Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Cancer sucks, and lies

Carole had her scans done yesterday They are not good at all. The tumors are back in her brain and 1 of them is bleeding. The Dr says we have 2 choices, 1) Enjoy the last few months of your life comfortably. or 2) See if they will do gamma knife on 2 of the […]

Getting ready to go ..

Hi all .. I am packing and getting a few things ready to take with me when I go back to Texas.  Sorry about not posting much .. but I guess this falls under the “No news is good news” category .. although there really isn’t any good news:( Carole’s right arm has a pretty […]

It’s Official .. she is SUPER MOM …

Figured it was about time for an update .. received a call from the kids (to me the kids are Jimmie and Carole ya’ll:) yesterday with some news .. talked to them again today for a bit.  Carole told me that she did laundry today, even folded all the towels (and honey I have done […]