Not really an update ..

But since I have had a few phone calls and several emails lately I thought I would post.  I talked to Carole on Thursday evening.  She is in a lot of pain because of the tumor in her arm .. they are still waiting for a consultation with a surgeon to see when something can be done about it.  I am sure when they know then either Jimmie or I or maybe even Carole will let you know.

Speaking of Carole ….we do do  (OH I said do do:) that a lot you know.  She has told me many times that she has thought about posting, she has gotten so far as actually bringing up the posting page and then just can’t .. I am sure you can all understand the pain, the anger, the sorrow that comes from even thinking about posting.  Thinking about putting your feelings or your thoughts to paper at this time … she knows you all care so much and I know for a fast that she and the kids and Jimmie are all very thankful for that .. me to of course but I think you know that ..

SO if I can say one thing in parting for today .. GIVE HUGS, say I love you, make a phone call that is over due .. you know that hardest part of that phone call is the hello .. after that it’s all catching up, so do it! :)

big big hugs

Sherrie Jo

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  1. tiffany woods says:

    hello i was just letting you know that you and your family has been on my mind..if you dont remember who i am i am your server at denny’s..i am praying for yall and your family..i know it is a hard time and if you ever need someone to talk to just write me or come see me..i know how it is…just keep up your spirits and let god work his miracles..

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