Worry worry worry

Faith faith faith is what we should all have. Carole is still sleeping most the day, But when she is awake she is doing more. She tried to make the dinner tonight, She got tired fast. She wanted to make Dakota his favorite. Cheesy goodness. Well just say Joshua got the first 4. He likes his well done. She sat back down and soon fell back asleep. They are going to remove the tumor in her arm this next week. It is getting bigger. The Dr does not thank the trial worked. She will go back to him on the 13th for more scans. At that time he will let us know what our choices are in treatment. That is where the faith comes in. Does she have it ? Do we have it ? Do my children have it ? Maybe maybe not. What do I have to do to believe she is going to be ok. Man we  sure picked a bad year to stop smoking. So just live life and enjoy it. I could say @#$% it. But Carole would kick my but.


3 Responses to “Worry worry worry”

  1. Donna Hardey says:

    Carole, Jimmy, and family: I’m praying that God will grant you all peace and comfort during these days. I think of you all often, pray for you often, and miss you, Carole, on the Ellowyne Wilde boards. Love to all, Donna

  2. May The Dear Lord send his angels to enfold you all within their wings, bringing you a measure of faith, peace and comfort.

  3. Sherrie says:

    I just want to wrap my arms around all of you. YOU are the one that keeps telling me, trust and faith, trust and faith .. Jimmie we have to have it, we have to have it in the doctors, in God and in family and friends.

    big big tearful hugs

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