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A daughters love ..

Miss Tiffani Jo .. Carole’s youngest daughter sent me a little something tonight .. she ask me to please put it here on the website .. Tiffani you did a beautiful job .. an absolutely beautiful job .. A Mother Fighting Cancer By Tiffani Mott Please click the above link to see the Video that […]

The anger spills out …

the phone just rang .. it was Jimmie telling me that the cops showed up to make sure there was no trouble while ‘they’ were trying to get Carole’s IV in for her chemo. I guess I should go into that first eh?  Yes carole is on ChemoTherepy again .. starting this evening .. I […]

Last time I talked to Carole …

I know all of you are worried and we haven’t posted for a few days.  I talked to Carole Thursday evening .. she is still in a lot (LOT!!!) of pain from the surgery to remove the tumor.  Jimmie made a few phone calls and was able to get her into a pain management doctor […]