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Posted by Carole Well Miss Wendy has been in Texas for 48 hours and had a run in with “THE LAW” . My daughter Tiffani who is 12 had a run in with another little 12 year old and Aunt Wendy tried to solve the problem with the 20 year old older sister and the […]

The little Princess is finished:)

In few months there will be a special charity auction .. many have made things to donate .. and this is one of mine:) This is Princess .. a little Havanese dog. Princess is hanging out with Benny a needle felted raccoon until she leaves for the auction:)

The Cavies are DONE!

put a big big red DONE stamp on them:)    There was a time that I thought I would never get them done:(  They are small but that doesn’t mean that they are easy .. and having orders and such and needing to make other things also .. well it took me a lot longer than […]

Molly is all finished

I finally finished Molly .. the tiny little Miniature Yorkshire Terrier.  She was a joy to make and I loved holding her and making all the little goodies that went to her new home with her. Molly was crochet with a fuzzy carry along thread (80 percent mohair) with a size 11 crochet hook.  I […]

Another new Candy Tray

I absolutely love coming up with new tray’s when someone orders them.  This is a tray I just made and sent out to a lady who loves purple .. so in a field or soft green bold pretty purple flowers will sit along side her candy:) I do hope she enjoys it as much as […]

So slow of me:(

I worked really hard on getting my newest project done .. SOSI .. I would say what it stands for but it eludes me at the moment! But they are shoes for Prudence Moody and Ellowyne Wilde of the Tonner doll line .. I love making them.  Any how .. I worked hard on getting […]

Finally finished my Cairn Terrier pattern

Recently I had a pretty large project and wanted to do something special for the lists that have treated me so well in the past .. so I created a crochet pattern for a dog.  I love crocheting thread animals and have made many many of them in the past but this time I had […]

Miranda is finished!

and i am so so happy:)  Miranda should reach her new home today and I can’t hardly wait for her new owner to email me:) I hated seeing her go and even though Ellowyne doesn’t normally get caught up in the doggy going on’s I think she was too.

Miranda .. almost done:)

Miranda is the cute little girl of an Ellowyne fan ..I have been recreating her in miniature (needle felting) for a few weeks now but just recently I have been able to really work on her .. and now I am almost done:)

A Rose for a Rose

I received an order today for chocolates and a candy tray .. the lady who ordered the set is named Rose .. I just had to make the tray match her name.