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Thank you ..

I just felt the need to send a little Thank you to family far and near, old friends, new friends here and there .. A Thank you for always being there when we feel the need to cry, vent, stand up and shout, sit down and pout, and when we need to laugh and feel […]

Its 10:40 pm.

Carole and the kids are in bed. Little Dakota was very tired. I guess going to to school full time makes you a little tired. Carole is ok for the most part, She is great to the kids. She just keeps it all inside when they are around, I dont know how but she is […]

Dakota started school today….

It was Dakota’s first day of school today. Carole and I took him to school and he stayed all day without a tear. He came home and said he liked it. He loves his teacher, and the toys, He played outside on the slide. He ate lunch and took a little nap. He was so […]

Sometimes you just have to laugh ..

and laugh and laugh.  I forgot about this until I downloaded my pictures from the camera just now. Here dad .. I can do that for you! No really dad .. it’s looking good! ok just let me take off a little more in this side and  now to clean up behind the ears .. […]

Ok time to hear from Carole and I

First off I need to say My 1st baby Ashley is here with her soon to be husband and there 2 children. Ashley told us she is pregnant. So So happy All hoping for a girl, except daddy he wants a boy. We will all be happy with what comes out. Ashley and Anthony might […]

I told you …

That there may be times when you laugh with us and times when you cry …. I cried the whole time I wrote this.  If memories make your heart smile then why on earth do the tears roll? I changed the photo’s today for the slide show .. most of the photo’s I took myself […]

No news .. well a little

ok .. mailbox is full of “whats happening” (s) so I thought I better jump in and write a little:)  Still no word on what is going to happen in Arkansas .. waiting for paper work and such.  I can tell you from first hand experience that Carole is doing great.  Guess what .. the […]