Carole is home .. again ..

I should have posted this earlier today but am glad now that I waited as I actually got to talk to Carole for a bit tonight.

She was released last night to go home .. so home they went.  I am not sure of all the details but I know that at midnight last night Jimmie was at MD Anderson picking up some of the prescriptions.  They are not the only ones that had them .. but they are the only ones that didn’t want to charge 161 dollars for 1 one of them .. geez:(      He said Carole was home alseep.

As I said I just got off the phone with her .. She was pretty upset that she was able to go to Dakota’s school Christmas festivities Friday.   She sounded good tonight .. well I guess as good as you can expect huh? :(    They have their tree up and Tiffani sent me a picture .. is really really pretty.

OH and after 2 weeks with no food down or staying down .. she was actually able to eat a couple of bites tonight:)

that’s it for now .. give em hugs people!

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