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It is the blackest day of your life. The doctor has told the two of you, sitting together in the office holding hands that your spouse is going to die. There are treatments available to ease the pain and suffering, maybe even lengthen their lifespan, but ultimately you need to set your affairs in order […]


Im so mad right now, I dont know what to do for her. I want to give her the world before its to late. I want the tumors to go away. I want to Stand on the tallest building and tell the world I love her and will not let her leave us. Chloe and […]

A Wife, Mother, Friend and Fighter….

Carole you are the best at everything. You make our family everything it is. It has been over a year and you are still fighting ever day for one more day. This past weekend we made sure our family will be together forever. Im scared and you know it, I could never be as strong […]

1 year today ..

I have wanted to post for a little while now but the words are so hard to come by. But today I must, today the words are easy .. I can say this .. 1 YEAR ago Carole had her brain surgery, 1 year ago I watched her laying in that bed, we all watched […]