Posts from ‘November, 2010’

“Thanks”giving …

I thought about whether to write or not and decided to .. so here goes. Today is Thanksgiving (at least for a few more minutes) and Tim and I spent it alone, but we were very Thankful that we both got to talk to or text our children and our fathers .. both of our […]

Mom is Home

Mom is at home now. It was nice to have her help so much thank you. We are all doing good. I will write more later.

I wrote this for my wife.

What is Love Love is that sparkle in someones eyes when you first meet . Love is meeting that someone at a party and staying up all night talking Love is calling that person the next day and saying how fun it was. Love is letting the other person tell you they are in love […]

My house is full of sick people

Everyone in the house is sick.  Chloe and Tiffani have strep and I think Dakota, Carole and I have it also.   All we can do today is stay at home and watch football.  Poor poor me.  Carole goes back to Hot Springs on Thursday for her final treatment of the IPI.   Then in the next […]

Well Hello everyone it’s been a while….

It is 10/31 at 11:50 pm.   Everyone is asleep we all had a great time.  Carole ,  Sherrie and I took the kids out for some trick or treating.  We all walked a lot and got scared a lot.   I need everyone to understand this fight is as hard as it gets, I would never […]