Well the day is done ..

and I am  .. well heck last just start at the beginning of the day

First off breakfast .. you know what ‘they’ say .. the most important meal of the day:) So bright and early this morning …

I can see that it looks like mommy and Dakota ate .. looks like Tiffani is eating, but me thinks that Miss Chloe .. well hmmm is that a phone in her hand?  yep I am sure it is:)

Now on to the Genesis Cancer Center .. I am pretty sure there were butterflies fluttering in a few tummies ..but after the paperwork was done Carole began the first treatment of the Ipilimumab Clinical trial.

Caption was .. and here we go, say your prayers

I was standing in the middle of my kitchen when I received that text and picture .. and honey that is exactly what I did!

{{dries eyes}}

ok .. nothing to do for a few hours so Jimmie and the kids head out for a bit ..

Chloe says she found the car that she wants ..

Actually the text said “Daddy is going to buy me this”

ROFL!!  when I was finished laughing I texted her back …lol heck I am still laughing:) but honey it is a very pretty car:)

then they headed back to the motel for a bit …

Not yet kids … must wait for the mom:)

OH OH OH .. was that Carole that just texted and said she was done?   well I think so!  She was done and had to wait for about an hour so they could monitor her .. the next thing I know I get this ….

WOOHOO!!!  look at that big beautiful smile .. and look no barf bag! :)

She did great this time!!  So they did a little site seeing, HEY did you know that it is the weekend for the Hot Springs Motorcycle Rally ..  Harley’s ALL OVER!!  But no pics .. sorry:)

But look what Dakota found .. and a friend too!

Then they grabbed a little lunch I think .. but don’t hold me to that one, they may have saved eating for dinner ..

NOW you can swim!! :)

The girls never miss a chance to send out big peace signs

and Dakota .. well he never misses a chance to hide from Grandma:)

on your mark .. get set ..


They also drove around and read about and found about the Hot Springs and the Cold Springs there .. pretty amazing stuff!   and then they went to dinner at Perkins Family restaurant …

Dakota was pretty well all played out .. so he slept against momma.  Now the kids could have eaten at any of the fast food places that were close to the motel .. but they found this place and decided on a real sit down dinner.  Now to tell you about their Waitress .. Peggy .. The kids were telling her why they were in town, and it turns out that Peggy’s daughter works at the Cancer center.      Peggy gave Carole and Jimmie all her contact info, she has offered her home to them when they have to come back .. Thank you Peggy .. from one mom to another mom, thank you so so much!

Now to the serious stuff .. we all want to thank you all for your support, your prayers, your help, your shoulders, and your smiles … Thank you!

Well that’s it I guess .. for now

Give out those hugs freely people and say I love you .. Sweet dreams

OH and as is the norm .. if anything is wrong here then Jimmie can fill it in or fix it in his postings:)

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  1. Marie says:

    So glad everything is going GREAT right now for all of you!!!!!!!!!!!! Carole keep up the good work and keep smiling you have a lot of people on your side.

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