Dakota started school today….

It was Dakota’s first day of school today. Carole and I took him to school and he stayed all day without a tear. He came home and said he liked it. He loves his teacher, and the toys, He played outside on the slide. He ate lunch and took a little nap. He was so happy. Carole was so happy. Our little one is in school it is so cool. Daddy is just a little happy also. I want to let everyone know Carole says she is feeling strange lately. Not this Sunday but next Sunday our church is going to fast and pray for her. I would like everyone to pray every day. I would also like everyone to ask someone that does not know about Carole to pray for her that Sunday. I know the more people that pray the better. I don’t know what is going to happen. I pray we get to keep her with us and she beats this. It is hard to talk to her face to face because I know everything that is wrong, I try to have faith but I always see or hear bad things. I am so mad, angry. ITS NOT FARE¬† for Carole to have to go though this. We all cry for her all the time, I should be strong for her and the kids. I try. I am sorry you all have to see the good with the bad. I will write more later.

Thanks James

Enjoy a few pictures of the kids on their first back to school day


Dakota’s very first day of school

5 Responses to “Dakota started school today….”

  1. thacia says:

    words cannot express how I feel about your familys dilemma. I am thrilled for Dakota and that you were both privellaged to have that special blessing of the first day of school. think of you guys often. will pray Sunday.

  2. Angie says:

    Carole or Jimmie, will one of you call or email me? My email is listed here and my cell is (deleted for privacy and number sent to Carole and Jimmie). Would like to get some info from you! Thanks! Angie with JMKL Corp

  3. Maggie Gean says:

    I am so glad Dakota had his mom there to see him of on that very important day. Doing ok here, keep all of you in my prayers

  4. Sherrie Jo says:

    I LOVE YOU!! Thank you both so much for keeping me up to date on the kids going back to school .. I am so so happy to see a smile and giggles on Dakota’s face .. imagine that! :) lol
    big big hugs

  5. Marie says:

    Jimmey if I was in this situation I would hope everyone would talk to me and ask me anything. It might be hard but I would want all questions answered before (if) anything happens. Don’t be afraid to talk to her. Ask her what she does want to talk about and what she doesn’t that might help. It is Ok to be mad, sad …ect. I know there would be a lot of tears shed here if it was me.

    On a brighter side:
    It must have been great to have Dakota go to school and with out any trouble. You will have have a some time with Carol now while the kids are in school so enjoy it.

    Say Hi to Carol & Sherry and will talk again soon.

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