A daughters love ..

Miss Tiffani Jo .. Carole’s youngest daughter sent me a little something tonight .. she ask me to please put it here on the website ..

Tiffani you did a beautiful job .. an absolutely beautiful job ..

A Mother Fighting Cancer By Tiffani Mott

Please click the above link to see the Video that she made ..

6 Responses to “A daughters love ..”

  1. Marie R. says:

    Tiffani you did a wonderful job I love it. :) MOM & DAD will love it. I wish it was a download I would have kept it to watch now and then

  2. Angie says:

    Absolutely BEAUITFUL Tiffani!!!!

    I can feel your love, my tears will not stop flowing, my heart is with you all,

    Sherrie Jo you have a beautiful family!


  3. sandé cross says:

    oh, tiffany, i am so proud of you! it can’t be easy for you and the other kids to watch this unfolding. you have an exceptionally loving family, and so many of us praying for one of God’s miracles for your mom. thank you for sharing this tribute with us.

    so much love for you all, sandé

  4. Ali C says:

    Great job, Tiff! You are a very special girl. A gift your mom treasures, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Love, hugs, and prayers,
    Ali C.

  5. grandpa says:

    Well done:’(

  6. Sherri and Carole ….. what a blessing to have the love of your young Tiffani Jo to enfold you …. the bonds of a family, such as you all share, are a blessing straight from Our Lord Himself.

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