It’s been a while heh?

I have to say that I am really really sorry for not updating sooner.  All I can say is cable here is bad .. really really bad!  and since I have to update ONline then it just didn’t happen.  I have been in Texas since the 29th .. you read where the kids (as in Jimmie and Carole) made the trip to Arkansas.

Well should I tell you what happened here while they were gone?  lol  You know how when the parents are gone the kids throw parties and stuff .. weeelllllll !  no we didn’t have a party but what we did do was move all the furniture in the great room (we surrounded the TV with the big couch sections for protection) and then I let them skate!  lol  it really was pretty fun and by the time mom and dad got back .. well Dakota is pretty darn good! :)  We of course had everything back where it belonged before they got home .. so don’t tell them ok! :)

Today is Thursday the 14th .. it is Carole’s 9th day of Whole Brain radiation treatment.  So far she is doing really well! So keep up all those “Get er done” prayers:) Kind of sad it is so far away though .. drive 70 miles then through Houston traffic to be at MD Anderson for 15 minutes tops .. then back home again.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day but it is filled with tons of tests too so they will be there all day long again:(

Other than being a little tired Carole looks wonderful .. has some weird things going on with her eyes now and then but she looks wonderful and just keeps going and going.

big hugs to you all and since I am giving you one .. then turn around and pay it forward, hugs, lots and lots of hugs to pass around because remember .. life as we know it can change in a heartbeat.


2 Responses to “It’s been a while heh?”

  1. Sheilah says:

    P.S.–My little chihuahua, Butterscotch, just came in for me to pick her up. She looked at Carole’s picture and barked–so Butterscotch says HI to Carole!! :-)

  2. Sheilah says:

    Prayers to all of you! Miracles do happen, and we are praying for a miracle. xoxo

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