Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Have time to sit.

I dont know what to say. Carole I love you, I have felt pain before but never like this. Its only been 4 days, Im at a loss for words. Carole and I do want to thank everyone for the support. The kids and I went to Dakota game last night, He struck out the […]

Hardest post I have ever written ..

We lost Carole, Our beautiful daughter, wife, mother, momma Carole to so many kids in California, Nevada, Georgia, and Texas, sister, and sister in law, aunt, cousin, niece and last but not least, grandmother .. oh yes she was a grandmother and got to hold and play with the kids a few months ago when […]

Phone calls have been made ..

I needed to call family before this post could be written .. I feel I need to post because one of these days someone is going to run into this page .. they will be scared either for themselves or for someone they love, they will type Metastasized Melanoma into a search because they heard […]

2 more days and Carole and I have been married for 15 years

What can I say. It has had its up and downs. We have had our good days and bad ones too. We have cried happy tears and sad tears and just because ones too. Most people know how we got together but for the ones who dont know I will sum it up. The very […]

Just thinking ..

I am home again in Georgia.¬† I had told the kids (Carole and Jimmie) that I could stay longer if they need me to but they both felt that they really needed to have time to really talk to the kids … the worst news ever came right after I got there and they really […]