Getting all ready :)

Hey all .. just posting  a short one to let you all know that this is a good week … Carole gets one a month and it is always the week before she goes back in the hospital .. so they are busy doing family things, and living life with smiles.

I am getting ready to leave for my trip and it is great that Tim will be able to take me:)  It means I can take more crap … errrrrrr … crafts! with me:) lol    I have a couple of little doggies I will be working on when I have time there plus a yorkie pattern (crochet), plus a couple of special back packs for Leeann … so I will have a few bags, boxes, and things with me:)

We have all the animals set up:)  The dogs will be going to special resort for animals here while we are gone … we have been given a wonderful deal due to the circumstances and will be nice to not have to worry about the dogs until Tim gets back.  Now cats .. well they pretty much take care of themselves,  split a 20 pound bag of food, put out a couple of extra litter boxes, make sure the waterererer :) is full, make sure all flat surfaces are cleaned off (cause if not they will be when you get home!:) and they will be happy campers ..

and then there are the parrots.   Normally we over feed and water them but this time Barbara,  the lady that works at our local animal services, will be coming by to feed them .. so for the first time a trip we take we really really will not have to worry about animals left at home.

You all have a great weekend and hug the person next to you .. go on .. a BIG BIG hug :)

5 Responses to “Getting all ready :)”

  1. Barbara Marr says:

    Sherrie, I read your post on the yahoo needlefelting list.

    My prayers are with all of you, Carol, Jimmie, the children, Tim and you as well as all the other family and friends who are helping you battle this terribly misunderstood disease.

  2. Maggie Gean says:

    Hope you have a great trip, and you cna never take too many projects. Will keep checking here and will keep you all in my prayers. My foot is making some progress, now has interesting surgery scars on both sides..

  3. Sherrie Jo says:

    I will be there for several months .. The plan is right now for me to be there to help with the house and at the hospital .. then on Carole’s good week I will travel back to Georgia and go back out the day before she goes back in the hospital .. at least that is the plan for now, I am flexible and can do what ever is needed.

  4. Sharon says:

    How long will you be able to stay in Texas? How far is it from your house? I think of all you guys everyday and look for posts everyday. Love, Sharon

  5. Marie says:

    Have a great trip Sherry and give your family {{{{{{{{{{{HUGGS}}}}}}}} from me when you get there. The animals will be OK. I am glad Tim is going with you. Look forward to hearing from you when you get there.

    Marie inRI

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