Cancer sucks, and lies

Carole had her scans done yesterday They are not good at all. The tumors are back in her brain and 1 of them is bleeding. The Dr says we have 2 choices, 1) Enjoy the last few months of your life comfortably. or 2) See if they will do gamma knife on 2 of the tumors and hope and pray the other 4 stay the same and maybe she can get on a trial. I thought it was only in movies someone was told they are going to die and to enjoy the rest of your life. Carole and I cried for a while. All Carole kept saying is Dakota is not going to remember me, the kids are not going to have a mommy. Your not going to have a wife, Chris, Wendy and Ermal are not going to have a sister. My mom and Melinda are going to be hurt so bad……

Carole not one time did she say anything about herself. How strong is she?

I will write more later.



12 Responses to “Cancer sucks, and lies”

  1. Lena says:

    God is on Your Side

    “The Lord will fight for you.” Exodus 14:14

    I read these words and draw in a deep breath. I need them right now. Don’t we all? Oh, we may not go to war.
    But we fight…
    for relationships
    for dreams
    We battle…
    against illness
    against discouragement
    I think of you staring at the screen, perhaps feeling your strength is small. Oh, yes, I know what that’s like.
    But victory isn’t up to us.
    And those words you sometimes hear?
    “You’re not worth fighting for.”
    They’re a lie. Nothing more.
    This is the truth from the heart of One who calls you His own:
    You are loved.
    You are worth fighting for.
    You are even worth dying for.
    So go into your day, strong friend, knowing that nothing can defeat you.
    You’ve already won.

    by Holley Gerth, DaySpring Writer

  2. Laurie Lenz says:

    This is Laurie Lenz. I’m a member of the doll community. Just stumbled onto this site today, and my heart was just broken for your family. Please know that I am holding you in prayer Carole, Jimmie, Chloe, Tiffani, Dakota and Sherrie. I am a mother of 5, and the wife of a malignant melanoma survivor. Praying for miracles for your family–for strength, peace, healing, hope. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. God be with you.

  3. Carrie Berry says:

    Well I was very shocked to read the blog this morning and Carole was right when she said I would call her after reading it. My heart aches so very bad for her,the kids and Jimmie. I talked with both of them today and one thing I can say is that if anything we have a very strong family, and Carole you most definitly top the list. I pray everyday many times a day for you.I look foward to our long talkes on the phone when we get them.I will talk to you or Jimmie soon. I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to Chloe Dawn and wow your going on your first date how exciting. I hope we all get to see eachother very soon. I love you all very much. Many Hugs and Kisses Aunt Carrie

  4. Marie R. says:

    OH MY ….my heart is aching for you and I am very upset for Carole as well because that would be my thought too my kids & grandchildren & Hubby what are they going to do with out me. You are both in my prayers always I have have to stop here as well :(

  5. Phyllis says:

    Sherrie, I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling. Hold each other close in your hearts. You know there is a world out here praying for Carol.

  6. Maggie Gean says:

    There are no words I can say that will help ease the pain, no good choices and far too young for anyone to have to make those choices. A young family who still need their Mom, a husband who needs his wife, and a woman with so much yet to give and share and teach.
    Life is not often fair or easy or kind, we strive and work to make the world a better place, to become better humans, to give others the best we can give, to look at the walk of Jesus and try to walk that road, that we might be more like Him, it’s just not fair that such terrible diseases exist, that wars exist, that earthquakes happen…I have no answers, no wise words of comfort and support, but my heart grieves for all of us and my prayers are with all of you, Maggie in IL

  7. dal says:

    Dear dear SherrieJo. I send healing prayers to your dear Carole and your family. You have touched so many people’s hearts.

    Blessings to you all.

  8. Elna says:

    every time I think of you, Carole, I think of my own daughter, and then I pray harder for you and your family. Carole, know that you’ve made me love my daughter even more–if that’s possible. No way your kids would ever forget you! You are the definition of a loving child of God.

  9. JoAnn says:

    My heart is crying out for all of you right now, with loads of love and prayers.

  10. cathy says:

    carol and jimmy i love you both and hope the best carol you are a fighter and you will beat this

  11. Sherrie Jo says:

    I love you all so much. I tried to explain to Tim a few weeks ago that when I say Carole’s name .. each and every time I say her name .. all in a flood she fills my mind, memories of her as a child carrying around Deloris, that silly little doll that by the time it was handed down to Wendy it didn’t have hardly any hair left, her as a teenager and being a flag girl for school, all the dancing and the practicing, the laughter, the splits, the rushing to get ready for recitals ..
    Then growing up and having Joshua, the first Christmas .. the second one when we found out he was deaf .. her fighting for him, fighting with doctors that wouldn’t believe he flat wasn’t hearing .. the girls, the pride in her eyes with her beautiful girls, teaching them to stand up for themselves, Dakota .. her little man, her enjoying every minute of his life, teaching the kids he is the youngest and now teaching him he doesn’t always get his way .. and it works .. and then there is Jimmie, and the way she looks at you .. Carole’s eyes are bright and full of love . . even if she does want to punch you sometimes :)

    all of that in that split second from the moment that Carole’s name starts rolling off my lips ..

    my heart hurts, it hurts for me but it hurts worse for Carole .. because I know how Carole is hurting for Joshua, for Chloe, for Tiffani and for Dakota .. and for you Jimmie .. she loves you all so so much and you can see it in her eyes .. her beautiful eyes full of love for you all.

    • Lena says:

      Sherry, your comment made me cry. My daughter is the same as as your Carole, and I cannot even begin to imagine her with this dreadful disease. My heartfelt love and prayers go out to all of you, and to you Sherry, God Bless and watch out for your entire family.


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