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Well today Carole and Mom went to Houston to do the tests. I stayed home and made dinner cleaned the house, O and played the game for a bit….. I must say Carole and I did not know about the kids skating in the house. Looks like we might have to have the kids watch […]

It’s been a while heh?

I have to say that I am really really sorry for not updating sooner.  All I can say is cable here is bad .. really really bad!  and since I have to update ONline then it just didn’t happen.  I have been in Texas since the 29th .. you read where the kids (as in […]

On way home

We are heading home in a few. Carole is sick this time. Its going to be a long ride for her. Will have mom give updates. Thanks Jimmie

In Hot Springs

Carole is getting her treatment of the IPI. We are staying the night just the 2 of us…. Hope she does not get sick from treatment. On Monday she starts whole brain radiation. Her eyes are starting to bug her. The Dr said the new tumors are in that part of the brain. I will […]