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Its been a few days

I guess i should let everyone know Carole is doing good right now. The Dr is stopping chemo, It is not working. We have found a Clinical trial drug called Ipilimumab. It is in Hot springs Arkansas. We are hoping this works. She will get one dose every 3 weeks. The sponsor is Bristol-Myers Squibb […]

Yep am in Texas …

just letting friends and family know that we made it to Texas .. Tim and left Brunswick at 10:30pm Wednesday night .. pretty sad because we started to leave sooooooooooooooo much earlier!  anyway we finally got out of town and made it to Shepherd about 4pm Friday.   BUT you know what is really wrong with […]

We all had a great day.

We all went to the Temple today. It was the most amazing thing. We all felt the spirit so strong today. Carole and I will be sealed together with our children very soon. My daughter Jan-Nell from New York is coming down to stay for a little while. Joshua is going to see his dad […]

Getting all ready :)

Hey all .. just posting  a short one to let you all know that this is a good week … Carole gets one a month and it is always the week before she goes back in the hospital .. so they are busy doing family things, and living life with smiles. I am getting ready […]

Carole got a little independence

Just got off the phone with Carole. Her and I are so mad right now, We don’t understand all of this and are both tired as hell. Not knowing is a battle in it self. Then finding out some things start more battles. When can she move forward. They still need to do a lumber […]

Been a few days …

‘and’ in this case well no news is just that, no news.  With the holiday they postponed the spinal tap until this week.  Might be today, might be tomorrow … oh who knows you know how hospitals are. I talked to Carole and Jimmie both this past weekend.  Will let Jimmie post later (hmmmm wonder […]

July 1st

Ok Carole is doing better right now, She has been sitting up the whole time the kids and I were with her today. Her head is not hurting right now due to a different drug they gave her. She did her MRI but it will not get read tell in the morning. Then we should […]