Update of scans ..

and a little more too.   First off, Carole is in the hospital for a few days.  I do not know for how long.  Jimmie said 2 or 3 days .. they are trying to keep her from getting pneumonia as she has been very very sick.  She also has an infection some where that they can’t find.  Jimmie updated the facebook so I am updating here for the rest of the family not on facebook and for friends.

These were his postings ..most resent is first…

James Mott

Carole and Dakota are asleep. We are waiting in the waiting area of Dr Kim. Little man wore me out. I will update when we know.…  23 hours ago

James Mott

ok so far all I know is brain tumors are smaller. The 2 on her lungs have got bigger. She has a infection they need to find. That is what making her so sick right now. They are going to give her IV now …  22 hours ago

James Mott

Ok. Carole is here for MRI. At 7 am we will be back for CT and blood work at 1 pm we talk to Dr Kim. He will tell us what we want to hear. “all tumors are gone or getting smaller”. Today I took Carole to the ER in Clevland because of her headache I’m worried about swollen or bleeding tumors. The Dr at the ER gave her p…ain meds. So say your prayers and keep her in your thoughts.

Wednesday at 6:25pm

So that’s is for now …

Also .. something is wrong with the subscribers emails going out right:(   I know there have been no updates sent out and I can’t find the problem but when I do I will fix it .. until then you all will just have to check in now and then for updates.  Sorry:(

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