Good news bad news

That is how the Dr came in the room, They tell us good news first. MRI of the brain Impression

1. Continued decrease in multiple intracranial metastases. 2 No new lesions.

…. In English Tumors in the brain are getting smaller, and no new ones. VERY HAPPY.

Bad news. CT Chest Impressions: Bilateral pulmonary nodules consistent with metastatic disease. There is evidence of progression. Study compared to 12/02/2010 and correlated with 10/15/2010. Enlarged axillary nodes also in keeping with metastatic disease. There has also been interval progression….

…. In English lung tumors are getting bigger and tumors are in the nodes.

CT Abdomen and Pelvis Impression: Interval progression of metastatic disease. There are multiple masses in the liver. Adrenal masses in the right adrenal gland have also progressed.

…. In English Everything from the head down has gotten bigger. VERY PISSED. Brain is good, body needs some help.

They gave her 2 choices a Clinical Trial or more Chemo. The Trial is a BRAF inhibitor. # R05185426. ( you can find out more about it on It is said to work good but it only keeps it away for up to 18 months. The Chemo is a 50 50 shot in the dark, We all know how she took chemo before and it did not help. But this time its a new drug. Im not sure the name only because the paper work they gave us has a different guys name on it. But what I have is Carboplatin and Paclitaxel. So we are not sure how it is going to go.

First she has to get better from surgery she is having on Tuesday to remove the tumor in her arm. About 2 weeks after if all goes good she will start one.

I know this is long I just have to much info. We need to be back to MD Anderson at 8 am. Carole and the kids are all sleeping like babies. I need to do the same. We send our love to you all.  Goodnite


2 Responses to “Good news bad news”

  1. sandé cross says:

    thanks for the update. neither of those alternatives sound like much fun; the study sounds encouraging, though. i’m praying that the Lord helps you make the right decision. meanwhile, many prayers and much love, sandé

  2. Sherrie Jo says:

    Sending you all my love and prayers.

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