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Have time to sit.

I dont know what to say. Carole I love you, I have felt pain before but never like this. Its only been 4 days, Im at a loss for words. Carole and I do want to thank everyone for the support. The kids and I went to Dakota game last night, He struck out the […]

Hardest post I have ever written ..

We lost Carole, Our beautiful daughter, wife, mother, momma Carole to so many kids in California, Nevada, Georgia, and Texas, sister, and sister in law, aunt, cousin, niece and last but not least, grandmother .. oh yes she was a grandmother and got to hold and play with the kids a few months ago when […]

Phone calls have been made ..

I needed to call family before this post could be written .. I feel I need to post because one of these days someone is going to run into this page .. they will be scared either for themselves or for someone they love, they will type Metastasized Melanoma into a search because they heard […]

2 more days and Carole and I have been married for 15 years

What can I say. It has had its up and downs. We have had our good days and bad ones too. We have cried happy tears and sad tears and just because ones too. Most people know how we got together but for the ones who dont know I will sum it up. The very […]

Just thinking ..

I am home again in Georgia.  I had told the kids (Carole and Jimmie) that I could stay longer if they need me to but they both felt that they really needed to have time to really talk to the kids … the worst news ever came right after I got there and they really […]

This is from the web at

It is the blackest day of your life. The doctor has told the two of you, sitting together in the office holding hands that your spouse is going to die. There are treatments available to ease the pain and suffering, maybe even lengthen their lifespan, but ultimately you need to set your affairs in order […]


Im so mad right now, I dont know what to do for her. I want to give her the world before its to late. I want the tumors to go away. I want to Stand on the tallest building and tell the world I love her and will not let her leave us. Chloe and […]

A Wife, Mother, Friend and Fighter….

Carole you are the best at everything. You make our family everything it is. It has been over a year and you are still fighting ever day for one more day. This past weekend we made sure our family will be together forever. Im scared and you know it, I could never be as strong […]

1 year today ..

I have wanted to post for a little while now but the words are so hard to come by. But today I must, today the words are easy .. I can say this .. 1 YEAR ago Carole had her brain surgery, 1 year ago I watched her laying in that bed, we all watched […]

Cancer sucks, and lies

Carole had her scans done yesterday They are not good at all. The tumors are back in her brain and 1 of them is bleeding. The Dr says we have 2 choices, 1) Enjoy the last few months of your life comfortably. or 2) See if they will do gamma knife on 2 of the […]

Getting ready to go ..

Hi all .. I am packing and getting a few things ready to take with me when I go back to Texas.  Sorry about not posting much .. but I guess this falls under the “No news is good news” category .. although there really isn’t any good news:( Carole’s right arm has a pretty […]

It’s Official .. she is SUPER MOM …

Figured it was about time for an update .. received a call from the kids (to me the kids are Jimmie and Carole ya’ll:) yesterday with some news .. talked to them again today for a bit.  Carole told me that she did laundry today, even folded all the towels (and honey I have done […]

A daughters love ..

Miss Tiffani Jo .. Carole’s youngest daughter sent me a little something tonight .. she ask me to please put it here on the website .. Tiffani you did a beautiful job .. an absolutely beautiful job .. A Mother Fighting Cancer By Tiffani Mott Please click the above link to see the Video that […]

The anger spills out …

the phone just rang .. it was Jimmie telling me that the cops showed up to make sure there was no trouble while ‘they’ were trying to get Carole’s IV in for her chemo. I guess I should go into that first eh?  Yes carole is on ChemoTherepy again .. starting this evening .. I […]

Last time I talked to Carole …

I know all of you are worried and we haven’t posted for a few days.  I talked to Carole Thursday evening .. she is still in a lot (LOT!!!) of pain from the surgery to remove the tumor.  Jimmie made a few phone calls and was able to get her into a pain management doctor […]

It has been a few days

Things have been good. Her arm hurts, and she cant use it yet. We all have got out and did some things. We are waiting to hear from the dr about the treatment. I will keep you all up to date. If you have facebook Carole is!/profile.php?id=1216517510 I hope this works if not look […]

2 words say it all …

Most of you know that Miss Chloe is Carole and Jimmie’s oldest daughter.  They were all going some place a while back and Chloe sent me a picture of her and her pin .. I texted back .. ‘honey you said a mouth full” The next picture I received was this one … kind of […]

Carole is out of Surgery

This is the post that was texted to me by Jimmie .. he ask me to update you all … Dr. just talked to me and said everything went good, they got the whole thing out.  It was pushing on the nerves and she should be able to pick up Dakota soon .. I will […]

Carole is in Surgery.

Just had a update from a nurse. All is good so far. They are removing the tumor and nodes under the arm only. I will update when I know more. Jimmie

Good news bad news

That is how the Dr came in the room, They tell us good news first. MRI of the brain Impression 1. Continued decrease in multiple intracranial metastases. 2 No new lesions. …. In English Tumors in the brain are getting smaller, and no new ones. VERY HAPPY. Bad news. CT Chest Impressions: Bilateral pulmonary nodules […]

MD has done it again……..

Most the day Anderson has us there from 3 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday, Then from 730am to 4 pm on Thursday. Why Cant it be one day for the test? Carole has MRI’s, blood work and a meeting with the surgery team tomorrow. Then on Thursday she has a CT and X-rays, Then […]

Not really an update ..

But since I have had a few phone calls and several emails lately I thought I would post.  I talked to Carole on Thursday evening.  She is in a lot of pain because of the tumor in her arm .. they are still waiting for a consultation with a surgeon to see when something can […]

Happy 2011

2010 went by so fast, seems like days ago we were still in Brunswick. I know 2011 will bring miracles. Our family wishes you and yours a happy new Year. God bless. Jimmie

Happy New Year ..

I wanted to take the time to wish all of our family and our friends a Happy New Year.  You all have done so much in the last few months, the cards, the prayers, the good thoughts and the well wishes for Carole and the family.  Thank you .. we hope you have a safe, […]

Worry worry worry

Faith faith faith is what we should all have. Carole is still sleeping most the day, But when she is awake she is doing more. She tried to make the dinner tonight, She got tired fast. She wanted to make Dakota his favorite. Cheesy goodness. Well just say Joshua got the first 4. He likes […]

The day is done

Well I just want to start by saying OMG I never knew how much went in to making Christmas dinner, I have always helped Carole with a few things before but today was all me and I must say Im tired. Carole slept most the day in the recliner. We all sat at the dinner […]

Merry Christmas everyone…

Good morning everyone. The big day is here, Im so grateful.  I hope to have pictures and maybe a video up soon. I hope everyone has a blessed day. Merry X-Mas.

We might get out of the house…..

Carole is going to try and get a little shopping done. She did eat and keep down dinner tonight. She is asleep right now.

Carole is home .. again ..

I should have posted this earlier today but am glad now that I waited as I actually got to talk to Carole for a bit tonight. She was released last night to go home .. so home they went.  I am not sure of all the details but I know that at midnight last night […]

Carole in hospitial again ..

This was added on the morning of the 18th to this posting and the ‘subject’ line changed .. I have been trying to get this template for the notifications set up when I received a text from Jimmie. He has taken Carole to the Cleveland ER .  She has been home a week (after being […]

Doctor called

The lumbar puncture results are back and they are normal. Carole is still in pain, She stays in bed most the day. She was able to stay up for a hour tonight and spend time with the kids. She told me she want to go to the store and go X-mas shopping, I guess we […]

Dont know

I dont know when she is going to be better. She is just sleeping all day every day. She gets up to get sick and take her pain pills then she goes back to sleep. I know she is not drinking enough water. I want the doctors to find out why. I feel helpless. I […]

She is Home

I picked up Carole at 6:30 tonight. She got home and went straight to bed. Man it feels like home. Im tired but cant sleep. I have checked on her just as har and I did when we brought one of the kids home for the first time. Im so scared.  I know so many […]

Carole is still in Hospital

Its been busy. Carole is still in the hospital. They dont know why she has a headache all the time. They are doing a lumber puncture at 1 tomorrow. They have her on pain med she is in and out of it. We did not go see her today. I miss her so much, This […]

Update of scans ..

and a little more too.   First off, Carole is in the hospital for a few days.  I do not know for how long.  Jimmie said 2 or 3 days .. they are trying to keep her from getting pneumonia as she has been very very sick.  She also has an infection some where that they […]

“Thanks”giving …

I thought about whether to write or not and decided to .. so here goes. Today is Thanksgiving (at least for a few more minutes) and Tim and I spent it alone, but we were very Thankful that we both got to talk to or text our children and our fathers .. both of our […]

Mom is Home

Mom is at home now. It was nice to have her help so much thank you. We are all doing good. I will write more later.

I wrote this for my wife.

What is Love Love is that sparkle in someones eyes when you first meet . Love is meeting that someone at a party and staying up all night talking Love is calling that person the next day and saying how fun it was. Love is letting the other person tell you they are in love […]

My house is full of sick people

Everyone in the house is sick.  Chloe and Tiffani have strep and I think Dakota, Carole and I have it also.   All we can do today is stay at home and watch football.  Poor poor me.  Carole goes back to Hot Springs on Thursday for her final treatment of the IPI.   Then in the next […]

Well Hello everyone it’s been a while….

It is 10/31 at 11:50 pm.   Everyone is asleep we all had a great time.  Carole ,  Sherrie and I took the kids out for some trick or treating.  We all walked a lot and got scared a lot.   I need everyone to understand this fight is as hard as it gets, I would never […]


Well today Carole and Mom went to Houston to do the tests. I stayed home and made dinner cleaned the house, O and played the game for a bit….. I must say Carole and I did not know about the kids skating in the house. Looks like we might have to have the kids watch […]

It’s been a while heh?

I have to say that I am really really sorry for not updating sooner.  All I can say is cable here is bad .. really really bad!  and since I have to update ONline then it just didn’t happen.  I have been in Texas since the 29th .. you read where the kids (as in […]

On way home

We are heading home in a few. Carole is sick this time. Its going to be a long ride for her. Will have mom give updates. Thanks Jimmie

In Hot Springs

Carole is getting her treatment of the IPI. We are staying the night just the 2 of us…. Hope she does not get sick from treatment. On Monday she starts whole brain radiation. Her eyes are starting to bug her. The Dr said the new tumors are in that part of the brain. I will […]

BTHO Melanoma Fundraiser SUNDAY!

Hi everyone .. I know that I haven’t been on much lately but unless you want to hear about how great Dakota is doing in school, and boyfriend troubles or lack of troubles (the grand kids not ME! .. geez! or how Joshua is doing in football this year (by the way he is in […]

I have put this off for a few hours ..

But now I must post because I know many many friends and family are waiting to know something. Before Carole went to the new trial in Arkansas she had to have current baseline scans for the Genesis Cancer Center.  Carole and Jimmie received the findings yesterday.  Comparing the scans to the last scans in July […]

Happy Birthday Carole …

I wish I were there to give you a big hug .. Happy Birthday Carole. I love you very very much

Well the day is done ..

and I am  .. well heck last just start at the beginning of the day First off breakfast .. you know what ‘they’ say .. the most important meal of the day:) So bright and early this morning … I can see that it looks like mommy and Dakota ate .. looks like Tiffani is […]

Good morning everyone….

Well its 12:50 am, We are in the room, Chloe, Tiffani are sleeping. Dakota is getting there. Carole is nervous  and i am writing you all. Say a  prayer and have faith this will work. We got here with everyone’s help so it has to be the right choice. I will post to you all […]

Busy, Busy ..

Hi all .. I can tell from my inbox that a post is needed again.  Today is Carole’s third day of going to MD Anderson for tests that will be sent to Arkansas for the trial that she has been excepted in. They will be leaving this evening and the trial will begin early Friday […]

Thank you ..

I just felt the need to send a little Thank you to family far and near, old friends, new friends here and there .. A Thank you for always being there when we feel the need to cry, vent, stand up and shout, sit down and pout, and when we need to laugh and feel […]

Its 10:40 pm.

Carole and the kids are in bed. Little Dakota was very tired. I guess going to to school full time makes you a little tired. Carole is ok for the most part, She is great to the kids. She just keeps it all inside when they are around, I dont know how but she is […]

Dakota started school today….

It was Dakota’s first day of school today. Carole and I took him to school and he stayed all day without a tear. He came home and said he liked it. He loves his teacher, and the toys, He played outside on the slide. He ate lunch and took a little nap. He was so […]

Sometimes you just have to laugh ..

and laugh and laugh.  I forgot about this until I downloaded my pictures from the camera just now. Here dad .. I can do that for you! No really dad .. it’s looking good! ok just let me take off a little more in this side and  now to clean up behind the ears .. […]

Ok time to hear from Carole and I

First off I need to say My 1st baby Ashley is here with her soon to be husband and there 2 children. Ashley told us she is pregnant. So So happy All hoping for a girl, except daddy he wants a boy. We will all be happy with what comes out. Ashley and Anthony might […]

I told you …

That there may be times when you laugh with us and times when you cry …. I cried the whole time I wrote this.  If memories make your heart smile then why on earth do the tears roll? I changed the photo’s today for the slide show .. most of the photo’s I took myself […]

No news .. well a little

ok .. mailbox is full of “whats happening” (s) so I thought I better jump in and write a little:)  Still no word on what is going to happen in Arkansas .. waiting for paper work and such.  I can tell you from first hand experience that Carole is doing great.  Guess what .. the […]

Its been a few days

I guess i should let everyone know Carole is doing good right now. The Dr is stopping chemo, It is not working. We have found a Clinical trial drug called Ipilimumab. It is in Hot springs Arkansas. We are hoping this works. She will get one dose every 3 weeks. The sponsor is Bristol-Myers Squibb […]

Yep am in Texas …

just letting friends and family know that we made it to Texas .. Tim and left Brunswick at 10:30pm Wednesday night .. pretty sad because we started to leave sooooooooooooooo much earlier!  anyway we finally got out of town and made it to Shepherd about 4pm Friday.   BUT you know what is really wrong with […]

We all had a great day.

We all went to the Temple today. It was the most amazing thing. We all felt the spirit so strong today. Carole and I will be sealed together with our children very soon. My daughter Jan-Nell from New York is coming down to stay for a little while. Joshua is going to see his dad […]

Getting all ready :)

Hey all .. just posting  a short one to let you all know that this is a good week … Carole gets one a month and it is always the week before she goes back in the hospital .. so they are busy doing family things, and living life with smiles. I am getting ready […]

Carole got a little independence

Just got off the phone with Carole. Her and I are so mad right now, We don’t understand all of this and are both tired as hell. Not knowing is a battle in it self. Then finding out some things start more battles. When can she move forward. They still need to do a lumber […]

Been a few days …

‘and’ in this case well no news is just that, no news.  With the holiday they postponed the spinal tap until this week.  Might be today, might be tomorrow … oh who knows you know how hospitals are. I talked to Carole and Jimmie both this past weekend.  Will let Jimmie post later (hmmmm wonder […]

July 1st

Ok Carole is doing better right now, She has been sitting up the whole time the kids and I were with her today. Her head is not hurting right now due to a different drug they gave her. She did her MRI but it will not get read tell in the morning. Then we should […]

Sometimes …

that old saying of “no news, is good news” is not always true. I am going to start this and then let Jimmie post or add to it anything that may be different or to expand on it. Jimmie took Carole to MD Anderson again yesterday (Tuesday) morning for another blood transfusion.  This time Dakota […]

Its Sunday Night

If Today Was Your Last Day Ok Monday morning. Cant sleep, Last night Carole had to have a blood and platelets transfusion.   It took 13 hours. So Carole and I came home and slept tell 2pm. Thank you kids for taking care of each other. We needed it. She is doing fine now. She […]

1st night Home

Well Carole, Dakota and I got home last night around 8. We sat and talked for a few min then Carole went to lay down we started her IV and she was out. She got up a few times to use the restroom. She is still asleep right now will check on her in a […]

Carole sounds great …

Today:)  Even though this round of BioChemotherapy hit Carole harder and faster this time around .. she really does sound great today .. AND she would also like to show you that she looks wonderful too .. a little (ok lot!) swollen .. but wonderful none the less First ya have to know that Carole […]

Treatment 2 day 3

Ok Carole has started feeling the effects of chemo, She is sick. I picked up Chloe and left Tiffani. So Tonight it is Joshua, Chloe, Dakota and myself at home. We will go back in the morning. Im just so glad it is summer time so Carole is not alone. At this point she is […]

Carole is in her 2nd treatment

Dakota and I just got home. Chloe, Tiffani and Joshua greeted us with pizza and bread sticks (Mealinda brought over to the house). Wendy is home in AZ right now, She left yesterday from the hospital. Anyways about Carole When we saw her Dr yesterday he informed us that 4 more spots are on the […]

Carole is not in treatment …

Carole, Jimmie and the kids (except Joshua) spent most of the day at MD Anderson.   You all read that an MRI was done yesterday.  This is done before treatment and then at the end of each treatment.  This way they have a ‘map’ of the brain to keep up with what is going on. Since […]

Round 2

Well yesterday we went to MD Anderson, Carole had her MRI done and blood work. Today at 830 am she has a line put in and at 330 we see the Dr. We pray that the last treatment worked. She will be in the hospital for a week with round 2. Carole and I took […]


Posted by Carole Well Miss Wendy has been in Texas for 48 hours and had a run in with “THE LAW” . My daughter Tiffani who is 12 had a run in with another little 12 year old and Aunt Wendy tried to solve the problem with the 20 year old older sister and the […]

Aunt Wendy’s visit …

Wendy (Carole’s little sister) is visiting for a little while.  Yesterday was good I hear:) A day for the kids and Aunt Wendy playing with makeup and dress up :)  you are never too old for that. Miss Chloe sent me this picture last night while they were all making Wendy’s world famous taco’s .. […]

Sister is in Texas ..

I thought I would let everyone know that Miss Wendy May Day is in Texas with Carole and family for about a week .. a little longer I think.  maybe if I wish really hard and send out a cuddle ‘bear’ hug we can get a group photo of everyone for you:)

Please remember the ABC’s of Melanoma Skin Cancer

I was thinking tonight…..WOW I know thinking that one is a biggy right now I know but in any case. I thought it was important to go over the basics with y’all again and show you the pic of the mole that started this big mess one more time. Asymmetry Unequal or asymmetric moles are […]


Hmm N-laws coming , Im so happy when I say N-laws. We lived with mom and Tim for a year they know how the kids are and know how Carole and I want them raised. They support us in every way when it comes to the kids. I am doing good right now, Its been […]

New slideshow ..

I have changed the photo’s out in the slide show so be sure to hit refresh when you visit the site .. if you see the yellow & black  ‘fight for my life’ banner in the slide show then you are up to date for now.

Getting ready …

Here it’s 12:34 in the morning as I start writing this.  The family is getting ready in many different homes. Carole’s home is getting ready for momma to go back into the hospital for her second round of Bio-chemotherapy.  It’s sad that she is feeling better in some area’s, not so great in others:( and […]

Just can’t sleep

Its 130 am and I can not sleep. Every time I close my eyes I thank something is wrong, My mind just wont stop working.  Is she ok, whats going to happen next,  I have been praying or talking to god I know he is listening. The Bishop from the church came by today. All […]

A good day for Carole

You know how way back in March I found this house.  Well Carole had ask me several times if it had a dishwasher (4 kids you generate a lot of dishes all day long)  I teased her “Yep as soon as you get there”  we all laughed about it for a couple of weeks .. You […]


Well today was a little better I guess. Carole was asleep most the day except for the 15000 times she says she got up to get sick. It was only like 14999 I told her. Slowly she is getting back to herself. I tried to catch up on some things around the house and outside. […]

Dr wants to see Carole

3pm eastern time Jimmie called a little while ago .. they are on their way to MD Anderson . Carole’s doctor wants to see her.  They think there may be something wrong with her kidneys .. we are not sure and neither are they until he see’s Carole .. it may be several hours before […]

Carole is home from ER

I thought I would post this so that those who read daily will know that Carole is home from the hospital again.  I do not know all of the details so will let Jimmie update later when he has a chance, but wanted you to know that she is home again

At ER with Carole

They are doing a CT to check for swelling in the brain will let everone no in a while what’s up

A little update.

Carole is asleep, She is very tired. Im trying to get her to drink some fluids she is very Nausea and has a headache. All this is what is expected after therapy. She does stay awake a little more each time she wakes up. Will update more in a while, I turned her phone off […]

We are at home

We made it home lastnight around 9 pm, The girls were sitting up waiting. As we pulled up they ran out of the house to mom and gave her a great big hug. At that moment, I thought we have to beat this they need mom, I have taken care of them for the past […]

I thought I was tough …

Jimmie mentioned below about being tough … This is a video that we all watch or listen to all the time now.   Carole is tough … watch and listen I thought I was tough by Craig Morgan there will a little commercial first and then the video

Just a little note to say how things are right now……

Carole . is in great hands the Nurses and NAs are the best I have ever seen, And yes I have seen a few. They are treating Carole great, Doing what ever is possible to help her. Some things are only a smile and a it will be ok but they are doing great. Carole […]

Day 3 .. tis no fun

posted by Sherrie Jo I didn’t write with an update on day 2 of Carole’s Bio-chemotherapy because it was just too hard .. today too for that matter.  But I had several emails in my inbox asking how Carole was doing … so here I am. She is sick .. the drugs are making her […]

Day 1 .. Bio Chemotherapy

I talked to Carole for along time tonight.  She was waiting for her anti seizure meds (has to take them for the next 5 months {now}). Have we said? .. have your read? .. have you checked into how important it is to get spots checked out?? Carole was pretty sick most of the day […]

Carole is in her room ..

It was late tonight when Jimmie called and said they were done and that him, Dakota and Carole were going to go eat and then finish with admissions.  Carole was really really sore:(  first the portacath being put in and all it entails and then the stress test. She had to do the stress test […]

Carole being admitted today ..

Posted by Sherrie Jo It’s Thursday the 20th .. Carole has been to so many appointments everyday for the last 2 weeks .. Except the 18th .. Carole will be having a port-a-cath put in.   Carole has tiny veins that roll .. so hard to find:(  She was SOOOOOOO bruised up when she can home […]

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. This is just a little update on the family. Today was Dakota’s birthday, We had a little family get together. We all had a good time. I will try and update more then I have been. Well lots of thanks and Love. Jimmie

Prayers & thoughts for Carole

Posted by Sherrie Jo Please place your prayers and thoughts here for Carole .. she starts the Chemical Therapy this week and I think she really needs to know that prayers and thought are still going up for her, the kids and Jimmie.

Happy Birthday Dakota ..

Posted by Sherrie Jo Today is Carole’s only day off from doctors, and hospitals .. darn good thing too because it is Dakota’s 5th. Enjoy little man .. WE LOVE YOU!! :)  he he he I can hear it now:) Grandma & Grandpa

Thank you to a special person ..

posted by~Sherrie Jo A couple of days ago shortly after Carole posted, the blog went down .. broken beyond my repair.   This on top of everything else hurt so bad because it was the first time that Carole had posted. I tried everything I knew of and everything that people on the wordpress forum suggested […]

Tumor what tumor what do you mean I had a seizure

posted by~Carole It would have probably been easier to start writing on this blog a few weeks ago. I felt fine certainly not like I had CANCER, no not me. I’m fine I am healthy I eat amazing healthy foods because I have learned about my Celiac Disease and the way my body reacts to […]

Sitting here hoping it was a bad dream,

posted by~Jimmie Good morning everyone. Thanks for the prayers, Chloe and Tiffani are getting ready for school. Dakota is cuddling with mom in bed. Joshua called last night just to say hi to mom. That made Carole happy, Her and I had three moments we started to fight over little stuff, We ended up just […]

at a loss for words??

posted by~Sherrie Jo I have been trying to figure out how to put into words the news that Carole called me with today… I can’t .. I get mad, I get sad, I punch a wall .. ok too old to do that very often so will leave that to the men.  Slap the counter, […]

Another appointment for Carole today ..

posted by~Sherrie Jo Today is Carole’s appointment with MD Anderson in Houston.  I am trying to wait patiently but as I just told Jimmie I am failing miserably.  So I sit here trying to finish up one of my late projects and even though I know I haven’ t missed their phone call I keep […]

A note from Jimmie …

Jimmie said, May 9, 2010 @ 8:25 pm · Edit I have a update…. Carole did the gamma knife last week it all went good. Now its mothers day and she is feeling better. We ( kids and I ) took her out to dinner. She is in good spirits right now. We will not […]

Another surgery for Carole

posted by~Sherrie Jo If you are new to reading Carole’s fight then please scroll down and start with “Carole’s fight .. the beginning” **************** I realized a few days ago that so many people think “Oh skin cancer then she will be alright’  .. not so much:(    Melanoma is a skin cancer .. but is […]

Carole’s fight … the beginning

posted by~Sherrie Jo PLEASE NOTE … For those have read this posting on the 29th and 30th what you read is at the bottom of this posting .. I am updating the whole thing from the start of April 7th 2010 to the finish of this posted blog on the 29th ,with dates inserted for […]

Miranda is done again:)

I made a little mini of her larger real life dog … she looked great and right to her pictures.  So we both thought:)  But when little Miranda arrived home it was realized that the lady didn’t include in all her photo’s pictures of how long Miranda’s legs and body were.  SO Miranda traveled back […]