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Dr wants to see Carole

3pm eastern time Jimmie called a little while ago .. they are on their way to MD Anderson . Carole’s doctor wants to see her.  They think there may be something wrong with her kidneys .. we are not sure and neither are they until he see’s Carole .. it may be several hours before […]

Carole is home from ER

I thought I would post this so that those who read daily will know that Carole is home from the hospital again.  I do not know all of the details so will let Jimmie update later when he has a chance, but wanted you to know that she is home again

At ER with Carole

They are doing a CT to check for swelling in the brain will let everone no in a while what’s up

A little update.

Carole is asleep, She is very tired. Im trying to get her to drink some fluids she is very Nausea and has a headache. All this is what is expected after therapy. She does stay awake a little more each time she wakes up. Will update more in a while, I turned her phone off […]

We are at home

We made it home lastnight around 9 pm, The girls were sitting up waiting. As we pulled up they ran out of the house to mom and gave her a great big hug. At that moment, I thought we have to beat this they need mom, I have taken care of them for the past […]

I thought I was tough …

Jimmie mentioned below about being tough … This is a video that we all watch or listen to all the time now.   Carole is tough … watch and listen I thought I was tough by Craig Morgan there will a little commercial first and then the video

Just a little note to say how things are right now……

Carole . is in great hands the Nurses and NAs are the best I have ever seen, And yes I have seen a few. They are treating Carole great, Doing what ever is possible to help her. Some things are only a smile and a it will be ok but they are doing great. Carole […]

Day 3 .. tis no fun

posted by Sherrie Jo I didn’t write with an update on day 2 of Carole’s Bio-chemotherapy because it was just too hard .. today too for that matter.  But I had several emails in my inbox asking how Carole was doing … so here I am. She is sick .. the drugs are making her […]

Day 1 .. Bio Chemotherapy

I talked to Carole for along time tonight.  She was waiting for her anti seizure meds (has to take them for the next 5 months {now}). Have we said? .. have your read? .. have you checked into how important it is to get spots checked out?? Carole was pretty sick most of the day […]

Carole is in her room ..

It was late tonight when Jimmie called and said they were done and that him, Dakota and Carole were going to go eat and then finish with admissions.  Carole was really really sore:(  first the portacath being put in and all it entails and then the stress test. She had to do the stress test […]

Carole being admitted today ..

Posted by Sherrie Jo It’s Thursday the 20th .. Carole has been to so many appointments everyday for the last 2 weeks .. Except the 18th .. Carole will be having a port-a-cath put in.   Carole has tiny veins that roll .. so hard to find:(  She was SOOOOOOO bruised up when she can home […]

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. This is just a little update on the family. Today was Dakota’s birthday, We had a little family get together. We all had a good time. I will try and update more then I have been. Well lots of thanks and Love. Jimmie

Prayers & thoughts for Carole

Posted by Sherrie Jo Please place your prayers and thoughts here for Carole .. she starts the Chemical Therapy this week and I think she really needs to know that prayers and thought are still going up for her, the kids and Jimmie.

Happy Birthday Dakota ..

Posted by Sherrie Jo Today is Carole’s only day off from doctors, and hospitals .. darn good thing too because it is Dakota’s 5th. Enjoy little man .. WE LOVE YOU!! :)  he he he I can hear it now:) Grandma & Grandpa

Thank you to a special person ..

posted by~Sherrie Jo A couple of days ago shortly after Carole posted, the blog went down .. broken beyond my repair.   This on top of everything else hurt so bad because it was the first time that Carole had posted. I tried everything I knew of and everything that people on the wordpress forum suggested […]

Tumor what tumor what do you mean I had a seizure

posted by~Carole It would have probably been easier to start writing on this blog a few weeks ago. I felt fine certainly not like I had CANCER, no not me. I’m fine I am healthy I eat amazing healthy foods because I have learned about my Celiac Disease and the way my body reacts to […]

Sitting here hoping it was a bad dream,

posted by~Jimmie Good morning everyone. Thanks for the prayers, Chloe and Tiffani are getting ready for school. Dakota is cuddling with mom in bed. Joshua called last night just to say hi to mom. That made Carole happy, Her and I had three moments we started to fight over little stuff, We ended up just […]

at a loss for words??

posted by~Sherrie Jo I have been trying to figure out how to put into words the news that Carole called me with today… I can’t .. I get mad, I get sad, I punch a wall .. ok too old to do that very often so will leave that to the men.  Slap the counter, […]

Another appointment for Carole today ..

posted by~Sherrie Jo Today is Carole’s appointment with MD Anderson in Houston.  I am trying to wait patiently but as I just told Jimmie I am failing miserably.  So I sit here trying to finish up one of my late projects and even though I know I haven’ t missed their phone call I keep […]

A note from Jimmie …

Jimmie said, May 9, 2010 @ 8:25 pm · Edit I have a update…. Carole did the gamma knife last week it all went good. Now its mothers day and she is feeling better. We ( kids and I ) took her out to dinner. She is in good spirits right now. We will not […]

Another surgery for Carole

posted by~Sherrie Jo If you are new to reading Carole’s fight then please scroll down and start with “Carole’s fight .. the beginning” **************** I realized a few days ago that so many people think “Oh skin cancer then she will be alright’  .. not so much:(    Melanoma is a skin cancer .. but is […]