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Happy New Year ..

I wanted to take the time to wish all of our family and our friends a Happy New Year.  You all have done so much in the last few months, the cards, the prayers, the good thoughts and the well wishes for Carole and the family.  Thank you .. we hope you have a safe, […]

Worry worry worry

Faith faith faith is what we should all have. Carole is still sleeping most the day, But when she is awake she is doing more. She tried to make the dinner tonight, She got tired fast. She wanted to make Dakota his favorite. Cheesy goodness. Well just say Joshua got the first 4. He likes […]

The day is done

Well I just want to start by saying OMG I never knew how much went in to making Christmas dinner, I have always helped Carole with a few things before but today was all me and I must say Im tired. Carole slept most the day in the recliner. We all sat at the dinner […]

Merry Christmas everyone…

Good morning everyone. The big day is here, Im so grateful.  I hope to have pictures and maybe a video up soon. I hope everyone has a blessed day. Merry X-Mas.

We might get out of the house…..

Carole is going to try and get a little shopping done. She did eat and keep down dinner tonight. She is asleep right now.

Carole is home .. again ..

I should have posted this earlier today but am glad now that I waited as I actually got to talk to Carole for a bit tonight. She was released last night to go home .. so home they went.  I am not sure of all the details but I know that at midnight last night […]

Carole in hospitial again ..

This was added on the morning of the 18th to this posting and the ‘subject’ line changed .. I have been trying to get this template for the notifications set up when I received a text from Jimmie. He has taken Carole to the Cleveland ER .  She has been home a week (after being […]

Doctor called

The lumbar puncture results are back and they are normal. Carole is still in pain, She stays in bed most the day. She was able to stay up for a hour tonight and spend time with the kids. She told me she want to go to the store and go X-mas shopping, I guess we […]

Dont know

I dont know when she is going to be better. She is just sleeping all day every day. She gets up to get sick and take her pain pills then she goes back to sleep. I know she is not drinking enough water. I want the doctors to find out why. I feel helpless. I […]

She is Home

I picked up Carole at 6:30 tonight. She got home and went straight to bed. Man it feels like home. Im tired but cant sleep. I have checked on her just as har and I did when we brought one of the kids home for the first time. Im so scared.  I know so many […]

Carole is still in Hospital

Its been busy. Carole is still in the hospital. They dont know why she has a headache all the time. They are doing a lumber puncture at 1 tomorrow. They have her on pain med she is in and out of it. We did not go see her today. I miss her so much, This […]

Update of scans ..

and a little more too.   First off, Carole is in the hospital for a few days.  I do not know for how long.  Jimmie said 2 or 3 days .. they are trying to keep her from getting pneumonia as she has been very very sick.  She also has an infection some where that they […]