I have put this off for a few hours ..

But now I must post because I know many many friends and family are waiting to know something.

Before Carole went to the new trial in Arkansas she had to have current baseline scans for the Genesis Cancer Center.  Carole and Jimmie received the findings yesterday.  Comparing the scans to the last scans in July they found several things .. there are a confirmed 7 tumors in the brain, plus the other tumors through Carole’s body are both larger and smaller . . meaning that some are larger and a couple are smaller.

The doctor at Genesis said that the ‘lumps’ (pretty large by the way) that Carole has in her Bre ast (spelled wrong by the way so we don’t end up in spam folders) and in her lymph node under her right arm are tumors.  BUT the good (ya good) thing about them is that he can touch them, he will be able to know if the trial with the Ipilimumab is helping the tumors shrink .. this means that even though Carole has to wait until the end of the trial to get CT’s and MRI scans again that they can have a little ‘cheat’ in between.

I know that sometimes it is just so hard to come and read here .. that is why we try and post the happy moments too .. the great pictures, the school things, the silly things kids do .. we do smile, we do laugh, we do joke  … but we also do need to let you all know the ugly side of this too.  It’s ok if you don’t have any words or don’t know what to say, really and truly there are times that we don’t either .. sometimes you just have to hug

I told a friend that we will not know anything about the inside tumors for at least 12 weeks .. you know what she said (in so m any words or less) .. What a wonderful Christmas gift it will be when they come back and everything is smaller.  She is right .. all I could think of is Carole and how she has to wait so long to know .. sometimes it takes someone on the outside looking in to see the flip side of the coin .. Yes what a wonderful Christmas gift that will be.

I will say this … Carole you keep fighting, you keep doing what you are doing, you keep your body strong and we .. well we will keep praying and sending out those good healing thoughts …

poop .. have to go wash my face

Love, hugs, and tears

3 Responses to “I have put this off for a few hours ..”

  1. Melissa says:

    Positive thoughts, prayers and hugs sending to you.

  2. Maggie Gean says:

    I am in tears, some times life is so bloody unfair..and there’s nothing we can do but deal with what comes our way. All of you stay on the top of my prayer list. Maggie

  3. Marie says:

    BIG {{{{{{{{{{{{Huggggggggs}}}}}}}}}}}}


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