Phone calls have been made ..

I needed to call family before this post could be written .. I feel I need to post because one of these days someone is going to run into this page .. they will be scared either for themselves or for someone they love, they will type Metastasized Melanoma into a search because they heard a doctor say it. You will be the mom (me), the husband (Jimmie) .. You will be crying as search everything for anything .. you be reading and reading ..

This site at times had happy smiling faces, photo’s of kids, photo’s of Jimmie and Carole, it had smiles and laughter .. but really what it is is a cry, a pleading for a cure.  This page is made of real everyday people, of a family that fought a battle that others before had fought .. and for a while .. for a brief few weeks we actually thought that Carole would win .. she would be the 2% that make it 5 years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastasized Melanoma.

SO many things lead Carole, Jimmie and the kids back to Texas .. just an hour away from MD Anderson .. every little thing fell into place so she could be there .. we all thought, we all prayed, since it all came together that she would make it.  She fought, she did everything the doctors said, the surgeries, the chemo’s, the testings, the trials .. the pain, we all knew how bad it could be but we all Know what a fighter Carole is .. when it comes to the kids, to Jimmie .. ya best not get in the way of that momma.  But Cancer doesn’t care, that little tiny spot on her head doesn’t care that she was fighting for her kids, for her family ..

Thousands of people, of friends, of family around the world lit candles, said prayers lifted up Carole’s name this past year .. and we do thank you for that .. those prayers I believe are what kept her family strong, kept Carole fighting.  SO many lose the battle of Metastasized Melanoma within months of finding out .. Carole was given a year .. too short.

I talked to Carole the day before Mothers day .. not for very long really, less than 2 minutes but she was happy, she was giving her niece hugs as she headed off to the prom and greeting Jon and Mealinda as they came in .. she was busy living life and smiling.  I haven’t heard her voice since.

Mother’s day Chloe called me and said momma was really sick and ask her to call … the tears roll down my face .. a couple of days later Jimmie told me that Carole was in bed and hadn’t been up except to be sick for a few days, a couple of days later she didn’t make it to Dakota’s t-ball game and we all know how much she loved those ..

On Saturday Carole had 2 seizures, she was and is at home surrounded by her kids and Jimmie .. 37 years old .. 37 years old and had to make decisions about where she wanted to be when she could no longer fight, 37 years old and in so much pain .. 37 years old doing things that no one that young should have to do.

CANCERS SUCKS!  some day down the road someone will run into this post because they are searching, searchng for that miracle that someone they love needs .. I know, I did, I ran into so many pages that just stopped, no postings after a few months.  You will be reading and reading and reading everything .. a year ago I wrote this and I am going to say it again .. reading is not good, reading about Stage 4 Metasasized Melanoma is scary, and it IS!!   so  I am talking to you right now, that person and this is what I have to say .. LIVE LIFE, LOVE those around you, DO things that make you smile, that make you laugh, FIGHT the fight and get every day out of your life that you can .. tell everyone that you love “I love you” and show it, live it ..and pray .. pray that one day this horrible thing will no longer be around!

I wear a black band that Carole gave me .. it says .. SAY it, FIGHT it, CURE it   .. yes Cancer Sucks!

Remember .. the world around you can change in a heartbeat .. ours did .. on April the 12th 2010, the world changed.

This is what Jimmie posted on facebook Yesterday ..

Carole is going fast. Please pray for the kids and her. All who are friends and family please know Carole is in no pain right now. The nurse is doing a great job keeping her pain free. The kids try and talk to Carole and I know Carole tries to respond.

Carole is still fighting ..

I love you Carole, I will see you Tuesday, Mom

Joshua, Dakota, Tiffani, Chloe

“We love you Mom and Dad”  April 9th, 2011


6 Responses to “Phone calls have been made ..”

  1. Maggie Gean says:

    I am so sorry to hear that Carole’s spirit has left this world and moved on, but she’s no longer living in a pain filled body but has a new one and will be there, fixing that mansion in heaven for all her loved ones, and watching over them as they go on to live rich and valuable lives and carry the best she gave them, showed them and taught them on. Carole, you live through all you have given to everyone your life has touched, including me. Maggie in IL

  2. Carrie Berry says:

    It is very late! However Jimmie called me at 3:36 Tuesday morning and told me Carole was gone. He said as Carole took her last breath, he had a very speacial feeling come over him, like she was saying I feel no pain know. I sit here and wonder myself how I would feel if I had lost Brent! Carole told me more than once that ( I’m not gonna know because I wont be here.) I just woryy about Jimmie and the kids. I have cryed more than I have in a long while because Carole was the one person I could call and get the most truthful answer no matter what. I am so angry and upset that it had to be a very wonderful sister and mother and wife that had to go far to young. It almost feels like adream because at one point I really beleived that Carole was the one, that made it. Sherrie, Jimmie and kids I am so lost for words at the moment that I do not know what to say, I wish Carole would come and slap me and say get your butt in bed already. I love Carole with all my heart and hope that we see eachother again someday. Jimmie and Sherrie and all of you. I have you in my thoughts and prayers. I love you Carole! Sweet dreams! Love you Jimmie,Joshua,Chloe,Tiffers & Dakoda.
    Love Carrie,Brent,Cera & Cole

  3. Carol Bunyard says:

    Sherrie, my deepest condolences go out to you and your family. May love and light surround and support all of you.

    Much love,

  4. Carrie says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all… I have followed along (as a close friend of the Lyons family) for many months. Peace to your family.

  5. Lena says:

    Sherry, my heart breaks for you and your family. No mother should have to lose a daughter. Parents are supposed to go first. I know that you feel so helpless that there isn’t anything that you can do for Carole, but you have been a rock. Jimmie and the kids will still need you and you will need them. I am stilling praying for all of you. Just know I do care.

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