A Wife, Mother, Friend and Fighter….

Carole you are the best at everything. You make our family everything it is. It has been over a year and you are still fighting ever day for one more day. This past weekend we made sure our family will be together forever. Im scared and you know it, I could never be as strong as you. But you know if I could trade places, and take your pain away I would. This is not fare to you, the kids. I know we have a tough road ahead. Carole I love you.

2 Responses to “A Wife, Mother, Friend and Fighter….”

  1. Maggie Gean says:

    all of you have taught me so much, appreciation for all I have, and to treasure each and every day I am given

  2. Robert says:

    Love my sis and my whole family more then anyone could ever know.. and i know that we will be together always… NMW

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