“Thanks”giving …

I thought about whether to write or not and decided to .. so here goes. Today is Thanksgiving (at least for a few more minutes) and Tim and I spent it alone, but we were very Thankful that we both got to talk to or text our children and our fathers .. both of our mothers have passed away.

All of our kids are spending Thanksgiving with their family or friends as we all live so far apart .. but I am so thankful that that is what they are doing.  That they are all still here and spending time with family or family of friends.  Because not being able to talk to them, to call them, to text them .. it’s not something I want to think about….

We are all so very Thankful that Carole, Jimmie and the kids are spending this time together .. just saying that, just saying that they are all together brings tears to my eyes.  They are all in Galveston on the beach!!  How about that:)  Thank you so much to you .. this special man that made that possible .. thank you so much!  I hear tell that the first night was good, the second not so much as 5 of them were pretty sick .. but since Wednesday they have been spending time on the beach and enjoying being  together on a family vacation:)  I even received a coupe of pictures of fish on the end of hooks, and hear that all of the kids have caught at least one.

You know I always try and post the good things here between the posts of letting you all know what is going on between the tests and trials.  I try to give you smiles between the tears.

But there are tears .. and fears .. and wondering.  There has not been one single day since the middle of April that I haven’t woke up and remembered the morning of the first phone call, remembered the day I saw my ‘little girl’ in the hospital, the day that Jimmie and I had to tell Carole that she had cancer .. every day, every freaken day it runs through my mind, and the fear that we may lose her, that the kids might lose mom.  Every morning for just a split second that I think it has been a nightmare, but in the same second realize that it is actually one, one that is being lived every day for Carole.

So when I try and make you smile, when I show you the kids or funnies that have happened please don’t think I am making light of this … I just try to remind myself that kids are kids and they still do funny things no matter what .. they also show love like no one else.  I have seen each one of the kids crawl up into mom’s lap and just lay there hugging her while they both cry, while they both wonder, while they both feel the fear of that moment .. no it’s not all fun and smiles.  I pray every night (and several times during the day in my quite moments) that there will be a cure that Carole needs, that the kids need .. and I know from my mailbox that many many friends and family do the same and for that I am very very Thankful …

opps me thinks I went over midnight .. well pop tart farts! but I did start this before midnight, guess I need to learn to type faster

love, hugs and tears

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  1. Carrie Berry says:

    I am without words! I loved the pictures and notes from Jimmie. I truley wish that Brent the kids and I could be there with you. ( cource Cole and Brent want the biggest fish ha ha) We truley wish we could have been there to watch all the kids get there fish (Uncle Brent liked that) as did I! Hey did you all check out the Wolf Pack Game? ( yeh they finally beat Idaho ) We were all on the edge 0f our seats. I could not be more thankful for the Family that I have. Carole and Jimmie and Kids! Uncle Brent’ Cera ‘Cole and I Love you all so dearly and wish you all a very wonderful Holiday. I hope you dont mind, but I would like to give our love to John, Mealinda and the Kids as well, We dont hear from them to much. Carole & Jimmie from your little,( big )sis we love you all very much! Take care and call soon. All our hugs and kisses! Love Carrie,Brent,Cera and Cole.

    Carole how did you guys handle a teenage girl? I need your help. Ha Ha your going thru it again. This is my first time. ( HeEEEEEEEEElp) Love Ya.

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