1 year today ..

I have wanted to post for a little while now but the words are so hard to come by.

But today I must, today the words are easy .. I can say this .. 1 YEAR ago Carole had her brain surgery, 1 year ago I watched her laying in that bed, we all watched her, we cried for her and with her and for each other .. we held on tight knowing that Carole would make it .. and she did .. through all the pain, through all the visits, through it all .. 1 year!

There are not a lot of people that can say that after being told they have metastasized Melanoma .. but she is a fighter, she hangs on, Carole has jumped every hurdle that was put in front of her .. just now a little slower because of her broken arm .. but she looks into her kids faces and lunches herself over another hurdle …

Carole you really are a truly amazing young lady .. I love you


One Response to “1 year today ..”

  1. Bobbie says:

    I cant tell you how awesome it was to see you all at the ballpark in shepherd,Everyone looked so good! Carole looked awesome , everyone looked so happy and seemed to be having a good time. I have to hand it to Carole she does do an awesome job of being brave. I don’t know if i could carry on as well as she has. i can see myself feeling sorry for myself and closing myself in, if i was in her shoes, but not carole shes out and about doing her thang like always! So good to meet caroles mom, who by the way keeps everyone informed by having this website (which i am so grateful for) and nice to see the kids,and everyone having a great time.

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