Sometimes you just have to laugh ..

and laugh and laugh.  I forgot about this until I downloaded my pictures from the camera just now.

Here dad .. I can do that for you!

No really dad .. it’s looking good!

ok just let me take off a little more in this side

and  now to clean up behind the ears ..

HEY MOM!!  you and daddy match now

but I have to wonder which scarf Jimmie will wear:) lol

hugs those next to you folks!

3 Responses to “Sometimes you just have to laugh ..”

  1. Maggie Gean says:

    I love Dad’s new haircut, hugs and prayers

  2. Marie says:

    Carole you are looking more Beautiful and healthy in these pictures. Keep up the good work and know I am thinking about you daily.



    PS: say Hi to MOM (Sherry) for me

    • Sherrie Jo says:

      she is isn’t she:) and howdy back to you .. I am actually in Georgia again, had to come back to take care of a few things then will be going back to Texas again:)

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