I told you …

That there may be times when you laugh with us and times when you cry …. I cried the whole time I wrote this.  If memories make your heart smile then why on earth do the tears roll?

I changed the photo’s today for the slide show .. most of the photo’s I took myself .. some Jimmie took, some the kids took.  I see the smiling faces and remember what each sound was like around me as I took mine, the laughter, the smiles.  I look at the pictures that others took and remember the text that was sent to me as they came into my blackberry ..or the story that was told me

.. The happiness I felt when I listened to Carole tell me of her great Independence day escape, of her dance, of the laughter of the kids, the wheelchair, Carole’s walking stick that became her pole for her freedom dance .. and the tears flow

.. I remember talking on the phone with Carole almost the whole time they were getting ready for church and them looking for and finding Dakota’s belt, getting all the shoes on ..

.. then later them telling me that Dakota was tired of taking pictures (ya got to really look at his face in the picture where you can tell they are ready for church .. too funny) ..

.. I remember Jimmie teasing Carole about her being his .. ummmm WITCH! several years ago when Tim and I handed down our costumes to them for Halloween ..even while laughing the tears are rolling down my cheeks

.. I remember Jimmie telling me how much fun Dakota had at the Zoo and all the pictures that Jimmie sent me, then I remember that was the day that Carole had so much happen during her blood infusion and her week stay at the hospital because of it .. and the tears flow remembering how very bad that week was and how much pain Carole was in

.. I remember having my camera in my hand when I looked down and saw Dakota laughing at something behind me and I snapped off a couple of him ..

Do I put up the pictures for you all .. or do I put them up for me?  I don’t know, I do know that I want you all to see the beautiful family that I see .. the laughter in and behind the photo’s .. does that show?  Will it still show 10 years from now?  Will I still sit with tears flowing so hard that I find myself saying ‘thank goodness for spell check!”

I take lots and lots of photo’s .. they are memories caught in time.  Now I ask you to do the same, take at least one photo a day, flowers, pets, maybe your clean living room, kids, neighbors kids .. take some snapshots and hug .. give lots and lots and lots of hugs!!

Hug someone close to you, because life can change in a heartbeat

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