Carole in hospitial again ..

This was added on the morning of the 18th to this posting and the ‘subject’ line changed ..

I have been trying to get this template for the notifications set up when I received a text from Jimmie.

He has taken Carole to the Cleveland ER .  She has been home a week (after being in the hospital for a week) and when I talked to her last night (Thursday the 16th) she still had not eaten anything and could not keep liquids down. All I know is that they had a hard time starting an IV and they are keeping her overnight to get fluids in her.  Either I or Jimmie Will post more later when more is known.


This was sent to all subscribers on the 17th … PLEASE READ … Hi everyone .. I am trying to figure out why no notifications are being sent to those who subscribe .. I am not the only one having problems but trying to get through all the coding and such is hard.  html I can hunt down no problems at all .. but the coding used for wordpress is nothing like it.  Please know I am trying and if I ever get it fixed .. HEY all you subscribers will be the first to know:)

Update and crossing fingers .. I have switched to a new notifying plugin .. I am working out all the bugs so you MIGHT get an extra email from me (the blog) .. please forgive but I have to get a notifier going

update again and I think I am through for the night .. I have added all you subscribers to the new notifier .. you may have gotten an email about it .. no clue:)  It’s called MailChimp just so you know yes that it is from me:) A coupe of  you may have received this 2 or 3 times .. I am really sorry about that!  but had to get every one in and had to do it by hand .. eegads! :)

Now some of you I actually lost and had to remake your profile .. so you will get an email telling you what the log in and password is so you can go in and change it to what you want .. they more i learn about what I messed up I will pass on:)

have a good day


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  1. sandé cross says:

    carole, jimmie, and sherrie, i continue to pray with all my might. i do think miracles happen everyday, especially at Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour–surely the greatest miracle of all! i hope Christmas finds carole at home with her family, and feeling good, and no more pneumonia!! love to you all! sande

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