The anger spills out …

the phone just rang .. it was Jimmie telling me that the cops showed up to make sure there was no trouble while ‘they’ were trying to get Carole’s IV in for her chemo.

I guess I should go into that first eh?  Yes carole is on ChemoTherepy again .. starting this evening .. I am not sure of all the details because so much was said last time we talked about it that I just plum forgot everything:(  But she will be on the chemo drip for like 5 hours then she goes home, then Jimmie has to give her a shot the next day.  I am not sure how often she will be on the Chemo, once a week I think but don’t hold me that.  I do know that it is not the same drugs as last time because they didn’t help .. so it’s a different set this time.   They were supposed to be done around 1am .. but still no drip in yet so the time has changed …

NOW .. chemo .. why chemo you may ask?  Because you have heard us talk of maybe doing the B-RAF mutation trial.  That is the type of Melanoma it is, the B-RAF Mutation .. the doctor wants her on it .. but guess what? They have 3 trials going on .. 1 in Tennessee, 1 in Illinois, and 1 in California .. ok none of them are close to the kids but travel is no problem. and the drug trial has no charge .. so what’s the hold up?  OH Medicaid (I get them all mixed up but it’s the social security one) .. Carole receives it from Texas .. all well and good and helps with the different things that happen in Texas .. but out of state .. NOPE!   Doesn’t matter if the B-RAF trial could be the one and only thing that could save her life .. the clinic in another state will not take it and will not take her without a way to pay for it.   SO can you even imagine the pain and anger that has been going on around Texas and Georgia lately ..

Keep in mind that fighting cancer for the family whether it be in Texas or Georgia .. whether it be prayers or talking to doctors, family or friends, whether it be research or reading about new things ..  is an everyday thing .. and for Carole, it’s an every second of every minute of every day thing.

Today I was talking with a friend on the phone .. ranting would be another word for it probably.  Then here is the phone call from Jimmie .. and instead of him telling me what happened, as soon as he started talking I was yelling right back.  You see there are problems getting an IV into Carole now and the person who was trying made the mistake of telling Carole and Jimmie something to the effect of

“I don’t have time for this, you guys are going to have to come back tomorrow”

If this set me off over the phone when Jimmie told me can you imagine what happened at the hospital .. a cancer hospital no less!  NO TIME, TOO BUSY .. what the frack is that!!  People do not go there for the freaken fun of it , they don’t get jabbed and poked and prodded because it feels good!  They are there because they are dieing, they are trying to save their lives, they are praying every day that someone can help them do that .. and then to have a nurse .. a CANCER!!!!!!!!!!! nurse say she is too busy to try and find a vein, to busy!  Is that all they do, clock in because it’s their job, because if they are not clocked in they can’t get paid .. so they are only there for themselves!  A CANCER HOSPITAL .. which by the way I know many of you know the name MD Anderson .. you ARE a number there.  I have been there many many times with Carole, you are absolutely a number … every time I see the commercials on TV for Cancer centers of American I think of MD Anderson, and how you are absolutely just a number  .. and now .. and NOW you are just a number ONLY if they have time for you ..  ya the anger spills out ..

5 Responses to “The anger spills out …”

  1. Elna says:

    Thankfully, this nurse represents a small percentage. Hopefully she will be delt with. Hopefully she will never have to have a family member go through what Carole is going through. I hope the hospital’s attitude gets a good kick in the rear for adjustment. Prayers continuing. ELna

  2. sandé cross says:

    i’ve been offline all weekend, and just read this; i am screaming angry!! this nurse should be fired and her licence revoked!!! even if she just meant to mutter it to herself, as we all do when frustrated, she should NEVER have let it escape her stupid mouth!! it’s unconscionable that ANY health care staff would behave this way; but at a center for dying people who are trying to live, it’s not only unconscionable, but incredibly sad and insensible!!!
    my prayers continue for carole, and your whole family, sherrie; i hope you know how very much i mean this. i love you all; don’t know why, since i’ve never met you all in person, but that’s unimportant. i do love you all, and am putting all my energy into carole’s fighting arsenal. sandé

  3. Maggie Gean says:

    I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers, it’s been a very long and hard battle and it’s not getting easier. Everywhere it’s ‘I’m here for the paycheck’ attitude but one would hope that at Hospitals and clinics people there would put the job first, the people first. Maggie

  4. Colleen says:

    I am so sorry! I hope someone can help you get the care Carole needs. Someone reading your post must know how to get the system to work– let us pray! Prayers and hugs winging their way…..Cordially, Colleen

  5. Marie Read says:

    I feel your pain guys and this really upsets me too. I wish there was more I could do you all of you!!!! {{{{{{{ HUGGS }}}}}}}}

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