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BTHO Melanoma Fundraiser SUNDAY!

Hi everyone .. I know that I haven’t been on much lately but unless you want to hear about how great Dakota is doing in school, and boyfriend troubles or lack of troubles (the grand kids not ME! .. geez! or how Joshua is doing in football this year (by the way he is in […]

I have put this off for a few hours ..

But now I must post because I know many many friends and family are waiting to know something. Before Carole went to the new trial in Arkansas she had to have current baseline scans for the Genesis Cancer Center.  Carole and Jimmie received the findings yesterday.  Comparing the scans to the last scans in July […]

Happy Birthday Carole …

I wish I were there to give you a big hug .. Happy Birthday Carole. I love you very very much

Well the day is done ..

and I am  .. well heck last just start at the beginning of the day First off breakfast .. you know what ‘they’ say .. the most important meal of the day:) So bright and early this morning … I can see that it looks like mommy and Dakota ate .. looks like Tiffani is […]

Good morning everyone….

Well its 12:50 am, We are in the room, Chloe, Tiffani are sleeping. Dakota is getting there. Carole is nervous  and i am writing you all. Say a  prayer and have faith this will work. We got here with everyone’s help so it has to be the right choice. I will post to you all […]

Busy, Busy ..

Hi all .. I can tell from my inbox that a post is needed again.  Today is Carole’s third day of going to MD Anderson for tests that will be sent to Arkansas for the trial that she has been excepted in. They will be leaving this evening and the trial will begin early Friday […]