Carole got a little independence

Just got off the phone with Carole. Her and I are so mad right now, We don’t understand all of this and are both tired as hell. Not knowing is a battle in it self. Then finding out some things start more battles.

When can she move forward. They still need to do a lumber puncture that was to be done today.

Ok let me start from the last post i posted.

Carole is still in the hospital waiting for the lumber puncture so we thought… She was taken down to the room where they were going to do it just to find out they cant do it because of the blood thinners. It will have to be three days after she is off the thinners. Ok fine we can see how Dr can make a little mistake. They still dont know why she is in so much pain and her blood pressure is so high now.

They did the CT today and got the results today and it was with contrast (Carole did not drink to much so they had to violate her to give more) the results suck. As you all know she has tumors on her lungs and liver and brain.

Well today we find out she has more that are getting bigger on her liver , pelvic and Adrenal gland.

We did not know of the tumors on the pelvic or Adrenal gland. The MRI from last week show the ones in the brain are getting smaller and the few in the lungs as well. We are happy about that.

Yesterday the kids and I broke Carole out to see the fire works. No im not playing we left the Hospital for a while Carole had no IV. Carole had Dakota on her lap I was pushing the wheelchair, Joshua, Chloe and Tiffani were running with me to get to a place we all could see some fire works.

We tried the top of parking  but no can do. So we went to the street and started looking up and walking we found a parking lot. We went to the top floor it was called Ben Toub I thank. When we got up we saw another family trying to see the fireworks.

Then Tiffani yelled there i see them, Then Chloe said no over their, Joshua (said ) THEIR. We saw alot of places doing fireworks. But at this time we did not see the biggest show, Till Dakota said WOW did you see that  was red my favorite. So our family Did get to be together  for the 4 th. We sat and watched for a long time and then started back to the hospital the kids were all playing and running. Carole said she had a great time so did we all.


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  1. Carrie Berry says:

    When I received the picture of Carole and the kids on the 4th of July. I was so Happy and so ( how do you explain) Jimmie and I are very heart felt people). I truely wish that everyone in this world could see and touch what all of us take for granted every day of our live’s. This is my sister and her Husband (my brother) what they are going thru is more than any of us can imagine. I know that Jimmie is trying to be as strong as he can, but it is very hard for him and the kids. Ok I am not a very strong person but just know Carole, Jimmie and the kids!that Brent, Crea, Cole and I are with you every step of the way, Carole we have always been close and even if you feel bad, just know that I am always thinking of you (friken) just tell me whats up at all times please, after all I am the oldest(I get the front). Carole and Jimmie and the kids just hang in there we love you with all our hearts! All our love Brent, Carrie, Cera, and Cole, We love you aunt Carole, LiL sis take care love, Carrie. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Maggie Gean says:

    Just checking in, Keep on praying for all of you, sending you my warm sunshine and loads of good wishes..

  3. Thacia says:

    thinking of you

  4. Melissa Clegg says:

    Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July, so glad you could celebrate. I pray for better news, asborb all the love.

  5. sandé cross says:

    thanks, sherrie for the idea of assigning body parts, but i think i’ll still pray for the whole body, pun intended!!

    i believe getting out with jimmie and the kids was probably better medicine than the doctors are giving her!! jimmie and kids–you are such a wonderful gift to carole!! carole, please try to keep your spirits up; know that we are praying as hard as we can for you! so much love is coming your way!! sandé

  6. Maggie Gean says:

    YES for ‘jail’ breaks, I am so glad Jimmy and the kids got that ‘escape’ for Mom. I will keep praying for all of you.
    My 10 staples are now out, x-ray today looked good, I hoped for at least 1/8 inch of rough bone edge removed, Dr. was able to remove over 1/2 inch!!! So, things here are improving, Sherri Jo, keep up the good work, your creations are adorable…Carole, fight, fight, fight, Jimmy, you are, you are some of the most wonderful kids in the world…Maggie in IL

  7. Marie Read says:

    Carole I am so glad you had a good 4th with your family. Keep up the faith I am praying for you.


  8. Sherrie Jo says:

    I am so happy that last night was so great. I talked to Carole for a long long time this morning and she had me laughing SO hard! Her break out, the wheel chair, the ‘friend’ and her 4th of July dance, the gazebo where the pictures were taken .. and then later in the day the contrast .. lord we were laughing so so hard.

    Then the new news this evening and again the sadness comes in, the anger, the WHY??!! I told her that everyone was doing such a wonderful wonderful job with prayers and good thoughts to get the tumors out of her brain that I was going to assign groups different parts of her body to pray for .. and the tears start again.

    Tim and I will see you all in just a few days now .. we love you all very very much

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