We all had a great day.

We all went to the Temple today. It was the most amazing thing. We all felt the spirit so strong today. Carole and I will be sealed together with our children very soon. My daughter Jan-Nell from New York is coming down to stay for a little while. Joshua is going to see his dad in California for a few weeks. It is almost normal in our house. Carole has a Dr appt on Monday. He is going to talk about treatment. We have church at 9 im going to bed now. Like mom said Hug someone. Have a good nite


3 Responses to “We all had a great day.”

  1. Thacia says:

    Hope all is well and Sherrie made it okay. Its a great big 105 degree heatwave here in California. Me thinks of you guys often.

  2. Carrie Berry says:

    Just wanted to say that I am very happy that all of you are able to go to church as a family. I really loved the pictures, I think you should put them on the blog. Brent just called and said he got his formans job for Chillcoot so he will not have to move to wells, Nv yeh. That was a big weight lifted off his shoulders. I hope you are having a great day. Hi Jan-nell aunt Carrie loves you and I’m sure your Dad and Carole are very happy you are there with them. We all love you have a great day. Love your sis

  3. Maggie Gean says:

    Am glad to know Carole was able to come home and that you all made it to your church services.
    Hope the weather there is being kind, we’ve had a few days without rain!! Keep all of you in my prayers,

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