Ok time to hear from Carole and I

First off I need to say My 1st baby Ashley is here with her soon to be husband and there 2 children. Ashley told us she is pregnant. So So happy All hoping for a girl, except daddy he wants a boy. We will all be happy with what comes out. Ashley and Anthony might get married on the 24 th of September. If everything works out. And baptized on the 25th. They are turning there lives around. Im so happy I can be there for them, They are both trying to go back to school. Carole and I will support them in any way they need help. As all who know Carole she loves to help. She has always said if we ever get that phone call ” Dad I need help” we would be there. And some how she like always was right. She puts others first and just lives day by day. Carole and I talked and we have noticed the last 2 weeks we have not talked about her being sick. It is like she never was sick ” I wish”. We are going to get back on some type of treatment. She does not look sick but the hair every night reminds me this was not a dream. I tell Carole every day I love her and she is my world. I just wish I could do more and more everyday for her. I know this was more for me then all of you, Thanks for reading and your prayers and please hug someone.



3 Responses to “Ok time to hear from Carole and I”

  1. Thacia says:

    thanks for the update, congrats on the newest not yet here grandbaby and upcoming marriage. think of you guys often.

  2. Maggie Gean says:

    It’s great to hear about the up-coming wedding and baptism, and the baby..
    And it’s great to hear Carole is feeling well. All of you, from the not yet here baby to the extended family are in my daily prayers. And I am hoping you are having more reasonable weather to enjoy these last weeks before school starts. We are cooking here in central IL. Maggie

  3. Marie says:

    Great to hear everything is going GREAT right now in your household. Congrats on the new Baby!!! That is always fun.

    Carol so good to here you are feeling better. Keep your chin up because GOD does work in mysterious ways.

    Say Hi to Mom (Sherry) for me.

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