Its been a few days

I guess i should let everyone know Carole is doing good right now. The Dr is stopping chemo, It is not working. We have found a Clinical trial drug called Ipilimumab. It is in Hot springs Arkansas. We are hoping this works. She will get one dose every 3 weeks. The sponsor is Bristol-Myers Squibb who pays for the drug itself. The Dr and Hospital is paid for by us. My med insurance at work is no good right now because Comcast terminated me. I do have the choice to get cobra at 1460.00 a month. Carole and I can not afford that at all. I need to keep the insurance because of the cancer. I have found a few places that will help with premium payments with different cancers but not with Melanoma. So I will keep looking. And please if anyone knows of a place that can help please let us know.

If any of you happen to own or manage a hotel or motel in Hot Springs we sure could use a cheap room:)

6 Responses to “Its been a few days”

  1. Thacia says:

    Thinking of you guys…

  2. Maggie Gean says:

    I keep checking too and praying, hope you are all busy and having very good days, Maggie in IL

  3. Thacia says:

    Hi guys,

    Checking back in for updates. Sherrie I left a message on your phone. Figured you guys are busy. Talk to you later.

  4. Thacia says:

    just checking to see how you are all doing…thinking of you guys often…thacia

  5. Maggie Gean says:

    My Sunday school class is on prayer so today I asked that we lift up Carole and all of you in prayer and cry out onto God aloud for your needs. This day, we ask for healing and for all your financial needs to be met, we ask for strength for all of you during this challenging trial. May God hear our calling out, may God lift Carole and give her the healing, may God use this drug trial to help Carole and all the others that could benefit. May God give all of you strength and comfort in the coming days

  6. Maggie Gean says:

    Jimmy, my heart grieves for all of you, and I keep you all in my prayers. Know that I am not the only person who has you in their prayers and hopes for a good future for all of you.

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