Just thinking ..

I am home again in Georgia.  I had told the kids (Carole and Jimmie) that I could stay longer if they need me to but they both felt that they really needed to have time to really talk to the kids … the worst news ever came right after I got there and they really were not able to really talk to the kids.

So I came home … well either that or they were tired of me! just kidding:)

All the way home and then even the last few days here I just keep thinking how strong Carole is .. the pain that she is in from her arm and she just keeps going!  The pain her heart feels for Jimmie and the kids .. and she just keeps going, not sure I could, really not.   I saw her cry from pain, from physical pain, from emotional pain .. but not one time did I see her cry in front of the kids .. I can’t say that though .. good lord a kid would look at me and I would break down .. but we had our laughs too.

Carole enjoys going to Dakota’s t-ball games, hasn’t missed one yet .. no matter what she is dressed with makeup and hair for each one of them .. that hour a couple of times a week .. nothing but laughter and shouting .. was good to see that.

You guys I know we don’t post much right now, there really isn’t anything to say unless you want to hear the cursing, the tears from the feelings of Melanoma .. but that doesn’t help anyone does it  .. you already know that the doctors will do nothing else for Carole .. oh she wanted to!  but they said no, so a nurse comes out a couple of times a week to see her .. her name is Lacey, pretty nice gal .. and she has no problem in kicking off her shoes when she comes over, it’s a no shoes house you know .. heck with kids running in and out all the time it has to be, other wise you would just have to stand around with a broom and vacuum … and there are better things in life .. so kick off those shoes and sit a while, and tell stories, and remember the good times .. and tell people you love them, and show it too.

Remember that May is national Melanoma awareness month .. there are many MANY free skin check all over the USA so please call your local hospital and see if they can direct you to one .. or a local dermatologist .. find one .. do it

I love you Carole, I love you Jimmie, I love you Joshua, I love you Chloe, I love you Tiffani Jo, I love you Dakota (WHAT I didn’t hear you?  .. sorry little joke between Dakota and I ) .. and you .. each and everyone of you, thank you for caring, thank you for sharing your prayers, thank you so very very much.

Love, hugs, and tears

Sherrie Jo

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  1. Maggie Gean says:

    I hope Carole and Jimmie make videos for the future, including that hard one, talking with the kids about the medical realities, including the crying. It’s a part of the life they are living, not all laughter and cotton candy, it’s sharing the rough times and pain and tears also.
    I think so many of us have become better people through our contact with all of you, and through sharing this very hard past year.
    All of you remain in my thoughts and prayers, Maggie

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