July 1st

Ok Carole is doing better right now, She has been sitting up the whole time the kids and I were with her today. Her head is not hurting right now due to a different drug they gave her. She did her MRI but it will not get read tell in the morning. Then we should know what is going on I hope. I will give more detail when we find out what is going on…


7 Responses to “July 1st”

  1. Maggie Gean says:

    It’s Monday and no posts..so I worry and pray…and keep hoping and praying.. Maggie

  2. Maggie Gean says:

    I keep checking and keep you all in my prayers. Hope you all have a good weekend, here it looks like good weather and my plums are almost ripe. We are all rooting for you.

  3. Marie says:

    Carole I am so glad you are haveing a GOOD day today take care fingers crossed everything turns out for the good.

    give those kids a big hug

    {{{{{{{{{{huggs}}}}}}}}}}} from me to you as well.


  4. Angie says:

    I am so glad to hear/read that Carole is feeling better, my prayers are with you all!! Sherrie I checked my caller ID & seen you called, sorry I missed you, will talk soon I’m sure,

    Jimmie, you’re doing just great, I know it’s hard but you’re strong,

    you’re all in my heart & prayers!


  5. Thacia says:

    who made the cute little thingies on our comments, those are too cute!

  6. Thacia says:

    I am so glad Carole is doing better…been checking the rss feed all day…having problems with the internet…sherrie, have a safe and cool trip…thinking of you guys often…thacia

  7. Sherrie Jo says:

    Well ready or not I am getting ready to make my way to you all:) I just finished printing out all the labels for the very last big projects that I had to do. The 2 small items that I have to make the ladies know that I will be doing them in Texas. I’m guessing that Tiffani will have more time to learn to crochet now AND learn to make tiny animals too which be more fun than than just a straight chain I am sure:)

    See you in just a couple of weeks:)

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