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Sometimes …

that old saying of “no news, is good news” is not always true. I am going to start this and then let Jimmie post or add to it anything that may be different or to expand on it. Jimmie took Carole to MD Anderson again yesterday (Tuesday) morning for another blood transfusion.  This time Dakota […]

Its Sunday Night

If Today Was Your Last Day Ok Monday morning. Cant sleep, Last night Carole had to have a blood and platelets transfusion.   It took 13 hours. So Carole and I came home and slept tell 2pm. Thank you kids for taking care of each other. We needed it. She is doing fine now. She […]

1st night Home

Well Carole, Dakota and I got home last night around 8. We sat and talked for a few min then Carole went to lay down we started her IV and she was out. She got up a few times to use the restroom. She is still asleep right now will check on her in a […]

Carole sounds great …

Today:)  Even though this round of BioChemotherapy hit Carole harder and faster this time around .. she really does sound great today .. AND she would also like to show you that she looks wonderful too .. a little (ok lot!) swollen .. but wonderful none the less First ya have to know that Carole […]

Treatment 2 day 3

Ok Carole has started feeling the effects of chemo, She is sick. I picked up Chloe and left Tiffani. So Tonight it is Joshua, Chloe, Dakota and myself at home. We will go back in the morning. Im just so glad it is summer time so Carole is not alone. At this point she is […]

Carole is in her 2nd treatment

Dakota and I just got home. Chloe, Tiffani and Joshua greeted us with pizza and bread sticks (Mealinda brought over to the house). Wendy is home in AZ right now, She left yesterday from the hospital. Anyways about Carole When we saw her Dr yesterday he informed us that 4 more spots are on the […]

Carole is not in treatment …

Carole, Jimmie and the kids (except Joshua) spent most of the day at MD Anderson.   You all read that an MRI was done yesterday.  This is done before treatment and then at the end of each treatment.  This way they have a ‘map’ of the brain to keep up with what is going on. Since […]

Round 2

Well yesterday we went to MD Anderson, Carole had her MRI done and blood work. Today at 830 am she has a line put in and at 330 we see the Dr. We pray that the last treatment worked. She will be in the hospital for a week with round 2. Carole and I took […]


Posted by Carole Well Miss Wendy has been in Texas for 48 hours and had a run in with “THE LAW” . My daughter Tiffani who is 12 had a run in with another little 12 year old and Aunt Wendy tried to solve the problem with the 20 year old older sister and the […]

Aunt Wendy’s visit …

Wendy (Carole’s little sister) is visiting for a little while.  Yesterday was good I hear:) A day for the kids and Aunt Wendy playing with makeup and dress up :)  you are never too old for that. Miss Chloe sent me this picture last night while they were all making Wendy’s world famous taco’s .. […]

Sister is in Texas ..

I thought I would let everyone know that Miss Wendy May Day is in Texas with Carole and family for about a week .. a little longer I think.  maybe if I wish really hard and send out a cuddle ‘bear’ hug we can get a group photo of everyone for you:)

Please remember the ABC’s of Melanoma Skin Cancer

I was thinking tonight…..WOW I know thinking that one is a biggy right now I know but in any case. I thought it was important to go over the basics with y’all again and show you the pic of the mole that started this big mess one more time. Asymmetry Unequal or asymmetric moles are […]


Hmm N-laws coming , Im so happy when I say N-laws. We lived with mom and Tim for a year they know how the kids are and know how Carole and I want them raised. They support us in every way when it comes to the kids. I am doing good right now, Its been […]

New slideshow ..

I have changed the photo’s out in the slide show so be sure to hit refresh when you visit the site .. if you see the yellow & black  ‘fight for my life’ banner in the slide show then you are up to date for now.

Getting ready …

Here it’s 12:34 in the morning as I start writing this.  The family is getting ready in many different homes. Carole’s home is getting ready for momma to go back into the hospital for her second round of Bio-chemotherapy.  It’s sad that she is feeling better in some area’s, not so great in others:( and […]

Just can’t sleep

Its 130 am and I can not sleep. Every time I close my eyes I thank something is wrong, My mind just wont stop working.  Is she ok, whats going to happen next,  I have been praying or talking to god I know he is listening. The Bishop from the church came by today. All […]

A good day for Carole

You know how way back in March I found this house.  Well Carole had ask me several times if it had a dishwasher (4 kids you generate a lot of dishes all day long)  I teased her “Yep as soon as you get there”  we all laughed about it for a couple of weeks .. You […]


Well today was a little better I guess. Carole was asleep most the day except for the 15000 times she says she got up to get sick. It was only like 14999 I told her. Slowly she is getting back to herself. I tried to catch up on some things around the house and outside. […]