Carole is still in Hospital

Its been busy. Carole is still in the hospital. They dont know why she has a headache all the time. They are doing a lumber puncture at 1 tomorrow. They have her on pain med she is in and out of it. We did not go see her today. I miss her so much, This house is not the same without her in it. Chloe, Tiffani and Dakota put the tree up, We only did lights. We want to wait for mom and Joshua to be home to decorate. Well ill write more soon

Thank you


2 Responses to “Carole is still in Hospital”

  1. amanda says:

    Still praying for the family. Keep us updated. Hope god heals her very soon. Miracles happen every day

  2. Sherrie Jo says:

    poop! and that was the nicest word I could think of:( Sending lots of hugs and love to her .. I talked to her for a second on the phone and told her we love her.

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