Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Another new Candy Tray

I absolutely love coming up with new tray’s when someone orders them.  This is a tray I just made and sent out to a lady who loves purple .. so in a field or soft green bold pretty purple flowers will sit along side her candy:) I do hope she enjoys it as much as […]

So slow of me:(

I worked really hard on getting my newest project done .. SOSI .. I would say what it stands for but it eludes me at the moment! But they are shoes for Prudence Moody and Ellowyne Wilde of the Tonner doll line .. I love making them.  Any how .. I worked hard on getting […]

Finally finished my Cairn Terrier pattern

Recently I had a pretty large project and wanted to do something special for the lists that have treated me so well in the past .. so I created a crochet pattern for a dog.  I love crocheting thread animals and have made many many of them in the past but this time I had […]

Miranda is finished!

and i am so so happy:)  Miranda should reach her new home today and I can’t hardly wait for her new owner to email me:) I hated seeing her go and even though Ellowyne doesn’t normally get caught up in the doggy going on’s I think she was too.

Miranda .. almost done:)

Miranda is the cute little girl of an Ellowyne fan ..I have been recreating her in miniature (needle felting) for a few weeks now but just recently I have been able to really work on her .. and now I am almost done:)

Rest in Peace Captain Phil

We just found out that Captain Phil has passed away.  What a sad day for  the family and the many thousands of his fans .. the seas will not be the same without him.

Watching the last night Launch .. not so much:(

Well it was a great drive down .. Was really not happy with the KOA though:(  no table and no fire pit at our site:(  which was only about a 15 by 15 foot area between RV’s and 5th wheels … I’m thinking you could say that I was really REALLY not a happy camper!  And […]

A night Launch!

Tim and I are driving down to Florida in the hopes of seeing the last night launch of the space shuttle.  If it is a no go then it will probably be a day launch down the road.  We will be camping nearby and then driving over to the little park where we always watch […]

A Rose for a Rose

I received an order today for chocolates and a candy tray .. the lady who ordered the set is named Rose .. I just had to make the tray match her name.

About Beary Tiny Treasures

My name Sherrie and my husband and I live in Brunswick Georgia .. we love it here!  15 minutes from the beach .. the only thing better would be to live right next to it:)  He works at a local hospital and I stay home creating Beary Tiny Treasures  for Dolls.

Hello world!

Sounds a little strange .. Hello World .. but this is really brand new to me so it works:)  I decided to go with a blog that I hope to keep up with daily for the first few days while building it up .. after the first couple of weeks I hope to post at […]