, you married to spend the rest of your lives together, so do whatever it is that the two of you want to do. God bless you and keep you close.   This is by Gillian Markson. I just know I have to post this for all of us I dont know what to say. I do know we are trying to make the most, Out of the time we have with no regrets. Carole has asked me to keep the kids in small town Shepherd. I will do my best. She wants us to be happy. I need help I want to take a trip with her and the kids. I keep asking her and she says anywhere is ok as long as its with the kids and I. I need to raise some money. Im asking everyone for help, I dont know how much time we have left. If you have any ideas please help. Thank you

Love Jimmie


Im so mad right now, I dont know what to do for her. I want to give her the world before its to late. I want the tumors to go away. I want to Stand on the tallest building and tell the world I love her and will not let her leave us. Chloe and Tiffani wrote  this song for her.

All those memory’s of growing up with you. And not finding out until it was to late. I swore I’d never think that you would ever leave and fly with the angels of the lord. I just wanna let you know that i love you and I’m never gonna let you go.
–So don’t– Don’t leave me now. Its only the beginning and i can’t be without you. So don’t– Don’t leave me now, because i need you –Oh– i need you.
Thinking about you not being here, i can’t stand it. Its frustrating and so confusing. Each day we find out something new just about you. The days are getting shorter and the hours are getting longer. I want it all to be gone.
–So don’t– Don’t leave me now. Its only the beginning and i can’t be without you. So don’t– Don’t leave me now, because i need you –Oh– i need you.
Your the best thing that’s ever been in my life. I just can’t let you walk away. So fight- Please fight, for the rest of your life.
–So don’t– Don’t leave me now. Its only the beginning and i can’t be without you. So don’t– Don’t leave me now, because i need you –Oh– i need you.
-We Love You Mom<3……

I need you to.

I love you Carole

A Wife, Mother, Friend and Fighter….

Carole you are the best at everything. You make our family everything it is. It has been over a year and you are still fighting ever day for one more day. This past weekend we made sure our family will be together forever. Im scared and you know it, I could never be as strong as you. But you know if I could trade places, and take your pain away I would. This is not fare to you, the kids. I know we have a tough road ahead. Carole I love you.

1 year today ..

I have wanted to post for a little while now but the words are so hard to come by.

But today I must, today the words are easy .. I can say this .. 1 YEAR ago Carole had her brain surgery, 1 year ago I watched her laying in that bed, we all watched her, we cried for her and with her and for each other .. we held on tight knowing that Carole would make it .. and she did .. through all the pain, through all the visits, through it all .. 1 year!

There are not a lot of people that can say that after being told they have metastasized Melanoma .. but she is a fighter, she hangs on, Carole has jumped every hurdle that was put in front of her .. just now a little slower because of her broken arm .. but she looks into her kids faces and lunches herself over another hurdle …

Carole you really are a truly amazing young lady .. I love you


Cancer sucks, and lies

Carole had her scans done yesterday They are not good at all. The tumors are back in her brain and 1 of them is bleeding. The Dr says we have 2 choices, 1) Enjoy the last few months of your life comfortably. or 2) See if they will do gamma knife on 2 of the tumors and hope and pray the other 4 stay the same and maybe she can get on a trial. I thought it was only in movies someone was told they are going to die and to enjoy the rest of your life. Carole and I cried for a while. All Carole kept saying is Dakota is not going to remember me, the kids are not going to have a mommy. Your not going to have a wife, Chris, Wendy and Ermal are not going to have a sister. My mom and Melinda are going to be hurt so bad……

Carole not one time did she say anything about herself. How strong is she?

I will write more later.



Getting ready to go ..

Hi all .. I am packing and getting a few things ready to take with me when I go back to Texas.  Sorry about not posting much .. but I guess this falls under the “No news is good news” category .. although there really isn’t any good news:(

Carole’s right arm has a pretty big fracture in it right below the humeral head that they can not cast, she has to keep it in a sling and has since they found out it was broken .. will take a long time to heal and she is still in a lot of pain and not able to do near as much as she could.   The thing about a fracture is that it can go at anytime without any notice or with the slightest bump or jar:(  and this fracture runs almost all the way through the bone.

Ok there is one thing that is new .. and I am not sure I or Jimmie posted.  The PET (positron emission tomography) scan showed another tumor:(  This one is in Carole’s left leg next to the femoral head .. :( ya .. just like the one that was in her arm was near the humeral head.  So the doctor said they will keep an eye on it too … should I yell now or later?  They knew about the one in her arm and just watched it get bigger and bigger until it weakened her bone enough to fracture it .. geez maybe if they were a cancer hospital they would know that that can happen and take steps before hand to make sure it doesn’t .. Oh wait .. THEY ARE!!  ya, anger spills out here too I guess.

When I left Texas the week before Thanksgiving the tumor was the size of a lemon drop, when they finally decided to go in and take it out .. it was the size of a small lemon.  So it went from a little over 1 centimeter to about 5 a half centimeters in 2 months (the surgery was January 18th)

So yes I guess there was news after all and I am very sorry for not posting it ..

How about a picture:)  a smile:)  or maybe 3 of them:)   Carole sent this to me a couple of weeks ago .. :)  This is the wig that Angie sent to Carole when she first lost her hair  ..  LOOK 3 redheads and a great picture to boot! :)

Miss Chloe Dawn, Miss Carole and Miss Tiffani


here is comes, get ready ..

HUG them!, grab them and hug them and tell them that you love them ..why? because life as we know it can change in a heartbeat.


NOTE! I had to update this post .. the Surgery was JANUARY 18th .. 2 months .. it only took 2 months to get so large.  I am sorry if this goes out as new posting again, if it does .. if it doesn’t then that is great.  Sometimes wordpress works great .. other times .. well not so much! :)


It’s Official .. she is SUPER MOM …

Figured it was about time for an update .. received a call from the kids (to me the kids are Jimmie and Carole ya’ll:) yesterday with some news .. talked to them again today for a bit.  Carole told me that she did laundry today, even folded all the towels (and honey I have done laundry there before .. I KNOW how many towels there are! lol:)  She has been in so much pain with her arm . . yes it still hurts and no she still can’t move it much ..

you may think to yourself .. “Wow .. she had the surgery to remove the tumor several weeks ago” “she should be better or at least in not so much pain by now”  … and you know what, your right, she should be .. she should be doing a lot of things by now.  But she isn’t and she is in just as much pain as before the surgery ..but it’s good she is able to do some stuff

want to know why she still hurts?

Because her arm is BROKE!!  .. will let sink in for a minute … HER ARM IS BROKE! and not one freaken doctor in all the time that she has gone in for the tumor in her arm has taken an xray, or ran a CT … not one!

OK .. here is the deal as I know it.  Carole had an appointment yesterday, they did an xray of her arm .. or maybe her chest . . not sure which (you do have to understand that we talk about so much I forget:( )  anyway .. they leave and a little while later Jimmie gets a phone call “Mr Mott are you aware that your wife has a broken arm? .. it looks to be about 3 weeks old”  WHAT .. WHAT!!!      ya go ahead .. say all you want to say .. heaven knows we have. She what??

The fracture is just under the humeral head (Right arm of course) and runs half way through the bone.  Really not sure if the doctor cracked it when doing the surgery for the tumor or not.   We are scared about what it may mean though :(   Doctor is finally talking about doing a PET scan but not for another 3 weeks!   They can’t cast it .. they are going back through the old CT’s and MRI’s to see if maybe any of them caught it by chance . a broken arm .. good lord no wonder she has been in so much pain for so long:(

Carole will be taking her second dose of Chemotherapy this Friday .. another one day treatment.  She didn’t get sick with the last one so we pray she doesn’t this time either.

oh did you back up and read that again .. ya so did I .. heck I wrote it and still can’t get over it .. a broken arm .. yep she is Super Mom, with her friendly sidekick .. the Caterpillar

Jessica bought this for Carole a couple of weeks ago for her arm .. she loves Her Candace

ok .. I guess that’s it for now .. either I or Jimmie will be back in the next few days to correct or update .. I will let you know how she does after this round of chemo

Give those hugs folks, lots of hugs, lots of I love you’s and live .. live each day like you may never get to say I love you again

Love, hugs, and tears

Sherrie Jo


A daughters love ..

Miss Tiffani Jo .. Carole’s youngest daughter sent me a little something tonight .. she ask me to please put it here on the website ..

Tiffani you did a beautiful job .. an absolutely beautiful job ..

A Mother Fighting Cancer By Tiffani Mott

Please click the above link to see the Video that she made ..

The anger spills out …

the phone just rang .. it was Jimmie telling me that the cops showed up to make sure there was no trouble while ‘they’ were trying to get Carole’s IV in for her chemo.

I guess I should go into that first eh?  Yes carole is on ChemoTherepy again .. starting this evening .. I am not sure of all the details because so much was said last time we talked about it that I just plum forgot everything:(  But she will be on the chemo drip for like 5 hours then she goes home, then Jimmie has to give her a shot the next day.  I am not sure how often she will be on the Chemo, once a week I think but don’t hold me that.  I do know that it is not the same drugs as last time because they didn’t help .. so it’s a different set this time.   They were supposed to be done around 1am .. but still no drip in yet so the time has changed … Continue reading →

Last time I talked to Carole …

I know all of you are worried and we haven’t posted for a few days.  I talked to Carole Thursday evening .. she is still in a lot (LOT!!!) of pain from the surgery to remove the tumor.  Jimmie made a few phone calls and was able to get her into a pain management doctor .. my first thought .. that REALLY should be what doctors at a Cancer hospital would think of first thing .. geez!  anyway .. he was able to get her in and the doctor ran a few tests .. she has nerve damage in her arm .. I do not know if it is from the surgery or the tumor caused it… Continue reading →

It has been a few days

Things have been good. Her arm hurts, and she cant use it yet. We all have got out and did some things. We are waiting to hear from the dr about the treatment. I will keep you all up to date. If you have facebook Carole is http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=1216517510 I hope this works if not look up Carole Mott.


2 words say it all …

Most of you know that Miss Chloe is Carole and Jimmie’s oldest daughter.  They were all going some place a while back and Chloe sent me a picture of her and her pin .. I texted back .. ‘honey you said a mouth full” The next picture I received was this one …

kind of says it all:(

hug em people .. hug them and tell them you love them, because as we all know ..

life as we know it can change in a heartbeat

~ Sherrie

Carole is out of Surgery

This is the post that was texted to me by Jimmie .. he ask me to update you all

… Dr. just talked to me and said everything went good, they got the whole thing out.  It was pushing on the nerves and she should be able to pick up Dakota soon .. I will see her in around 30 minutes or so, please post to blog Sherrie …

So this is me posting and pretty close to jumping up and down for joy.  We (several of us and a doctor too) were worried that the tumor may have been wrapped around the nerves:(

Ok will wait for updates later ..

gives hugs all around people!

Carole is in Surgery.

Just had a update from a nurse. All is good so far. They are removing the tumor and nodes under the arm only. I will update when I know more.


Good news bad news

That is how the Dr came in the room, They tell us good news first. MRI of the brain Impression

1. Continued decrease in multiple intracranial metastases. 2 No new lesions.

…. In English Tumors in the brain are getting smaller, and no new ones. VERY HAPPY.

Bad news. CT Chest Impressions: Bilateral pulmonary nodules consistent with metastatic disease. There is evidence of progression. Study compared to 12/02/2010 and correlated with 10/15/2010. Enlarged axillary nodes also in keeping with metastatic disease. There has also been interval progression….

Continue reading →

MD has done it again……..

Most the day Anderson has us there from 3 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday, Then from 730am to 4 pm on Thursday. Why Cant it be one day for the test? Carole has MRI’s, blood work and a meeting with the surgery team tomorrow. Then on Thursday she has a CT and X-rays, Then meets with her Dr to go over the results. She has been up and around most the day, The last few days. She is in alot of pain with her arm, The tumor is bigger. We hope the surgery helps. Carole did go get her nails and toes done on Saturday. It made her feel great. She did break one of the toe nails that night as she got sick witch was the last time she did get sick. She has been eating more everyday. Well im going to get to bed, Will post more when I know more



Not really an update ..

But since I have had a few phone calls and several emails lately I thought I would post.  I talked to Carole on Thursday evening.  She is in a lot of pain because of the tumor in her arm .. they are still waiting for a consultation with a surgeon to see when something can be done about it.  I am sure when they know then either Jimmie or I or maybe even Carole will let you know.

Speaking of Carole …. Continue reading →

Happy 2011

2010 went by so fast, seems like days ago we were still in Brunswick. I know 2011 will bring miracles. Our family wishes you and yours a happy new Year. God bless.


Happy New Year ..

I wanted to take the time to wish all of our family and our friends a Happy New Year.  You all have done so much in the last few months, the cards, the prayers, the good thoughts and the well wishes for Carole and the family.  Thank you .. we hope you have a safe, happy, and very healthy New Year.

Big hugs and  love, lots and lots of love to each of you

Sherrie Jo

Worry worry worry

Faith faith faith is what we should all have. Carole is still sleeping most the day, But when she is awake she is doing more. She tried to make the dinner tonight, She got tired fast. She wanted to make Dakota his favorite. Cheesy goodness. Well just say Joshua got the first 4. He likes his well done. She sat back down and soon fell back asleep. They are going to remove the tumor in her arm this next week. It is getting bigger. The Dr does not thank the trial worked. She will go back to him on the 13th for more scans. At that time he will let us know what our choices are in treatment. That is where the faith comes in. Does she have it ? Do we have it ? Do my children have it ? Maybe maybe not. What do I have to do to believe she is going to be ok. Man we  sure picked a bad year to stop smoking. So just live life and enjoy it. I could say @#$% it. But Carole would kick my but.


The day is done

Well I just want to start by saying OMG I never knew how much went in to making Christmas dinner, I have always helped Carole with a few things before but today was all me and I must say Im tired. Carole slept most the day in the recliner. We all sat at the dinner table and had a great dinner. Carole did eat a little bit then got back up and went to the recliner she talked on the phone to mom for a few min and went back to sleep. I sat on the love seat with Dakota and the next thing i know Dakota is waking me saying dad wake up. Now he is asleep in with mom, Im going to bed now. I just want to say thank you all for the prayers. I do read everything to her when she wakes up.  Thanks


Merry Christmas everyone…

Good morning everyone. The big day is here, Im so grateful.  I hope to have pictures and maybe a video up soon. I hope everyone has a blessed day. Merry X-Mas.

We might get out of the house…..

Carole is going to try and get a little shopping done. She did eat and keep down dinner tonight. She is asleep right now.

Carole is home .. again ..

I should have posted this earlier today but am glad now that I waited as I actually got to talk to Carole for a bit tonight.

She was released last night to go home .. so home they went.  I am not sure of all the details but I know that at midnight last night Jimmie was at MD Anderson picking up some of the prescriptions.  They are not the only ones that had them .. but they are the only ones that didn’t want to charge 161 dollars for 1 one of them .. geez:(      He said Carole was home alseep.

As I said I just got off the phone with her .. She was pretty upset that she was able to go to Dakota’s school Christmas festivities Friday.   She sounded good tonight .. well I guess as good as you can expect huh? :(    They have their tree up and Tiffani sent me a picture .. is really really pretty.

OH and after 2 weeks with no food down or staying down .. she was actually able to eat a couple of bites tonight:)

that’s it for now .. give em hugs people!

Carole in hospitial again ..

This was added on the morning of the 18th to this posting and the ‘subject’ line changed ..

I have been trying to get this template for the notifications set up when I received a text from Jimmie.

He has taken Carole to the Cleveland ER .  She has been home a week (after being in the hospital for a week) and when I talked to her last night (Thursday the 16th) she still had not eaten anything and could not keep liquids down. All I know is that they had a hard time starting an IV and they are keeping her overnight to get fluids in her.  Either I or Jimmie Will post more later when more is known.

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Doctor called

The lumbar puncture results are back and they are normal. Carole is still in pain, She stays in bed most the day. She was able to stay up for a hour tonight and spend time with the kids. She told me she want to go to the store and go X-mas shopping, I guess we will try tomorrow. Well time for me to get some sleep. See ya


Dont know

I dont know when she is going to be better. She is just sleeping all day every day. She gets up to get sick and take her pain pills then she goes back to sleep. I know she is not drinking enough water. I want the doctors to find out why. I feel helpless. I started looking for a job, We might have to move to a bigger city so im not to far from her and the kids during the day. If anyone knows anything please let me know. Well everyone have a good night.


She is Home

I picked up Carole at 6:30 tonight. She got home and went straight to bed. Man it feels like home. Im tired but cant sleep. I have checked on her just as har and I did when we brought one of the kids home for the first time. Im so scared.  I know so many people are praying for her I just want to thank everyone. Well im going to try and sleep now. Thank you


Carole is still in Hospital

Its been busy. Carole is still in the hospital. They dont know why she has a headache all the time. They are doing a lumber puncture at 1 tomorrow. They have her on pain med she is in and out of it. We did not go see her today. I miss her so much, This house is not the same without her in it. Chloe, Tiffani and Dakota put the tree up, We only did lights. We want to wait for mom and Joshua to be home to decorate. Well ill write more soon

Thank you


Update of scans ..

and a little more too.   First off, Carole is in the hospital for a few days.  I do not know for how long.  Jimmie said 2 or 3 days .. they are trying to keep her from getting pneumonia as she has been very very sick.  She also has an infection some where that they can’t find.  Jimmie updated the facebook so I am updating here for the rest of the family not on facebook and for friends.

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“Thanks”giving …

I thought about whether to write or not and decided to .. so here goes. Today is Thanksgiving (at least for a few more minutes) and Tim and I spent it alone, but we were very Thankful that we both got to talk to or text our children and our fathers .. both of our mothers have passed away.

All of our kids are spending Thanksgiving with their family or friends as we all live so far apart .. but I am so thankful that that is what they are doing.  That they are all still here and spending time with family or family of friends.  Because not being able to talk to them, to call them, to text them .. it’s not something I want to think about…. Continue reading →

Mom is Home

Mom is at home now. It was nice to have her help so much thank you. We are all doing good. I will write more later.

I wrote this for my wife.

What is Love
Love is that sparkle in someones eyes when you first meet .
Love is meeting that someone at a party and staying up all night talking
Love is calling that person the next day and saying how fun it was.
Love is letting the other person tell you they are in love with someone else
and you staying around to help heal their heart when it dont work out .
Love is holding a child and loving him like your own just cause he is hers .
Love is making children and watching them be born .
Love is working things out when you make a mistake .
Love is forgiving when they make a mistake .
Love is the only cure when the doctors say you have cancer .
What is Love
Love is you and me my dear .
James Mott

My house is full of sick people

Everyone in the house is sick.  Chloe and Tiffani have strep and I think Dakota, Carole and I have it also.   All we can do today is stay at home and watch football.  Poor poor me.  Carole goes back to Hot Springs on Thursday for her final treatment of the IPI.   Then in the next 2 weeks we should  know something. Keep up the prayers please, and remember to hug someone you care about right now cause you never know.   Thank you all.


Well Hello everyone it’s been a while….

It is 10/31 at 11:50 pm.   Everyone is asleep we all had a great time.  Carole ,  Sherrie and I took the kids out for some trick or treating.  We all walked a lot and got scared a lot.   I need everyone to understand this fight is as hard as it gets, I would never want to see anyone have to fight this hard to stay alive.   Carole is in pain all day every day.   She could get more meds to ease it but she wants to be there for the kids and I.   She told me last night, She falls asleep with the thought in her head, Did I do everything I could of to help Jimmie if I don’t wake up.   I did not know what to say to her.   I did walk to the bathroom locked the door and just cried and prayed, Please god not now.   Carole has lost all her hair from the radiation she will not even walk around the house without it covered She is so strong and I’m so helpless to help her.  The Father of Julie with the BTHO Melanoma foundation told us we could use his beach house in Galveston for a week or weekend and sent a check for 500 dollars for as the memo on the check reads relaxation.  We are working on the days for that.  We want to thank him so much.  The pilot who flew us from Hot Springs home is going to fly us there and back on the 11th. We should only be gone for 8 to 10 hours. Please feel free to thank everyone as we make sure everyone gets this blog. I want to tell everyone Thank you from me for the support and prayers. And all the guys in California who i used to work with at Comcast keep up the prayers. Sorry for the gap in post. I will write more soon.

Thank you



Well today Carole and Mom went to Houston to do the tests. I stayed home and made dinner cleaned the house, O and played the game for a bit….. I must say Carole and I did not know about the kids skating in the house. Looks like we might have to have the kids watch mom next time. Carole is doing good. She feels good, A little tired. Always wants to eat. We see the Dr on Monday he will let us know the results of the MRI and CT’s. Tell then thanks

It’s been a while heh?

I have to say that I am really really sorry for not updating sooner.  All I can say is cable here is bad .. really really bad!  and since I have to update ONline then it just didn’t happen.  I have been in Texas since the 29th .. you read where the kids (as in Jimmie and Carole) made the trip to Arkansas.

Well should I tell you what happened here while they were gone?  lol  You know how when the parents are gone the kids throw parties and stuff .. weeelllllll !  no we didn’t have a party but what we did do was move all the furniture in the great room (we surrounded the TV with the big couch sections for protection) and then I let them skate!  lol  it really was pretty fun and by the time mom and dad got back .. well Dakota is pretty darn good! :)  We of course had everything back where it belonged before they got home .. so don’t tell them ok! :)

Today is Thursday the 14th .. it is Carole’s 9th day of Whole Brain radiation treatment.  So far she is doing really well! So keep up all those “Get er done” prayers:) Kind of sad it is so far away though .. drive 70 miles then through Houston traffic to be at MD Anderson for 15 minutes tops .. then back home again.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day but it is filled with tons of tests too so they will be there all day long again:(

Other than being a little tired Carole looks wonderful .. has some weird things going on with her eyes now and then but she looks wonderful and just keeps going and going.

big hugs to you all and since I am giving you one .. then turn around and pay it forward, hugs, lots and lots of hugs to pass around because remember .. life as we know it can change in a heartbeat.


On way home

We are heading home in a few. Carole is sick this time. Its going to be a long ride for her. Will have mom give updates.
Thanks Jimmie

In Hot Springs

Carole is getting her treatment of the IPI. We are staying the night just the 2 of us…. Hope she does not get sick from treatment. On Monday she starts whole brain radiation. Her eyes are starting to bug her. The Dr said the new tumors are in that part of the brain. I will write more when we get home.

BTHO Melanoma Fundraiser SUNDAY!

Hi everyone .. I know that I haven’t been on much lately but unless you want to hear about how great Dakota is doing in school, and boyfriend troubles or lack of troubles (the grand kids not ME! .. geez! :) or how Joshua is doing in football this year (by the way he is in California this weekend for football) then there really isn’t much to say.

SO if you do want all that good stuff too then just hang on a bit longer because I will be back in Texas on the 29th (till around the middle of November) and I will take lots of photo’s and tattle on everyone there:)  he he he  course they are all used to me having a camera in my hand so it is no surprise to any of them:)

Carole goes back to Arkansas Next week.  They will leave on Thursday to be there for the Friday morning (Oct. 1st)  trial.   Not sure if this has been mentioned and even so .. well you all are used to me repeating myself so here goes:)  Carole will be going to the trial every three weeks.

This next one is the 1st of October ..

the third one will be the 22nd of October

and the 4th one will be the 12th of November …

at least that is the way that I have it calculated out.   If I am wrong then Jimmie or Carole can correct it .. me .. it .. what ever:)  Since I will be there this time (for the October 1st appointment) then the girls and I will be staying in Texas  ..  at least I am pretty sure that is the plan .. so someone might want to check and make sure they haven’t tied me up and left me and the house while they run around with friends:) lol Just kidding of course .. they are great:)

OK .. now to why I am posting with the above subject line.   Sunday the 26th (as in just a couple of days!) is the big yearly BTHO Melanoma fundraiser in TEXAS!! it’s at the Landolt Pavilion in Clear Lake from 11am to 3pm .. lots of things to do and eat.

The local Fox news there did a special report on Julie and the foundation and the fundraiser this Sunday .. please watch the clip .. please go to it if you can .. because you know what .. even though it is a fundraiser and they are doing great work in helping several families with melanoma this year (Including ours truly) there will be FREE sun screening and we ALL know how very important that is .. so go, have fun, meet the founders, Meet Carole, Jimmie and the kids (yep they are going to be there), donate (oh you bet I said it!  I know how very important those dollars are and how they help in sooooooo many ways!) but do one other thing while you are there .. GET CHECKED!  for you, for your family, for your friends .. for me .. get checked!

Now go meet Brendan and watch the clip on Julie and the kids and understand why there is a BTHO Melanoma Fundraiser every year ..


OK .. now go hug someone you love, because life can change in a heartbeat

big hugs to you all

Sherrie Jo

I have put this off for a few hours ..

But now I must post because I know many many friends and family are waiting to know something.

Before Carole went to the new trial in Arkansas she had to have current baseline scans for the Genesis Cancer Center.  Carole and Jimmie received the findings yesterday.  Comparing the scans to the last scans in July they found several things .. there are a confirmed 7 tumors in the brain, plus the other tumors through Carole’s body are both larger and smaller . . meaning that some are larger and a couple are smaller.

The doctor at Genesis said that the ‘lumps’ (pretty large by the way) that Carole has in her Bre ast (spelled wrong by the way so we don’t end up in spam folders) and in her lymph node under her right arm are tumors.  BUT the good (ya good) thing about them is that he can touch them, he will be able to know if the trial with the Ipilimumab is helping the tumors shrink .. this means that even though Carole has to wait until the end of the trial to get CT’s and MRI scans again that they can have a little ‘cheat’ in between.

I know that sometimes it is just so hard to come and read here .. that is why we try and post the happy moments too .. the great pictures, the school things, the silly things kids do .. we do smile, we do laugh, we do joke  … but we also do need to let you all know the ugly side of this too.  It’s ok if you don’t have any words or don’t know what to say, really and truly there are times that we don’t either .. sometimes you just have to hug

I told a friend that we will not know anything about the inside tumors for at least 12 weeks .. you know what she said (in so m any words or less) .. What a wonderful Christmas gift it will be when they come back and everything is smaller.  She is right .. all I could think of is Carole and how she has to wait so long to know .. sometimes it takes someone on the outside looking in to see the flip side of the coin .. Yes what a wonderful Christmas gift that will be.

I will say this … Carole you keep fighting, you keep doing what you are doing, you keep your body strong and we .. well we will keep praying and sending out those good healing thoughts …

poop .. have to go wash my face

Love, hugs, and tears

Happy Birthday Carole …

I wish I were there to give you a big hug ..

Happy Birthday Carole.

I love you very very much

Well the day is done ..

and I am  .. well heck last just start at the beginning of the day

First off breakfast .. you know what ‘they’ say .. the most important meal of the day:) So bright and early this morning …

I can see that it looks like mommy and Dakota ate .. looks like Tiffani is eating, but me thinks that Miss Chloe .. well hmmm is that a phone in her hand?  yep I am sure it is:)

Now on to the Genesis Cancer Center .. I am pretty sure there were butterflies fluttering in a few tummies ..but after the paperwork was done Carole began the first treatment of the Ipilimumab Clinical trial.

Caption was .. and here we go, say your prayers

I was standing in the middle of my kitchen when I received that text and picture .. and honey that is exactly what I did!

{{dries eyes}}

ok .. nothing to do for a few hours so Jimmie and the kids head out for a bit ..

Chloe says she found the car that she wants ..

Actually the text said “Daddy is going to buy me this”

ROFL!!  when I was finished laughing I texted her back …lol heck I am still laughing:) but honey it is a very pretty car:)

then they headed back to the motel for a bit …

Not yet kids … must wait for the mom:)

OH OH OH .. was that Carole that just texted and said she was done?   well I think so!  She was done and had to wait for about an hour so they could monitor her .. the next thing I know I get this ….

WOOHOO!!!  look at that big beautiful smile .. and look no barf bag! :)

She did great this time!!  So they did a little site seeing, HEY did you know that it is the weekend for the Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally ..  Harley’s ALL OVER!!  But no pics .. sorry:)

But look what Dakota found .. and a friend too!

Then they grabbed a little lunch I think .. but don’t hold me to that one, they may have saved eating for dinner ..

NOW you can swim!! :)

The girls never miss a chance to send out big peace signs

and Dakota .. well he never misses a chance to hide from Grandma:)

on your mark .. get set ..


They also drove around and read about and found about the Hot Springs and the Cold Springs there .. pretty amazing stuff!   and then they went to dinner at Perkins Family restaurant …

Dakota was pretty well all played out .. so he slept against momma.  Now the kids could have eaten at any of the fast food places that were close to the motel .. but they found this place and decided on a real sit down dinner.  Now to tell you about their Waitress .. Peggy .. The kids were telling her why they were in town, and it turns out that Peggy’s daughter works at the Cancer center.      Peggy gave Carole and Jimmie all her contact info, she has offered her home to them when they have to come back .. Thank you Peggy .. from one mom to another mom, thank you so so much!

Now to the serious stuff .. we all want to thank you all for your support, your prayers, your help, your shoulders, and your smiles … Thank you!

Well that’s it I guess .. for now

Give out those hugs freely people and say I love you .. Sweet dreams

OH and as is the norm .. if anything is wrong here then Jimmie can fill it in or fix it in his postings:)

Good morning everyone….

Well its 12:50 am, We are in the room, Chloe, Tiffani are sleeping. Dakota is getting there. Carole is nervous  and i am writing you all. Say a  prayer and have faith this will work. We got here with everyone’s help so it has to be the right choice. I will post to you all when we are done at the Dr. And we all send a great big hug to mom for keeping this up to date.

Thank you


Busy, Busy ..

Hi all .. I can tell from my inbox that a post is needed again.  Today is Carole’s third day of going to MD Anderson for tests that will be sent to Arkansas for the trial that she has been excepted in.

They will be leaving this evening and the trial will begin early Friday morning .. then they will be head back home Saturday morning.  It’s a long drive from Shepherd to Hot Springs (about 7 hours)  but it will be a nice road trip on the way out for them all.  On the way back? well we really do not know how it will be as no one knows how the drug will hit Carole .. some get really sick, and some don’t .. time will tell .. Sometimes Carole hits the good side of the percentages so lets all pray she does this time too:)

I want to send out a public Thank you to everyone out there that has helped with this trip to the trial.   You have all helped more than you will ever ever know in making this trip possible!  BTHO Melanoma also made a donation right along with you all .. if you haven’t read about Julie and the Foundation set up in her name .. please do read her story and remember .. GET CHECKED!!  Please get checked!

OK now go give someone you love a big big hug

NOTE .. sorry to all over you who receive the blog notices .. I hit post too soon and didn’t get it stopped so you ended up getting 2 notices for an update one that said Busy, busy and the other one was blank . . {{hangs head}} guess I should tell you all that I am not perfect .. NO REALLY!! I’m not .. but ummmmm lets not let that get around:)

Thank you ..

I just felt the need to send a little Thank you to family far and near, old friends, new friends here and there ..

A Thank you for always being there when we feel the need to cry, vent, stand up and shout, sit down and pout, and when we need to laugh and feel your arms around us, your love surrounding us … you seem to have that for us too .. you are always there and for that we all thank you so so much …

Its 10:40 pm.

Carole and the kids are in bed. Little Dakota was very tired. I guess going to to school full time makes you a little tired. Carole is ok for the most part, She is great to the kids. She just keeps it all inside when they are around, I dont know how but she is so strong when it comes to the kids.  Me not so much. I just tell them to go ask your mother. She will start the trial on Sep 9th. It is in Hot Springs AR. This next week we go back to MD Anderson for more scans. MRI and CT. And the blood work. We will let everyone know when we find out, She has had a lump form on her breast and a lump under her arm. We do not know what they are. Im going to say this just how I can I hope everyone understands, Carole could not go back to MD Anderson tell now because of our Insurance. My insurance with Comcast stopped on 7-1-2010. We could not pay Cobra 1490.00 a month to keep it going. I tried to get help with the premium and could not. I have tried to find a job, But everyone wants to know why I no longer work at Comcast and I tell them I got hurt on the job and they fired me when the Dr said I could not squat. I still get 60% of my wage until they settle , But not my insurance.  Even with a new job they will not insure Carole because of the pre existing condition. I thank Carole is a little mad at me. I tried to get on with Comcast in Humble or Houston in the phone center but they never called me back after I talked with 3 human resource workers and sent my resume. I know god has a plan and we will do his will. We have food on the table roof over our heads and each other. Mom has asked for help on this for us and now I must also. If you could help in any way we would appreciate it. Remember early detection is key to beating this go for a checkup.  Hope you all well



Dakota started school today….

It was Dakota’s first day of school today. Carole and I took him to school and he stayed all day without a tear. He came home and said he liked it. He loves his teacher, and the toys, He played outside on the slide. He ate lunch and took a little nap. He was so happy. Carole was so happy. Our little one is in school it is so cool. Daddy is just a little happy also. I want to let everyone know Carole says she is feeling strange lately. Not this Sunday but next Sunday our church is going to fast and pray for her. I would like everyone to pray every day. I would also like everyone to ask someone that does not know about Carole to pray for her that Sunday. I know the more people that pray the better. I don’t know what is going to happen. I pray we get to keep her with us and she beats this. It is hard to talk to her face to face because I know everything that is wrong, I try to have faith but I always see or hear bad things. I am so mad, angry. ITS NOT FARE  for Carole to have to go though this. We all cry for her all the time, I should be strong for her and the kids. I try. I am sorry you all have to see the good with the bad. I will write more later.

Thanks James

Enjoy a few pictures of the kids on their first back to school day


Dakota’s very first day of school

Sometimes you just have to laugh ..

and laugh and laugh.  I forgot about this until I downloaded my pictures from the camera just now.

Here dad .. I can do that for you!

No really dad .. it’s looking good!

ok just let me take off a little more in this side

and  now to clean up behind the ears ..

HEY MOM!!  you and daddy match now

but I have to wonder which scarf Jimmie will wear:) lol

hugs those next to you folks!

Ok time to hear from Carole and I

First off I need to say My 1st baby Ashley is here with her soon to be husband and there 2 children. Ashley told us she is pregnant. So So happy All hoping for a girl, except daddy he wants a boy. We will all be happy with what comes out. Ashley and Anthony might get married on the 24 th of September. If everything works out. And baptized on the 25th. They are turning there lives around. Im so happy I can be there for them, They are both trying to go back to school. Carole and I will support them in any way they need help. As all who know Carole she loves to help. She has always said if we ever get that phone call ” Dad I need help” we would be there. And some how she like always was right. She puts others first and just lives day by day. Carole and I talked and we have noticed the last 2 weeks we have not talked about her being sick. It is like she never was sick ” I wish”. We are going to get back on some type of treatment. She does not look sick but the hair every night reminds me this was not a dream. I tell Carole every day I love her and she is my world. I just wish I could do more and more everyday for her. I know this was more for me then all of you, Thanks for reading and your prayers and please hug someone.



I told you …

That there may be times when you laugh with us and times when you cry …. I cried the whole time I wrote this.  If memories make your heart smile then why on earth do the tears roll?

I changed the photo’s today for the slide show .. most of the photo’s I took myself .. some Jimmie took, some the kids took.  I see the smiling faces and remember what each sound was like around me as I took mine, the laughter, the smiles.  I look at the pictures that others took and remember the text that was sent to me as they came into my blackberry ..or the story that was told me

.. The happiness I felt when I listened to Carole tell me of her great Independence day escape, of her dance, of the laughter of the kids, the wheelchair, Carole’s walking stick that became her pole for her freedom dance .. and the tears flow

.. I remember talking on the phone with Carole almost the whole time they were getting ready for church and them looking for and finding Dakota’s belt, getting all the shoes on ..

.. then later them telling me that Dakota was tired of taking pictures (ya got to really look at his face in the picture where you can tell they are ready for church .. too funny) ..

.. I remember Jimmie teasing Carole about her being his .. ummmm WITCH! several years ago when Tim and I handed down our costumes to them for Halloween ..even while laughing the tears are rolling down my cheeks

.. I remember Jimmie telling me how much fun Dakota had at the Zoo and all the pictures that Jimmie sent me, then I remember that was the day that Carole had so much happen during her blood infusion and her week stay at the hospital because of it .. and the tears flow remembering how very bad that week was and how much pain Carole was in

.. I remember having my camera in my hand when I looked down and saw Dakota laughing at something behind me and I snapped off a couple of him ..

Do I put up the pictures for you all .. or do I put them up for me?  I don’t know, I do know that I want you all to see the beautiful family that I see .. the laughter in and behind the photo’s .. does that show?  Will it still show 10 years from now?  Will I still sit with tears flowing so hard that I find myself saying ‘thank goodness for spell check!”

I take lots and lots of photo’s .. they are memories caught in time.  Now I ask you to do the same, take at least one photo a day, flowers, pets, maybe your clean living room, kids, neighbors kids .. take some snapshots and hug .. give lots and lots and lots of hugs!!

Hug someone close to you, because life can change in a heartbeat

No news .. well a little

ok .. mailbox is full of “whats happening” (s) so I thought I better jump in and write a little:)  Still no word on what is going to happen in Arkansas .. waiting for paper work and such.  I can tell you from first hand experience that Carole is doing great.  Guess what .. the doctor has even released her to drive!  So she is pretty happy about that:)

When I arrived to Texas Jan-Nell (one of Jimmie’s kids) was here visiting, she has gone back to New York. Jan-Nell had a birthday when she was here .. so of course grandma (that would be me:) took a picture of her face after it was shoved into the cake .. a little family tradition:)

His oldest daughter, her boyfriend and kids are here.  Gotta tell you that it is sooooooooooooooooo much fun hearing the oldest (3 years old) calling for grandma and or grandpa .. tooooooo funny!:) Here is a picture of the youngest (4 months old)

SO with the oldest here and plenty of help in the house for a little while I am going to head to Brunswick for a couple of weeks.  I am taking with me everything that I have been working on (Shoes, puppies and bathing suits) .. just gotta love things you can travel with:)

Ya’ll have a great great week and I will catch you on the flip flop .. taking computer home too so you might even see me on a list or two!  :)

Hug someone close to you right now! because life can change in an instant

lots of love ~Sherrie

Its been a few days

I guess i should let everyone know Carole is doing good right now. The Dr is stopping chemo, It is not working. We have found a Clinical trial drug called Ipilimumab. It is in Hot springs Arkansas. We are hoping this works. She will get one dose every 3 weeks. The sponsor is Bristol-Myers Squibb who pays for the drug itself. The Dr and Hospital is paid for by us. My med insurance at work is no good right now because Comcast terminated me. I do have the choice to get cobra at 1460.00 a month. Carole and I can not afford that at all. I need to keep the insurance because of the cancer. I have found a few places that will help with premium payments with different cancers but not with Melanoma. So I will keep looking. And please if anyone knows of a place that can help please let us know.

If any of you happen to own or manage a hotel or motel in Hot Springs we sure could use a cheap room:)

Yep am in Texas …

just letting friends and family know that we made it to Texas .. Tim and left Brunswick at 10:30pm Wednesday night .. pretty sad because we started to leave sooooooooooooooo much earlier!  anyway we finally got out of town and made it to Shepherd about 4pm Friday.   BUT you know what is really wrong with all that?  Tim left here at noon on Sunday after church (we went with the kids) and he made it back home at 2:30 in the afternoon on MONDAY!   We found out that we took the loooonnnnngggg way here.  crazy!

I have lots of new pictures and will be changing out the top slideshow in the next couple of days .. but have to remember how I did it in the first (and second) place:) lol

We all had a great day.

We all went to the Temple today. It was the most amazing thing. We all felt the spirit so strong today. Carole and I will be sealed together with our children very soon. My daughter Jan-Nell from New York is coming down to stay for a little while. Joshua is going to see his dad in California for a few weeks. It is almost normal in our house. Carole has a Dr appt on Monday. He is going to talk about treatment. We have church at 9 im going to bed now. Like mom said Hug someone. Have a good nite


Getting all ready :)

Hey all .. just posting  a short one to let you all know that this is a good week … Carole gets one a month and it is always the week before she goes back in the hospital .. so they are busy doing family things, and living life with smiles.

I am getting ready to leave for my trip and it is great that Tim will be able to take me:)  It means I can take more crap … errrrrrr … crafts! with me:) lol    I have a couple of little doggies I will be working on when I have time there plus a yorkie pattern (crochet), plus a couple of special back packs for Leeann … so I will have a few bags, boxes, and things with me:)

We have all the animals set up:)  The dogs will be going to special resort for animals here while we are gone … we have been given a wonderful deal due to the circumstances and will be nice to not have to worry about the dogs until Tim gets back.  Now cats .. well they pretty much take care of themselves,  split a 20 pound bag of food, put out a couple of extra litter boxes, make sure the waterererer :) is full, make sure all flat surfaces are cleaned off (cause if not they will be when you get home!:) and they will be happy campers ..

and then there are the parrots.   Normally we over feed and water them but this time Barbara,  the lady that works at our local animal services, will be coming by to feed them .. so for the first time a trip we take we really really will not have to worry about animals left at home.

You all have a great weekend and hug the person next to you .. go on .. a BIG BIG hug :)

Carole got a little independence

Just got off the phone with Carole. Her and I are so mad right now, We don’t understand all of this and are both tired as hell. Not knowing is a battle in it self. Then finding out some things start more battles.

When can she move forward. They still need to do a lumber puncture that was to be done today.

Ok let me start from the last post i posted.

Carole is still in the hospital waiting for the lumber puncture so we thought… She was taken down to the room where they were going to do it just to find out they cant do it because of the blood thinners. It will have to be three days after she is off the thinners. Ok fine we can see how Dr can make a little mistake. They still dont know why she is in so much pain and her blood pressure is so high now.

They did the CT today and got the results today and it was with contrast (Carole did not drink to much so they had to violate her to give more) the results suck. As you all know she has tumors on her lungs and liver and brain.

Well today we find out she has more that are getting bigger on her liver , pelvic and Adrenal gland.

We did not know of the tumors on the pelvic or Adrenal gland. The MRI from last week show the ones in the brain are getting smaller and the few in the lungs as well. We are happy about that.

Yesterday the kids and I broke Carole out to see the fire works. No im not playing we left the Hospital for a while Carole had no IV. Carole had Dakota on her lap I was pushing the wheelchair, Joshua, Chloe and Tiffani were running with me to get to a place we all could see some fire works.

We tried the top of parking  but no can do. So we went to the street and started looking up and walking we found a parking lot. We went to the top floor it was called Ben Toub I thank. When we got up we saw another family trying to see the fireworks.

Then Tiffani yelled there i see them, Then Chloe said no over their, Joshua (said ) THEIR. We saw alot of places doing fireworks. But at this time we did not see the biggest show, Till Dakota said WOW did you see that  was red my favorite. So our family Did get to be together  for the 4 th. We sat and watched for a long time and then started back to the hospital the kids were all playing and running. Carole said she had a great time so did we all.


Been a few days …

‘and’ in this case well no news is just that, no news.  With the holiday they postponed the spinal tap until this week.  Might be today, might be tomorrow … oh who knows you know how hospitals are.

I talked to Carole and Jimmie both this past weekend.  Will let Jimmie post later (hmmmm wonder if he has pictures) but wanted to jump in and let you all know that Carole is ok (well you know), Jimmie and the kids are ok .. just waiting waiting tis all for now.

July 1st

Ok Carole is doing better right now, She has been sitting up the whole time the kids and I were with her today. Her head is not hurting right now due to a different drug they gave her. She did her MRI but it will not get read tell in the morning. Then we should know what is going on I hope. I will give more detail when we find out what is going on…


Sometimes …

that old saying of “no news, is good news” is not always true.

I am going to start this and then let Jimmie post or add to it anything that may be different or to expand on it.

Jimmie took Carole to MD Anderson again yesterday (Tuesday) morning for another blood transfusion.  This time Dakota went with them as the one the other day went ok .. very very long .. but ok.

This time .. not so much:(   Carole’s blood pressure shot up to 198 over 120 .. Carole has normally very very low Blood pressure (Tis why she can have so many things going on around her and she stays calm:) so this is pretty bad.   She was in ER all night so Jimmie and Dakota got a room in the placed attached to MDA.

They have decided to admit Carole and do a lumbar puncture to test for microscopic tumors in her spinal fluid  …if that is the case then the Bio-chemotherapy is not working.

For now we will leave it at that and let you all know what we know when or shortly after anything is known.  As always if anything is missed here or wrong then Jimmie can fix it down the road.

Its Sunday Night

If Today Was Your Last Day

Ok Monday morning. Cant sleep, Last night Carole had to have a blood and platelets transfusion.   It took 13 hours. So Carole and I came home and slept tell 2pm. Thank you kids for taking care of each other. We needed it. She is doing fine now. She was awake during dinner with all of us, She did not eat but it was nice for us all to eat and talk it kind of felt normal.   Have not had that for a while.   She will go for her 3 rd treatment on 7-15. Sherrie should be here then,   Carole seen it on her appt page and got happy.   So I hope with Sherrie here Carole will never be alone in the hospital.   And maybe some good food gets cooked for dinner ( hint hint).   Anyways am going to bed now just a little update.   O ya please remember to hug your better half and let them know what they mean to you!   Even if….. Cause you never know nite


1st night Home

Well Carole, Dakota and I got home last night around 8. We sat and talked for a few min then Carole went to lay down we started her IV and she was out. She got up a few times to use the restroom. She is still asleep right now will check on her in a min. She is feeling a little different this round they found out she has a allergy to Heparin flush. They did stop 2 of the drugs sooner then should of because of her platelets being lower then they should of been because of the allergy. The treatment  should work she had the drugs more then not. We did get the mutation it is BRAF. There is a clinical  trail going on with a Mutant- Braf Inhibitor showing good results so far. Carole as of now will stay on chemo treatment unless there has been no improvement. She has a great team of Drs. So this is just a little update I will update more later after i pick up Chloe and Tiffani from church camp today at 5. I miss them so much cant wait…


Carole sounds great …

Today:)  Even though this round of BioChemotherapy hit Carole harder and faster this time around .. she really does sound great today .. AND she would also like to show you that she looks wonderful too .. a little (ok lot!) swollen .. but wonderful none the less :)

First ya have to know that Carole doesn’t like hair .. no no no:)  as in hair that just seems to be all over every where as her’s was.  So she did something about it!

Carole the Rock star!

carole the rock star

LOL  I am still laughing! :)

and then there  is

Carole the wife:)

carole the wife

ever heard how sometimes people start to look like each other:)

and last but not least,

Dakota’s momma

“Mommy now you have the same color as me” :)


We hope you got a little chuckle from the newest pictures .. sometimes you just have to stop and laugh.

Hug everyone

Treatment 2 day 3

Ok Carole has started feeling the effects of chemo, She is sick. I picked up Chloe and left Tiffani. So Tonight it is Joshua, Chloe, Dakota and myself at home. We will go back in the morning. Im just so glad it is summer time so Carole is not alone. At this point she is out of it but it still feels good knowing someone is there. I need to feed the kids a late dinner, clean up, do 2 loads of laundry and look for a job on line. How do you mothers do it….. So tired. You all have a good nite.


Carole is in her 2nd treatment

Dakota and I just got home. Chloe, Tiffani and Joshua greeted us with pizza and bread sticks (Mealinda brought over to the house). Wendy is home in AZ right now, She left yesterday from the hospital. Anyways about Carole When we saw her Dr yesterday he informed us that 4 more spots are on the brain, One on the back near the spine, ( could be contaminating the fluid ). One on the right middle and two very small spots on the edge of the brain. The 2 spots they did gamma knife on look great no more spot on the left and bed of tumor. It scared him he had only the MRI from 2 days ago to look at, He needed the first MRI that was done at Memorial Hermann when Carole first had her seizure. The Dr and his team tried to get it but it would be 2 weeks. So we rushed to Memorial  Hermann but the records office was closed. When we got up this morning we went to MH and got the records, Went to MD and waited for them to read it. Her Dr was off today they told us as we gave them the CDs. We waited for a few minutes and a nurse came out and took us to a room and said the dr will see you in a min, It was Carole’s Dr he said he was waiting for the records, he looked at them and all 4 spots are on the first MRI. DO NOT cry yet finish reading first,  They are on the first MRI which sucks but on the 2nd MRI they are smaller and he says they could be blood vessels. Might not be tumors. He wants to start 2nd round hopping the first round helped. I know my detail is little but I’m trying. I am going to bed now just got off phone with Carole they have started all 5 drugs now. All 4 of the kids and I are going to spend the day with her tomorrow and Chloe is spending the night. Good nite


Carole is not in treatment …

Carole, Jimmie and the kids (except Joshua) spent most of the day at MD Anderson.   You all read that an MRI was done yesterday.  This is done before treatment and then at the end of each treatment.  This way they have a ‘map’ of the brain to keep up with what is going on.

Since Carole left MD Anderson on the May 27th there are 2 to 4 more brain tumors.  They know there are 2 but will have to watch (or retest ?) and see whether the other 2 are tumors or not.  they may do another MRI . . I have no clue and Carole or Jimmie will have to tell us.

1 of the 2 known tumors is at the base of the brain at the spinal cord.  Carole is going to have to have a spinal tap to see if there are tumors in the Spinal column.   Today it was mentioned that whole brain radiation may have to be done …

We promised from the start that we would always be as honest as we could be with all of you our friends and family When it comes to Carole and what is happening when we know anything at all tomorrow /today .. time zones .. all too confusing for me right now .. someone will post.

As always if anything is wrong here or not addressed then Jimmie or Carole can fix it ..

Love, hugs, and tears

Round 2

Well yesterday we went to MD Anderson, Carole had her MRI done and blood work. Today at 830 am she has a line put in and at 330 we see the Dr. We pray that the last treatment worked. She will be in the hospital for a week with round 2. Carole and I took our children to church last Sunday. We all had a great time. The visit with sister going good. I will try and post at the hospital as soon as we find out anything. Hug someone you love and have a great day



Posted by Carole

Well Miss Wendy has been in Texas for 48 hours and had a run in with “THE LAW” . My daughter Tiffani who is 12 had a run in with another little 12 year old and Aunt Wendy tried to solve the problem with the 20 year old older sister and the police came out to the house. But we could prove that we had done the right thing and had my daughters number changed way earlier in the day and that we were not the ones causing problems. They decided not to take Wendy to Jail. Even though the other girls older sister said Wendy was making threats…. we could prove differently. The officer even tried to arrest Jimmie once cause he said that he was obstructing justice by not telling him exactly where Wendy was at… I stepped between them and told him there is no way he was arresting him cause he didn’t do a dang thing wrong ( OMG the officer listened to me. )  Besides the entire time the Officer was standing outside of my house the older sister kept driving back and forth in front of my house and the officer said it is a public street and he could not do anything about it… UUUGGG I wanted to slap the sister of the girl that had been giving my daughter so much trouble and then made crap up and almost got my husband and sister arrested. BOY that would have been a mess:)

Aunt Wendy’s visit …

Wendy (Carole’s little sister) is visiting for a little while.  Yesterday was good I hear:)

A day for the kids and Aunt Wendy playing with makeup and dress up :)  you are never too old for that.

Miss Chloe sent me this picture last night while they were all making Wendy’s world famous taco’s .. YUMMY!!!

Chloe             Aunt Wendy           Tiffani

One thing about it .. with a phone is the girls hands I always get lots of great pictures from them:) and since they have started using mirrors to help .. well they are even better:) lol

LOVE YOU !! :)

Sister is in Texas ..

I thought I would let everyone know that Miss Wendy May Day is in Texas with Carole and family for about a week .. a little longer I think.  maybe if I wish really hard and send out a cuddle ‘bear’ hug we can get a group photo of everyone for you:)

Please remember the ABC’s of Melanoma Skin Cancer

I was thinking tonight…..WOW I know thinking that one is a biggy right now I know but in any case. I thought it was important to go over the basics with y’all again and show you the pic of the mole that started this big mess one more time.

Unequal or asymmetric moles are suspicious.

If the mole’s border is irregular, notched, scalloped, or indistinct, it is more likely to be cancerous (or precancerous) and is thus suspicious.

Variation of color (e.g., more than one color or shade) within a mole is a suspicious finding. Different shades of browns, blues, reds, whites, and blacks are all concerning.

Any mole that has a diameter larger than a pencil’s eraser in size (> 6 mm) should be considered suspicious.

If a mole is elevated, or raised from of the skin, it should be considered suspicious.

I know that my Mom has told all of you the importance of getting your moles and skin checked but NO REALLY you need too.

Ok I sat down to write to all of you wonderful people who have been so kind and sent all of your thoughts, prayers, kisses and hugs to my family and found myself lecturing about this preventable stage of cancer.

I love you all and thank you all so much for you thoughts, prayers, kisses and hugs:)


Hmm N-laws coming , Im so happy when I say N-laws. We lived with mom and Tim for a year they know how the kids are and know how Carole and I want them raised. They support us in every way when it comes to the kids. I am doing good right now, Its been a fun few days with Carole, She is up way more often and doing more around the house, Its almost like normal. I get to get things done around the yard. Comcast is still beating around the bush, HR has not got back to me on my transfer to Houston, I called and sent e-mails to all my contacts in comcast. Time is running out I have tell the 19th on leave. Well things are good right now I will enjoy every minute with my wife and worry about the little things later…… Like mom says hug someone you love and enjoy it..


New slideshow ..

I have changed the photo’s out in the slide show so be sure to hit refresh when you visit the site .. if you see the yellow & black  ‘fight for my life’ banner in the slide show then you are up to date for now.

Getting ready …

Here it’s 12:34 in the morning as I start writing this.  The family is getting ready in many different homes.

Carole’s home is getting ready for momma to go back into the hospital for her second round of Bio-chemotherapy.  It’s sad that she is feeling better in some area’s, not so great in others:( and it’s time to go back in.  Miss Tiffani is keeping momma’s toes painted pretty and Miss Chloe helps her fix her hair.  The kids and mom and dad have been having lots of talks I am sure as ‘this’ is hitting even closer to home now.

On Tuesday morning I was at the doctors with Tim (that’s another story!) .. well I had seen a lady in probably her early 40′s .. she was dressed very beachy, capri’s, cute little top. scarf, white wide brimmed hat, sandals .. and I thought how great she looked, loved the scarf and hat!  Then just as she shut her car door I realized that she didn’t have any hair!   Later in the afternoon I was getting ready to call Carole and tell her how great the lady looked .. when my phone rang .. it was Carole .. she has started to lose her hair.  She is prepared physically with beautiful scarves from Rhonda and a Pretty wig from Angie .. but mentally, well it’s a little tough to see more than just a few daily strands that we all lose.   We have learned over the years that   “if you can’t laugh about something that you end up crying”  .. so there have been a few laughs .. like Jimmie teasing about having several wives, a blonde, a red head, short, long .. wigs.   There have been a few tears too ..

Wendy is getting ready to hop on a plane on the 13th to visit Carole and family until I think she said the 23rd might be the 21st, but she will be able to spend a while in Texas.  They are all looking forward to the visit .. Wendy’s kids aren’t going out this time, just couldn’t swing it .. but maybe a little down the road.

I am working as hard as I can to get the ‘project’ .. oh heck just say it, everyone knows it!  I am trying to get the May (yes that isn’t a misprint .. MAY) EMSI done so i can finish packing up what I will be taking with me.  Plus packing up my whole sewing room and many other parts of the house so Tim only has to worry about him and the animals while I am gone.  If he can get a job in Texas then that makes moving easier too.   I will be felting a little forever friend and hopefully be making patterns for Ellowyne and Leeann .. what a concept right!  :)  Of course these are things that will be done when done with house work and things … going to try and give Jimmie a bit of a break when I can too.

Hug someone you love .. and if they let you do it once .. then take advantage and hug them again

Just can’t sleep

Its 130 am and I can not sleep. Every time I close my eyes I thank something is wrong, My mind just wont stop working.  Is she ok, whats going to happen next,  I have been praying or talking to god I know he is listening. The Bishop from the church came by today. All 6 of us were home Chloe signed to Joshua as they blessed Carole. The kids are doing good, Dakota is hanging on to mom a little more, Still knows to ask dad for stuff. Tries to have mom get up and get milk, when mom says no he yells DAD GET ME MILK. Well im getting tired now maybe I will fall asleep. I hope everyone well and have a good day.



A good day for Carole

You know how way back in March I found this house.  Well Carole had ask me several times if it had a dishwasher (4 kids you generate a lot of dishes all day long)  I teased her “Yep as soon as you get there”  we all laughed about it for a couple of weeks .. You see the pictures show a dish washer.
Finally we arrived . Ya not so much it didn’t work and thought I would fix it down the road, it’s still not fixed and it is me doing the dishes by hand .. Who ever thought my yard work hands could be so soft!
But what about the lawn!  No problem have a great  lawn mower .. Start it up and it actually propels itself, well unless it doesn’t. UGG, ok get the parts and fix it because I may be able to wash dishes myself, but cutting the lawn with a pair of scissors, not so much!  So Lawn mower is fixed now and all my little cut’s and scrapes from changing out the belt well washing dishes did wonders for those too.
Washing clothes, what a wonderful invention the washing machine and we have a nice big one.  I am still learning how to separate things and making sure all is washed right but at least the kids had clean clothes for school.  Now .. Not so much!  It stopped working a couple of days ago, I am trying to fix it, have to because the kids, they said no way to running around with out no clothes .. Except for Dakota, he  likes running around like that. Give that boy a pair of undies and he is set for the day! So I must get it fixed, and I will( i am waiting for the parts)  but not before the clothes stack up 3 feet deep.  Do you think I may end washing them by hand in the sink too?
I just never knew what it really really took to run the house, just the inside, the cooking, the cleaning, the keeping the kids occupied, the cupboards filled, the dish washing soap bought .. Which reminds me, I need to go to the store..
Today we went to a little BBQ at Johns house. Dakota, Tiffani, Joshua and myself went swimming for a bit. Chloe stayed the night at a friends house, Carole stayed up most the time. She had to lay down for about a hour. She tried to eat but said it taste like cardboard. For the most part she had a good day.
Everyone is in bed sound asleep, For some strange reason I can’t sleep lol. Carole did say she was going to post on here soon. And I just want to say Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. Around the 13th of June Caroles sister Wendy will be here with her two children, and in July Mom will be here. I know we are all looking forward to it. Ok i am going to bed now…


Well today was a little better I guess. Carole was asleep most the day except for the 15000 times she says she got up to get sick. It was only like 14999 I told her. Slowly she is getting back to herself. I tried to catch up on some things around the house and outside. Got the mower fixed. I am trying to transfer to a new position with Comcast in Houston, I need to keep our insurance. I don’t thank she could get coverage starting new. I’m worried, tired and alone. I am used to Carole and me talking all the time, sometimes we would sit and watch a movie or just sit and drink a nice cup of coffee . Ya Ive had coffee but its the nice part i have not had. Well Her and the little ones are in bed, I better get there myself, You all have a good night I will talk to you all soon.

Nite Jimmie

Dr wants to see Carole

3pm eastern time

Jimmie called a little while ago .. they are on their way to MD Anderson . Carole’s doctor wants to see her.  They think there may be something wrong with her kidneys .. we are not sure and neither are they until he see’s Carole .. it may be several hours before this is updated with what is happening.   Tiffani and Dakato are with Daddy and Mommy .. Chloe & Joshua are with friends and family.

I will let you all know anything and everything as soon as I know!

update .. it’s about 11pm here in Georgia and they are leaving the hospital .. Jimmie can explain much better than I can.  Carole is feeling better as of right now .. they did up her pain meds to delaudid (spelling) this is the same stuff they were giving her in the hospital right after the first major brain surgery but that was in shot form.  One of shots that they gave Carole before she left MD Anderson after her first set of bio-chemotherapy causes major physical pain (no one told them that) .. then on top of a nurse not telling her to start one of the drugs she was supposed to home at home caused it to be even worse and her blood totals to come back bad .. really really bad .. they were lower than low.  So both things combined caused her to be in much worse shape.  Of course we all know and so does Carole that she will not be in great shape after the therapy but this was worse than it should have been … BUT from now on they all know a little more about what has to been done.

So for now they are all headed home .. Jimmie can fill in any gaps or correct anything I may have wrong when he has a chance to get on in the next few days.

Carole is home from ER

I thought I would post this so that those who read daily will know that Carole is home from the hospital again.  I do not know all of the details so will let Jimmie update later when he has a chance, but wanted you to know that she is home again

At ER with Carole

They are doing a CT to check for swelling on the brain will let everyone know in a while what’s up. Sometimes this happens after having the gamma knife radiation surgery.

Carole is  dehydrated because she can’t keep anything down at all.  She is and has been in a lot of pain since returning home and hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything for several days.

we will update here as time goes by or call .. which ever I need to do ..

A little update.

Carole is asleep, She is very tired. Im trying to get her to drink some fluids she is very Nausea and has a headache. All this is what is expected after therapy. She does stay awake a little more each time she wakes up. Will update more in a while, I turned her phone off for today. If you need to call call the house phone or my cell.


We are at home

We made it home lastnight around 9 pm, The girls were sitting up waiting. As we pulled up they ran out of the house to mom and gave her a great big hug. At that moment, I thought we have to beat this they need mom, I have taken care of them for the past 5 days and anyone could do it. But no one can be mom. Carole Dakota and I went to Cleveland so she could get lab work done, After we did that we started driving home and Carole fell asleep. She woke up walked into the house and went to the room to lay back down. Dakota and I are sitting waiting for Chloe and Tiffani, Tiffani just walked in and now Chloe. Im sure Carole has some words she would like to say to you all. I will talk to you all later.


I thought I was tough …

Jimmie mentioned below about being tough … This is a video that we all watch or listen to all the time now.   Carole is tough … watch and listen

I thought I was tough by Craig Morgan

there will a little commercial first and then the video

Just a little note to say how things are right now……

Carole . is in great hands the Nurses and NAs are the best I have ever seen, And yes I have seen a few. They are treating Carole great, Doing what ever is possible to help her. Some things are only a smile and a it will be ok but they are doing great. Carole is sick very sick, We have been together for 16 years and I have never seen Carole so sick. I did not want to leave her tonight she has done so much for me over the years when I thought I was sick or in pain. It was nothing like this. The only reason I came home and left her was because Carole and I have talk about this and everyone that knows us knows the kids come first. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support. We have a long way to go, And Carole has a hard fight on her hands,  To end this all I can say is Im doing everything at home she does when she is not getting every cell in her body kicked around and I have taken so much of her for granted. That song I thought I was tough fits……   You all have a goodnight

Day 3 .. tis no fun

posted by Sherrie Jo

I didn’t write with an update on day 2 of Carole’s Bio-chemotherapy because it was just too hard .. today too for that matter.  But I had several emails in my inbox asking how Carole was doing … so here I am.

She is sick .. the drugs are making her very very sick inside and out.  Carole is in very good hands and they have her on constant watch and monitoring everything.  Because of school tomorrow there isn’t anyone staying with her tonight except the nurses.   I talked to her several time yesterday and today, it’s very hard to describe what it’s like .. except it hurts to hear her hurting so bad.

We all knew from the start that this would be a very aggressive procedure .. the only way that Carole will be able to make it into a clinical trial is to make sure that there is that can grow in her brain and this is the only way to do it.

After the girls go to school in the morning then Daddy and Dakota will be going down to spend the day with momma.

There will be no more pictures until less Carole decides to send one in .. so it may be a few days .. only time will tell.

Day 1 .. Bio Chemotherapy

I talked to Carole for along time tonight.  She was waiting for her anti seizure meds (has to take them for the next 5 months {now}).

Have we said? .. have your read? .. have you checked into how important it is to get spots checked out??

Carole was pretty sick most of the day .. what they are doing is called Bio Chemotherapy.  It is a 5 drug mix of some pretty aggressive drugs .. but then with Stage 4 Metastasized Melanoma you have to be very aggressive.  Her blood pressure dropped to 82 over 52 earlier today so they are really watching her and giving her something in the hopes that doesn’t happen again.

Have we said? .. have you read? .. have you checked into the free Melanoma screenings there are this month? Did I mention that May is Melanoma awareness month?

I have the list here of what the doctors are giving her but it isn’t at my finger tips so will just list the ones I know for now .. Interferon, Interleukin2, I will add the others later or Jimmie can jump in here and edit this post to add them.

Have you made your date with the dermatologist?  Have you set up a time to get a free screening?  Have you read This blog yet? Do you know how important that spot may really be?

Jimmie is home tonight with all the kids (oh and so you know, the girls had spent the night at their aunt Mealinda’s and uncles Jon’s house last night when Jimmie and Dakota stayed with mom .. not sure I said that before)They are planning for a big sleep over with Mommie Saturday night.

Carole said she looks like she is sunburned … her skin is really red, one of the other side effects of the drugs.  When Jimmie got home he read the comments to Carole from today, thank you everyone who has commented the last few days .. Carole has been read everyone of them.

J in CA … THANK YOU you have read, you have heard whats been said .. doing it early .. SOOOO much better than doing it late:(

Sleep well tonight Carole .. we love you

Carole is in her room ..

It was late tonight when Jimmie called and said they were done and that him, Dakota and Carole were going to go eat and then finish with admissions.  Carole was really really sore:(  first the portacath being put in and all it entails and then the stress test.

She had to do the stress test on the bike because the drug they give while doing it can cause seizures .. been a couple 2 too many of those already!  So bike it was.   12 minutes!! as fast and as hard as you can, they couldn’t get her heart rate above 145 .. no matter what they said she couldn’t push any more:(   and she had to get to 150 or the whole thing would have been for nothing.  Her legs were jello, she couldn’t breathe .. it was bad:(   so one of the nurses called for the doctor and he came into the room (they are normally very close if not right there) .. he checked things out and told her she had to go just a little harder but she had nothing else to give. But he pushed her a couple of more times and got her heart races within seconds .. and poof she was done!:)

She had a really hard time coming down and couldn’t breathe at all .. couldn’t catch her breath.  One of the nurses sat and held her hand and wouldn’t leave her side until she was breathing well again … stress tests .. they are not so fun:(

OK now to the room .. she is in P1007 and Jimmie and Dakota are going to spend the night with her tonight.  She is very very scared but with her oldest and youngest men with her then at least a little fear will be put to the side .. at least till morning.

Dakota of course took the bed .. he always does:) lol

But then he found out this bed was pretty cool too just need some nice cools sheets and a pillow or two:)

Carole and Dakota send good night Thank you’s and I love you’s

Carole being admitted today ..

Posted by Sherrie Jo

It’s Thursday the 20th .. Carole has been to so many appointments everyday for the last 2 weeks .. Except the 18th ..

Carole will be having a port-a-cath put in.   Carole has tiny veins that roll .. so hard to find:(  She was SOOOOOOO bruised up when she can home from the hospital and a few more bruises from tests after home.  I pray they get it in and all goes well.  Once again I am sitting here staring at the phone.  Ya would think that with all I have to do and what I have to finish before going to Texas that that is what I would be working on … I am of course, but it just isn’t going as fast as you would think it would.

Carole will also be admitted today at MD Anderson.  I am not sure if she starts therapy today or tomorrow so will let Jimmie post later or I will.

THANK YOU!!!!!!! so much for your prayers and thoughts.  Jimmie receives them on his phone every time one is posted here on the blog and he reads them to Carole .. so even if you just drop in and say “Howdy ” that is great:)

Hugs and tears .. hug someone you love today .. life changes in the blink of an eye

UPDATE .. just as I finished posting this message Jimmie text-ed me.  It is in.  Carole is a little dizzy and they have to wait 2 hours then they will do an x-ray to make sure all is well with it.  There is a slight chance that a lung can be punctured so they need to make sure that didn’t happen.  I had 2 pictures but am using this one .. not sure Carole would want her bare shoulder/chest put out there for all to see:)  She tends to roll her eyes at me enough .. heck I don’t need to do something on purpose for it:) lol

that line probably earned me one anyway:)


‘nother update .. it’s 5:17 pm in Texas and Carole is still not done .. but me thinks poor Dakota is.

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. This is just a little update on the family. Today was Dakota’s birthday, We had a little family get together.

We all had a good time. I will try and update more then I have been. Well lots of thanks and Love.


Prayers & thoughts for Carole

Posted by Sherrie Jo

Please place your prayers and thoughts here for Carole .. she starts the Chemical Therapy this week and I think she really needs to know that prayers and thought are still going up for her, the kids and Jimmie.

Happy Birthday Dakota ..

Posted by Sherrie Jo

Today is Carole’s only day off from doctors, and hospitals .. darn good thing too because it is Dakota’s 5th.

Enjoy little man .. WE LOVE YOU!! :)  he he he I can hear it now:)

Grandma & Grandpa

Thank you to a special person ..

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A couple of days ago shortly after Carole posted, the blog went down .. broken beyond my repair.   This on top of everything else hurt so bad because it was the first time that Carole had posted.

I tried everything I knew of and everything that people on the wordpress forum suggested .. nothing would work for me.    Then a very special man came along, he goes by macmanx and all I can say is he is a wizard .. Thank you so so much!!

Tumor what tumor what do you mean I had a seizure

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It would have probably been easier to start writing on this blog a few weeks ago. I felt fine certainly not like I had CANCER, no not me. I’m fine I am healthy I eat amazing healthy foods because I have learned about my Celiac Disease and the way my body reacts to gluten. I did my reading and got it all under control. I felt WONDERFUL.

I kept up with my plans that over the summer I wanted to move from Georgia back to Texas and get the kids back to good old small town livin… In February my Husband Jimmie was put on workman’s comp because of an injury. I started thinking we should go to Texas sooner. We began looking for a house back in small town America. 1 Grocery Store, 1 blinking 4 way stop light. Population 2000. So many people kept asking why Shepherd why why why. But I love it here. Jimmie flew in and found us a big house on a hill with a fenced back house 4 bedroom 3 bath BEAUTIFUL. Perfect we said yes we want it, and I started packing. They said it would be ready the first week in April. My Parents, Husband, Kids and my Friends all said ” I think it would be best to wait till the end of May ” Nothing or Nobody was going to chance my mind I was ready and it was time to leave Georgia.

I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that I am so stinkin stubborn and bull headed. All those time when I was a teenager and someone would call me a B**** and I would say yep and proud of it only made me stronger and more stubborn. I think I am pretty easy to get along with, But if I want something I will go after it until I have it. I have fought for everything that I have in my live and nothing has ever been handed to me on a silver platter.

We arrived in Texas just in time. We had only been in the state for 4 days when I had my seizures. Boy was that scary. I can’t even imagine the terror Jimmie felt when he came around the corner and found me lying on the floor, completely unresponsive. Now stop for a minute and thing if you heard a noise in the other room and you thought oh man what did the cat, dog or whatever knock over now, and you go around the corner to find someone that you love more than anything lying on the floor face down not moving, not responding what do you do at that exact moment when your heart has fallen all the way down to the tips of your toes….. Think about it

I was taken to the local hospital and then to the best team of doctors anyone could ask for. I only remember waking up a few times. I was so so so scared every time that I woke up. I went from being the ROCK of the family to lying in a hospital bed and had absolutely no idea why, what, when or how. That is scary. I remember a little about being told about the tumor and I remember being told that my Mom was boarding the plane and would be there in the morning. I did not remember moving so I could not wrap my mind around why my Mom was getting on a plane.  I remember my Strong  Husband and My Beautiful Children all trying not to cry and being strong for Mommy. I kept thinking ” Tumor no that’s impossible, there is no way I have a tumor…” ” Seizure are you kidding me I don’t have anything wrong with me”  Why am I having surgery again and no one could hear me, I could not get my words to come out to ask all my millions of questions.

Well today is one month since the surgery to have the tumor removed. I have asked my millions of questions and more and I have decided that I don’t like the freakin answers. I know that I am absolutely in the best place to be treated for cancer but I have also found out that there is no cure for Stage 4 metastasized melanoma. I am scared to death. Everyone has told me ” You can beat this Carole, You are soooo strong, You can do this” I feel like that is so easy for everyone to say. The doctors have been doing this a long long time and they told me yesterday that I only have about a 10% chance of living another 5 years.  I have it in my mind that I will win, I will beat this. But as God knows I am scared real real scared. But I WILL BEAT THIS CANCER.

I want to thank all of you that made the donations to me by purchasing my Moms patterns a couple of weeks ago. This has been very financially draining driving back and forth and paying for all the parking fees, Right after moving a few states…UGGG. I was able to fill up the van and pay a couple of parking fees for the doctor visits.

Sitting here hoping it was a bad dream,

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Good morning everyone. Thanks for the prayers, Chloe and Tiffani are getting ready for school. Dakota is cuddling with mom in bed. Joshua called last night just to say hi to mom. That made Carole happy, Her and I had three moments we started to fight over little stuff, We ended up just hugging and crying. We have been though a lot in our lives, This might be the hardest. But we will beat this thing. Thank you all for the support. Will talk more later

at a loss for words??

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I have been trying to figure out how to put into words the news that Carole called me with today… I can’t .. I get mad, I get sad, I punch a wall .. ok too old to do that very often so will leave that to the men.  Slap the counter, cat will probably not jump up there agian, at least not if he see’s I am upset.  Yelled at Tim .. sure and glad he loves me.  Yelled at God .. ok really glad he loves me too because I wasn’t very nice about it:(    I just want to shout at the top of my lungs “IT’S NOT RIGHT!”  wait let me rephrase that .. I DID shout at the top of my lungs …. she has 4 kids living at home (Dakota will be 5 next week, Tiffani is 12, Chloe 14 and Joshua 17)  .. she is the best mother I know, she does absolutely everything in her life for her kids, she always has .. even what she is about to go through with the chemical therapy .. tis not for her .. is for the kids.

Carole is so scared … and no matter how old she is, I want to hold her and I am too far away to do that.

From here on out on this blog you may cry with us, you may laugh with us, chuckle, giggle and sigh .. but one thing is certain .. we will keep up this blog so you will be able to stay in touch with Carole through her fight.  She (and her family) need all the prayers they can get .. this is very draining, both of the body and the pocket book as you can well imagine.

Several things came out of today’s appointment .. Carole or Jimmie can post the details when either of them feel up to it. But I can tell you that what we prayed for .. a clinical trial, will not happen.  Because 2 tumors have already metastasized in her brain then she doesn’t qualify for a trial.  So they will be starting a 4 to 5 drug treatment this week.  I say 4 or 5 drug because Carole was diagnosed with Celiac disease earlier this year so the doctors have to find out if one of the drugs will do more harm than good .. time will tell. There will be 4 treatments to start … 7 days of the treatment and then 3 weeks off, 4 times .. then a head to toe CT (pooh! she may have said MRI now I am no sure)   Carole and Jimmie were also told today that it has absolutely ran through her lymph nodes … it could not be in her liver, her lungs or her blood without hitting the lymph nodes too.   Just none of them are enlarged right now  ..

May is National Melanoma Awareness month .. if you have a site you are not sure about .. have a scaly spot in your hair that now and then bleeds, or maybe gets scaly or flaky .. so something about it!!  There are many many free clinic going on all over the USA for Melanoma Awareness .. find one even if you have to drive an hour or two, because you just never know ..

Say this with me    STAGE   FOUR   METASTASIZED    MELANOMA   .. we all know that Cancer is a dirty ugly scary word .. say it!  Cancer … it is a freaken’ scary ugly word!     Now say this .. Yes Carole for you, for my kids, for myself   I will go get checked out!   please!!

This is the site on Carole that caused the brain cancer, the liver cancer, the lung cancer

cancer in the blood .. this little tiny spot on her head.  It is 100% confirmed

Another appointment for Carole today ..

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Today is Carole’s appointment with MD Anderson in Houston.  I am trying to wait patiently but as I just told Jimmie I am failing miserably.  So I sit here trying to finish up one of my late projects and even though I know I haven’ t missed their phone call I keep picking up the phone and checking …

Either I, or Jimmie or Carole will update later … I gave Jimmie and Carole both author privileges so they can posting anything that they want to update about.  ok back to waiting for me.

A note from Jimmie …

Jimmie said,

May 9, 2010 @ 8:25 pm · Edit

I have a update….
Carole did the gamma knife last week it all went good. Now its mothers day and she is feeling better. We ( kids and I ) took her out to dinner. She is in good spirits right now. We will not know anything for 3 months on the gamma knife if it helped or not. On the 13 we go to MD Anderson in Houston to talk with them about a treatment plan. They thank it started on a mole on the side of her head. Please people if you are not sure what skin cancer looks like please find out, and go for screenings even you guys. I will update later

***note from administrator .. this comment was left under “Carole’s fight .. the beginning”  I left it there but also put it here so you can be sure and see Jimmie’s or Carole’s note from them ***

Another surgery for Carole

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If you are new to reading Carole’s fight then please scroll down and start with “Carole’s fight .. the beginning”


I realized a few days ago that so many people think “Oh skin cancer then she will be alright’  .. not so much:(    Melanoma is a skin cancer .. but is not just skin cancer and now is Stage 4 Metastatic MelanomaMay is Melanoma Awareness month

The doctors found another tumor .. this one is much smaller and in the back left region of her brain.  It was in the Alphabet/math region and a lot small (around 3 mm) so they decided to use Gamma Knife Radiation.  On May the 5th Carole had the procedure.  We had all thought it would be fairly ‘simple’  .. not so much:(  The thing that they used to stablize her head actually had to be screwed in through her skin to be tight against the skull.  4 screws:(    2 on her forehead to the side of hers eyes and 2 on the back of her head ..

Before Carole had this new surgery she was down to 2 pain pills a day .. one to get her through the day and 1 to get her through the night.  She is now back up to 2 every 3 hours:(   The pain from where the screws went through her skin is one pain and the pressure from the head brace is another:(   The doctor radiated the new tumor and also the bed from where the first much larger tumor was removed earlier.

We also found out that the cancer is in Carole’s blood stream but so far not in her lymph nodes .. if you can smile about one thing in all of this .. right now, right this minute .. we are SO happy that her lymph nodes have no been affected.

We still do not know if there will be a clinical trial for Carole ..

Carole also had her dermatologist appointment this last week .. they found 2 more spots, one on her leg and one on her back.  But they are 95% sure that the spreading of the cancer on the inside of her body came from the Melanoma mole on her head … they will find out this week if this is the case.

I will update as we learn more .. thank you all for your prayers and concern for Carole, Jimmie and the kids

Carole’s fight … the beginning

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PLEASE NOTE … For those have read this posting on the 29th and 30th what you read is at the bottom of this posting .. I am updating the whole thing from the start of April 7th 2010 to the finish of this posted blog on the 29th ,with dates inserted for family and friends.

APRIL 7th Wednesday 2010 .. Carole, Jimmie and the kids left here at 5 am on Wednesday the 7th on their move back to Texas. I talked to them several times on the move and was really happy for them being able to get back to Jimmies family .. they had only moved here to get back on their feet after being hit so hard by hurricane Ike. Carole was driving their van with 2 of the kids and the animals (Charlie the ferret, Nessie and Dorothy the cats) … Jimmie was driving the rental truck with the other 2 kids.    They lived here for a year, a month and 1 day:) The minute they left the house was so so empty .. no really!! it’s empty! :0 lol

APRIL 9th 2010 … They received word on the trip that Jimmies brother had a heart attack so the kids headed into Houston to see them before heading to Shepherd. They arrived at their new home on Friday and had everything unpacked and the truck back to the rental place Saturday afternoon. They were so so happy .. the house was so big and each grandchild had a room of their own!

APRIL 11th 2010 .. I talked to Carole and texted the grand kids several times over the weekend .. turns out the girls ended up having to share a room for a few days as Tiffani’s room didn’t have any carpet in it! (it does now though:0

APRIL the 12th Monday 2010 … Carole and I talked and texted many times .. She had enrolled the girls in school and took
Dakota to the doctor .. poor guy had an ear infection in each ear. She picked up his meds and went back home.

April the 13th 2010 at 12:15am Tim’s cell phone rang (we were in bed) he couldn’t get it answered in time but said it was from Carole. I got up and went and got my cell phone .. 2 missed calls from Jimmie (Carole’s husband) .. I called Carole’s number and Jimmie answered the phone, he was crying and hard to understand. “Ok first she is ok but she is in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. It took a couple of times for me to understand that it was Carole and that she had had a seizure. Jimmie heard a strange noise and went looking for what it was and found her laying on the dinning room floor (no furniture in the room yet thank goodness!) He yelled for Chloe (14) to call 911 … they had only been there 3 days and she didn’t even know the address yet:( She was able to give them landmarks and tell them where they lived though:) Jimmie’s sister in law came down (they live down the street) and helped until the EMT’s arrived.

She was taken to Cleveland Hospital and had another seizure while there .. they started her on anti Seizure meds and ran a CT.  While they were there and Jimmie was phoning me all the time with what was happening Tim and I were researching what could cause seizures out of the blue.  We found a lot .. the worst being a brain tumor.  Not even in our wildest nightmares did we think that that would be the cause.

Around 3am Jimmie called and said that they found what they thought was a tumor on the CT scan in the right front lobe of her brain and they were going to transfer her to Memorial Hermann in Houston.   They arrived there about 5:30 am …

Tim and I laid back down and tried to rest .. it didn’t go very well so we gave up and started the day.  I talked to Carole a few times .. she remembered nothing about moving, the trip, didn’t know where she was and couldn’t figure out why they were in Texas when she was told, enrolling the girls, the doctor visit for Dakota .. nothing of the day:(  But she did know all the kids names and knew who Jimmie was.

Early Tuesday Afternoon .. An MRI was done in Houston and it was decided that the tumor had to come out so surgery was scheduled for early Wednesday morning.  The tumor was a little larger than a large purple grape.  Everyone helped in getting me an emergency flight out to be there.  I left here at 6am and touched down a little after 7am (time change and all that)  A friend of the kids picked me up at the airport and took me to the hospital .. I didn’t make it in time to see her before surgery but she did know I was on the way.

NOTE .. I found out after arriving that Jimmie had thought that everyone but him and Joshua had gone to bed.  Their house is set up so one TV is on one side of a wall in the family room and another one is set up on the other side in the living room.  Jimmie was playing Joshua on an xbox game .. one of them in each room.  When Jimmie heard the strange sound he called out and thought it was Joshua who of course didn’t answer because Joshua is deaf .. at the same time his character from the game also went across the TV screen.  That is when Jimmie got up and went to the dinning room (he was actually heading to the kitchen) when he found Carole.  It turns out that when Carole took Dakota to bed that Chloe had ask mom to wash a special pair of pants for her for school the next day .. being the mom that she is that is what she was doing .. she had just taken the laundry to the washer and came back through the door into the dinning room.  Her computer was there on the buffet and she was checking the Chloe’s myspace account to make sure all was still on the up and up (that is the deal .. mom and dad can check it at any time:)  After talking to Carole she remembers doing that and then the next thing she remembers is the hospital.   There new house is really large .. if Carole had not done the clothes that night then she would have been in the back bedroom when she had her seizure and not been found for hours:(   Chloe has received many many hugs and tears since that day .. those pants saved momma’s life.

by the way .. these are the pants that Miss Chloe needed washed ‘that’ night!

April 14th 2010 … Carole came out of surgery and was in recovery and started yelling for Jimmie and the kids .. just out of brain surgery and she was throwing a fit (their words not mine) for her husband and family.  We were all in the waiting room and a nurse ask for the Mott family and led Jimmie back to recovery .. he was able to calm her down and then he was ask to leave.  She ask Jimmie at that time if it was cancer .. he told her he didn’t know .. although we already did:(     I guess they never let people back there but they couldn’t calm her down at all .. she does love her family of that there is never ever a doubt!

We all moved to NSNCIU and waited to be called back.   Jimmie and I went back first.  This is really hard for me .. Carole is 36 years old but when she is hurting she is just a little child in my eyes and I want to protect her .. in this case there was nothing I could do except tell her I love her and that we are there for her.  She said several times that her head hurt (the nurse was in the process of getting meds ready) and ask again if it was cancer .. this time we told her what we knew.  Yes it was cancer but Dr. Kim felt that he got it all.  That it was the type of cancer that has spread from somewhere else in the body and they would have to find out where from.

Through the day the family, 2 at a time took turns seeing Carole and sitting with her .. when it was time for the family to go (they had all been there for well over 12 hours) They headed back to Shepherd and I stayed with Carole .. mostly I just watched her sleep and answered all her questions each time she woke up and ask for her meds for her .. she was in so much pain:(

APRIL 15th 2010 … Carole was moved to the stroke/cancer ward of the hospital in the afternoon.  I was with her 24 hours a day unless another family member was there or I had to take a walk after she received her heavy pain meds.  She was on some really heavy pain shots so we all answered her questions several times .. it was so hard to say it again and again but we knew we had to keep doing this.

We were told that they would be doing another CT and an MRI to find the rest of the cancer.   Several doctors came in during different shifts and tested Carole on different things (she still remembers none of this) and let me tell you that she is so smart! even with part of her brain missing!

Afternoon and early evening .. The second set of CT’s and MRI’s were ran of Carole head and torso.  this is also when I got lost in the hospital.  I went with her to the MRI and the tech told me where the waiting room was .. I couldn’t find it:(  I walked and walked (it’s a big huge hospital) then started following the signs for MRI but they were the out patient signs and not the back way signs that the techs take .. a janitor found me and helped me get to the right area (tears and all) and let the CT tech know where I was .. he came and got me and took me to Carole.

APRIL 16th 2010 …  Carole was feeling a little better today so I was able to get her up and let her change gowns, I changed her bedding, she brushed her teeth.  After all this she was really tired and rested until family can in.

afternoon .. Dr. Khan (head of oncology) came in with the scan reports.  They found several spots on her lungs and 2 on her liver .. at this time they are not sure if the spots on her lungs were from the cancer.  (they know now .. the 29th .. they are) …

April 17th 2010 .. Carole is released to go home.  She is still tired and hurts a lot but she is able to go home as long as someone is with her all the time as there is still a chance of more seizures.  At home things are calm and she rests a lot.  Jimmie is doing a great job of having her medication set up on a doable schedule and the kids know that mom will need lots of help with the house.  On Sunday the 18th I decided that I really wasn’t needed to help as they had it all under control .. so I came back to Georgia on my scheduled day of Tuesday.


NO more news between the 20th and the 27th .. really we were all just waiting to see what the meeting would bring and reading … tis not good reading:(  and then after finding out what all it is .. tis really not good to read:(

APRIL 29th 2010
I know that the lists would probably not say anything about this OT subject but I don’t really want to make anyone feel bad about telling me to stop or not .. Ya know! :)

So here goes … Carole had her big appointment with the Doctors (round table style) on Tuesday the 27th of April .. The kids and Jimmie were there also  .. Carole has Stage 4 Metastasized Melanoma.  They think all of this is from a place (mole) on her head that was uncovered when they shaved her for surgery.  They (her amazing team of doctors as she likes to call them) are sending her to a dermatologist to check every inch of her body to make sure she has no other sites too.  Carole was never ever a sun worshiper and she has always made sure that the kids wear sunscreen when they are out … Yet there it is:(

The 7 spots on her lungs are from the melanoma spreading.  The 2 spots on her liver (I think I had told Angie Kidney when I first told her .. Please forgive as the mind was a little muddled at the time) are also from the melanoma .. All of these stem from the main site.   The doctors told her that she probably has more area’s but since these are the ones showing up on CT’s and MRI’s these are the ones that they are going to attack and any other areas may or may not show up later.  They all know that once you are in this stage it is very hard to be ‘cured’ as they tend to come back again and again and show up in new areas.

Before starting anything to attack what they do know about in her body they have to take care of another spot in her brain that the radiologist found while going over her scans:(   She will under go Gamma Knife Radiation at 5:30 am next Wednesday.
I will tell you that Carole is in good spirits as long as she doesn’t read anything .. Reading is not good.  Once the doctors know that they have everything out of her brain (this one is in the back left portion) then they will try and find her a clinical trial for the rest of what she has .. But if they can’t find one that is in stage 3 of stage 4 Metastasized Melanoma studies then they do not want her to waste her time or life trying them!  They will then start a chemotherapy .. Right now they are talking interleikin2 with interferon.

This is all so very scary:(  It is a fine line we all walk to let Carole know that we stand beside her and love her and yet to understand how very bad this is:(   She worries about the kids the most of course .. Right now she is staying positive and letting Jimmie remember all that has to be done and all of her meds/appointments/house/kids .. He really is doing an amazing job of taking care of her and the kids.  One of these days I will put to paper all the things that came together to have Carole in the right place at the right time …

Hugs to you all .. This was a reminder that our world around us can change in a heartbeat .. Hug someone you love

The little Princess is finished:)

In few months there will be a special charity auction .. many have made things to donate .. and this is one of mine:)

This is Princess .. a little Havanese dog.

Princess is hanging out with Benny a needle felted raccoon until she leaves for the auction:)