MD has done it again……..

Most the day Anderson has us there from 3 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday, Then from 730am to 4 pm on Thursday. Why Cant it be one day for the test? Carole has MRI’s, blood work and a meeting with the surgery team tomorrow. Then on Thursday she has a CT and X-rays, Then meets with her Dr to go over the results. She has been up and around most the day, The last few days. She is in alot of pain with her arm, The tumor is bigger. We hope the surgery helps. Carole did go get her nails and toes done on Saturday. It made her feel great. She did break one of the toe nails that night as she got sick witch was the last time she did get sick. She has been eating more everyday. Well im going to get to bed, Will post more when I know more



One Response to “MD has done it again……..”

  1. Mom says:

    Well pooh! Think maybe they just like seeing your shining faces? :( I know it’s hard sitting down there and waiting for hours on end .. Wish to heck there was something I could say to make it better:) how about I LOVE you all very much:) ya ya ya I know it doesn’t help much .. But I do. I hope they get Carole in as fast as possible so she can pick up and love on Dakota and all of you soon:)

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