Its 10:40 pm.

Carole and the kids are in bed. Little Dakota was very tired. I guess going to to school full time makes you a little tired. Carole is ok for the most part, She is great to the kids. She just keeps it all inside when they are around, I dont know how but she is so strong when it comes to the kids.  Me not so much. I just tell them to go ask your mother. She will start the trial on Sep 9th. It is in Hot Springs AR. This next week we go back to MD Anderson for more scans. MRI and CT. And the blood work. We will let everyone know when we find out, She has had a lump form on her breast and a lump under her arm. We do not know what they are. Im going to say this just how I can I hope everyone understands, Carole could not go back to MD Anderson tell now because of our Insurance. My insurance with Comcast stopped on 7-1-2010. We could not pay Cobra 1490.00 a month to keep it going. I tried to get help with the premium and could not. I have tried to find a job, But everyone wants to know why I no longer work at Comcast and I tell them I got hurt on the job and they fired me when the Dr said I could not squat. I still get 60% of my wage until they settle , But not my insurance.  Even with a new job they will not insure Carole because of the pre existing condition. I thank Carole is a little mad at me. I tried to get on with Comcast in Humble or Houston in the phone center but they never called me back after I talked with 3 human resource workers and sent my resume. I know god has a plan and we will do his will. We have food on the table roof over our heads and each other. Mom has asked for help on this for us and now I must also. If you could help in any way we would appreciate it. Remember early detection is key to beating this go for a checkup.  Hope you all well



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  1. Maggie Gean says:

    Jimmy, that anger isn’t about you as much as it’s the whole situation, Carole’s body, the cancer, the insurance, the long list of things Carole can’t change but has to deal with.
    I go through bouts of anger with Mark Young, his stupid decision to pass a couple cars, his choice is the cause of my accident, and he also lost his life. It’s been over 7.5 months, and I still get screaming mad at a dead man I never met. And at my foot, and at the changes this has made in my life, and at being off work, away from a job I do well and where I am badly needed.
    I’m angry with the financial mess, even knowing it will get better, even knowing it’s far better than the first 8 weeks with no income. I’m angry with the shoes, all the ones I got rid of that I could never wear again, the pretty high heels I see on the feet of other women..
    Nothing in my life is as big, as huge, as damnably unfair, cruel and just Wrong as Carole’s cancer..and I know her anger and pain, mine is just not near as justified.
    Hang in there, I keep all of you right on the top of my prayer list, every time I talk to God and I do that quite a few times a day.

  2. thacia says:

    thinking of you guys…thanks for posting…thacia

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