Posts from ‘March, 2010’

The little Princess is finished:)

In few months there will be a special charity auction .. many have made things to donate .. and this is one of mine:) This is Princess .. a little Havanese dog. Princess is hanging out with Benny a needle felted raccoon until she leaves for the auction:)

The Cavies are DONE!

put a big big red DONE stamp on them:)    There was a time that I thought I would never get them done:(  They are small but that doesn’t mean that they are easy .. and having orders and such and needing to make other things also .. well it took me a lot longer than […]

Miranda is done again:)

I made a little mini of her larger real life dog … she looked great and right to her pictures.  So we both thought:)  But when little Miranda arrived home it was realized that the lady didn’t include in all her photo’s pictures of how long Miranda’s legs and body were.  SO Miranda traveled back […]

Molly is all finished

I finally finished Molly .. the tiny little Miniature Yorkshire Terrier.  She was a joy to make and I loved holding her and making all the little goodies that went to her new home with her. Molly was crochet with a fuzzy carry along thread (80 percent mohair) with a size 11 crochet hook.  I […]