I wrote this for my wife.

What is Love
Love is that sparkle in someones eyes when you first meet .
Love is meeting that someone at a party and staying up all night talking
Love is calling that person the next day and saying how fun it was.
Love is letting the other person tell you they are in love with someone else
and you staying around to help heal their heart when it dont work out .
Love is holding a child and loving him like your own just cause he is hers .
Love is making children and watching them be born .
Love is working things out when you make a mistake .
Love is forgiving when they make a mistake .
Love is the only cure when the doctors say you have cancer .
What is Love
Love is you and me my dear .
James Mott

3 Responses to “I wrote this for my wife.”

  1. sandé cross says:

    that is a wonderful expression of love!! more prayers, always, and God bless all of you!!

  2. Carrie Berry says:

    I am so lost for words’ because Carole and Jimmie are a truely wonderful couple, I grew up with Jimmie and I think that what he wrote was somthing wonderful,Jimmie I truely beleive that Carole is going to beat this. Carole you know me and I might sound weired but I am Jimmies little sister and we are kind of the same. I want you to know that we say a prayer everday for you all. From one Mom to a great Mom I could not have the best teacher than you Carole.You are a great Mom and always will be.
    Gosh darnet Jimmie you made me cry again. I love you all take care. All our Love Carrie, Brent, Cera and Cole.

  3. Sherrie Jo says:

    Very nice Jimmie .. filled with love for sure

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