BTHO Melanoma Fundraiser SUNDAY!

Hi everyone .. I know that I haven’t been on much lately but unless you want to hear about how great Dakota is doing in school, and boyfriend troubles or lack of troubles (the grand kids not ME! .. geez! :) or how Joshua is doing in football this year (by the way he is in California this weekend for football) then there really isn’t much to say.

SO if you do want all that good stuff too then just hang on a bit longer because I will be back in Texas on the 29th (till around the middle of November) and I will take lots of photo’s and tattle on everyone there:)  he he he  course they are all used to me having a camera in my hand so it is no surprise to any of them:)

Carole goes back to Arkansas Next week.  They will leave on Thursday to be there for the Friday morning (Oct. 1st)  trial.   Not sure if this has been mentioned and even so .. well you all are used to me repeating myself so here goes:)  Carole will be going to the trial every three weeks.

This next one is the 1st of October ..

the third one will be the 22nd of October

and the 4th one will be the 12th of November …

at least that is the way that I have it calculated out.   If I am wrong then Jimmie or Carole can correct it .. me .. it .. what ever:)  Since I will be there this time (for the October 1st appointment) then the girls and I will be staying in Texas  ..  at least I am pretty sure that is the plan .. so someone might want to check and make sure they haven’t tied me up and left me and the house while they run around with friends:) lol Just kidding of course .. they are great:)

OK .. now to why I am posting with the above subject line.   Sunday the 26th (as in just a couple of days!) is the big yearly BTHO Melanoma fundraiser in TEXAS!! it’s at the Landolt Pavilion in Clear Lake from 11am to 3pm .. lots of things to do and eat.

The local Fox news there did a special report on Julie and the foundation and the fundraiser this Sunday .. please watch the clip .. please go to it if you can .. because you know what .. even though it is a fundraiser and they are doing great work in helping several families with melanoma this year (Including ours truly) there will be FREE sun screening and we ALL know how very important that is .. so go, have fun, meet the founders, Meet Carole, Jimmie and the kids (yep they are going to be there), donate (oh you bet I said it!  I know how very important those dollars are and how they help in sooooooo many ways!) but do one other thing while you are there .. GET CHECKED!  for you, for your family, for your friends .. for me .. get checked!

Now go meet Brendan and watch the clip on Julie and the kids and understand why there is a BTHO Melanoma Fundraiser every year ..

OK .. now go hug someone you love, because life can change in a heartbeat

big hugs to you all

Sherrie Jo

4 Responses to “BTHO Melanoma Fundraiser SUNDAY!”

  1. Carrie Berry says:

    Ok Sherrie! You have been wonderfull about the updates! I have to say it really helps some of us who cannot read the blog everyday.( she really is good ) I also want to tell Brendan Thank you for being so helpful to Carole and Jimmie and the Kids, I really admire the help you have given them. I cannot imagine what you have been through, but the support is awsome. I just want you all to know how much I love and admire you all. Carole took such good care of me when I went to visit one year ( Chloe was only months old) I just remember her telling me after hours of (pucking) Carrie dont drink that milk cuz it’s gonna come up worse. I still drank it. (it came up awfull yuk) Anyway the point is. Is that Carole stood by me the whole time no matter what and I still think about that everyday. Carole you are one of the most unique, loving and caring sister ever and I love you. I only wish I could see you all. We love you All, Carrie,Brent,Cera and Cole. Thanks again Sherrie for letting us all do this it is hard sometimes to even get a phone call in.I LOVE YOU ALL! CARRIE

  2. amanda says:

    I seen Carole and her husband today and they gave me a card to see this website… (at the nail salon)! I will be sure to pray for them each day. She seems like she is a very strong woman. I hope everything gets better for the family! Sincerely, amanda

    • Sherrie Jo says:

      Amanda thank you so much for visiting and reading about Carole and her family. I am back in Texas again and Carole told me the story of meeting you and Jimmie giving you the card .. we all cried .. sometimes that just happens. But most of the times right now we try to laugh and talk about the silly everyday things .. laughing is so much more fun than crying. Just remember to keep an eye open for anything strange .. ok? ok:)
      Big hugs
      Sherrie Jo (Carole’s mom)

  3. Brendan says:

    Thanks for coming out Jimmie, Carole and kids!

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