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It has been a few days

Things have been good. Her arm hurts, and she cant use it yet. We all have got out and did some things. We are waiting to hear from the dr about the treatment. I will keep you all up to date. If you have facebook Carole is!/profile.php?id=1216517510 I hope this works if not look […]

2 words say it all …

Most of you know that Miss Chloe is Carole and Jimmie’s oldest daughter.  They were all going some place a while back and Chloe sent me a picture of her and her pin .. I texted back .. ‘honey you said a mouth full” The next picture I received was this one … kind of […]

Carole is out of Surgery

This is the post that was texted to me by Jimmie .. he ask me to update you all … Dr. just talked to me and said everything went good, they got the whole thing out.  It was pushing on the nerves and she should be able to pick up Dakota soon .. I will […]

Carole is in Surgery.

Just had a update from a nurse. All is good so far. They are removing the tumor and nodes under the arm only. I will update when I know more. Jimmie

Good news bad news

That is how the Dr came in the room, They tell us good news first. MRI of the brain Impression 1. Continued decrease in multiple intracranial metastases. 2 No new lesions. …. In English Tumors in the brain are getting smaller, and no new ones. VERY HAPPY. Bad news. CT Chest Impressions: Bilateral pulmonary nodules […]

MD has done it again……..

Most the day Anderson has us there from 3 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday, Then from 730am to 4 pm on Thursday. Why Cant it be one day for the test? Carole has MRI’s, blood work and a meeting with the surgery team tomorrow. Then on Thursday she has a CT and X-rays, Then […]

Not really an update ..

But since I have had a few phone calls and several emails lately I thought I would post.  I talked to Carole on Thursday evening.  She is in a lot of pain because of the tumor in her arm .. they are still waiting for a consultation with a surgeon to see when something can […]

Happy 2011

2010 went by so fast, seems like days ago we were still in Brunswick. I know 2011 will bring miracles. Our family wishes you and yours a happy new Year. God bless. Jimmie