It’s Official .. she is SUPER MOM …

Figured it was about time for an update .. received a call from the kids (to me the kids are Jimmie and Carole ya’ll:) yesterday with some news .. talked to them again today for a bit.  Carole told me that she did laundry today, even folded all the towels (and honey I have done laundry there before .. I KNOW how many towels there are! lol:)  She has been in so much pain with her arm . . yes it still hurts and no she still can’t move it much ..

you may think to yourself .. “Wow .. she had the surgery to remove the tumor several weeks ago” “she should be better or at least in not so much pain by now”  … and you know what, your right, she should be .. she should be doing a lot of things by now.  But she isn’t and she is in just as much pain as before the surgery ..but it’s good she is able to do some stuff

want to know why she still hurts?

Because her arm is BROKE!!  .. will let sink in for a minute … HER ARM IS BROKE! and not one freaken doctor in all the time that she has gone in for the tumor in her arm has taken an xray, or ran a CT … not one!

OK .. here is the deal as I know it.  Carole had an appointment yesterday, they did an xray of her arm .. or maybe her chest . . not sure which (you do have to understand that we talk about so much I forget:( )  anyway .. they leave and a little while later Jimmie gets a phone call “Mr Mott are you aware that your wife has a broken arm? .. it looks to be about 3 weeks old”  WHAT .. WHAT!!!      ya go ahead .. say all you want to say .. heaven knows we have. She what??

The fracture is just under the humeral head (Right arm of course) and runs half way through the bone.  Really not sure if the doctor cracked it when doing the surgery for the tumor or not.   We are scared about what it may mean though :(   Doctor is finally talking about doing a PET scan but not for another 3 weeks!   They can’t cast it .. they are going back through the old CT’s and MRI’s to see if maybe any of them caught it by chance . a broken arm .. good lord no wonder she has been in so much pain for so long:(

Carole will be taking her second dose of Chemotherapy this Friday .. another one day treatment.  She didn’t get sick with the last one so we pray she doesn’t this time either.

oh did you back up and read that again .. ya so did I .. heck I wrote it and still can’t get over it .. a broken arm .. yep she is Super Mom, with her friendly sidekick .. the Caterpillar

Jessica bought this for Carole a couple of weeks ago for her arm .. she loves Her Candace

ok .. I guess that’s it for now .. either I or Jimmie will be back in the next few days to correct or update .. I will let you know how she does after this round of chemo

Give those hugs folks, lots of hugs, lots of I love you’s and live .. live each day like you may never get to say I love you again

Love, hugs, and tears

Sherrie Jo


2 Responses to “It’s Official .. she is SUPER MOM …”

  1. Lena says:

    Sherrie, How is Carole doing? Haven’t seen a new posting from you or Jim in a couple of weeks. I hope things are going well for Carole and her arm is healing.

    Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers,

    God Bless,

  2. Elna says:

    Good Golly! a broken arm on top of everything! More prayers that it heals and the pain recedes–fast! (also that the chemo goes well) Big Hugs from PA.

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